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Office 365 For Government

The Office 365 Government plans are accessible only to qualified government organizations like the U.S federal, state, tribal, or other government entities. They offer the following benefits:

  • Improved collaboration
  • Streamlined processes
  • Security and reliability
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Time and Cost savings
  • Affordability

    Office 365 Government Consulting Services

    The EPC Group is one of the most trusted organizations that provide consultation regarding the establishment of a cloud-based computer system and other related cloud services for various government offices and departments.

    While there are several other consulting partners available in the market, we differ from our competitors in the manner with which we design our consultation and training programs while providing consistent customer support.

    Here, at the EPC Group, we intend to help customer companies in becoming a part of the digital transformation wave and smoothly migrate from the on-premises setup to the cloud environment. A dedicated team of experts helps the clients in fulfilling the requirements for cloud services and subsequently derive actionable insights from their organizational data. 

    Office 365: An Introduction to its Importance

    Microsoft Office 365 is best described as a complete package consisting of various cloud-based services that help in creating an Office Service Infrastructure for the user organization. The increase in efficiency is one of the main functions of Office 365 which can also be termed as a productivity suite that consists of high utility tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, SharePoint Online, and more.

    Key Advantages of Office 365 Business:

    Some of the many advantages of Office 365 include the following:

    • Enhanced Communication – The range of tools within Office 365 provides the means for improved communication through better audio facilities combined with features like instant messaging and co-authoring abilities.
    • Data protection – The Advanced threat protection technology of the product allows the user to continue their operations even after a sudden case of disaster.

    Office 365 has been recently renamed Microsoft 365 in April 2020.

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    What are Office365 Government Consulting Services?

    EPC Group’s Office 365 migration services cover the full range of technologies offered across various business verticals such as:

    In comparison to business organizations, the operational needs of government organizations differ to a great extent. These changing needs require plans that provide Office applications features in a customized format. Office 365 for the government is designed to cater to these special government cloud computing requirements. This product allows the government entities to access the capabilities and features of Office 365 services in the form of a segmented government cloud community. Through this segmented community, companies are provided with the opportunity of adhering to the security standards and compliance requirements established by the U.S Government.

    Who Can Access the Plans Within Office 365 Government?

    The government plans provided under Office 365 Government are made accessible to only qualified government organizations like the U.S federal, state, tribal, or other government entities. Such plans also prove to be beneficial for government agencies that work with data that need to adhere to government regulations. In such scenarios, the Advanced compliance feature of the Office 365 Government is essential for meeting such needs. The governmental plans are made available in the form of monthly subscriptions. In addition to this, these plans can be licensed for innumerable users.

    How Does Microsoft Ensure the Maintenance of Data Security for Government Organizations?

    The government cloud services provided by Microsoft have the reputation of providing the utmost level of security to the data handled by federal government organizations by meeting the needs of the U.S Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). FedRAMP moderates the process of providing authorizations to government agencies based on NIST guidelines. These guidelines are divided into Low, medium, and high based on the impact the loss of confidential information could have on the federal organization. 

    What are the services included within the Microsoft Government Cloud services?

    The Microsoft Government Cloud services include the following:

    • Azure and Azure Government
    • Dynamics 365 Government
    • Intune
    • Office 365 S Government, Office 365U.S Government- High, and Office 365U.S Government Defense.

    Power BI cloud service (either in the form of service itself or included within the Office 365 branded plan or suite).

    Which Microsoft Office 365 Services Are Available to Government Organizations?

    The Office 365 services and subscriptions are available to government entities in the form of various plans which are termed as ‘applicability’. These can be further categorized in the following manner:

    • Office 365 GCC
    • Office 365 GCC High and
    • Office 365 DoD

    Beneficial Aspects of Using Office 365 Government:

    The government plans provided for Office 365 cloud services offer the following benefits:

    Improved collaboration and streamlined processes– The Office 365 government plans provide the government entities with the essential tools that enable them to hold multi-party HD online meetings. These meetings are completed through the VoIP meeting feature which allows notetaking, screen sharing and annotation functions.

    Security and reliability– The fact that government data is highly confidential and requires security through world-class technology is understood and provided by Office 365 Government. This is done through the segregation of government data from other commercial data.

    Enhanced mobility– The government plans of Office 365 provide the government employees with the freedom to work from the office, home, or any other remote location in a hassle-free manner. In addition to this, the various features included in the plans that one can access from different devices.

    Time and cost savings– The government agencies using Office 365 Government largely benefit from it through the savings of time and financial expenditure. This increases the chances of streamlining the processes and enhancing the productivity and performance of government employees.

    Affordability– One of the most important advantages of using the government plans of Office 365 is that they are quite affordable while providing the advanced data security and the tools required to enhance government processes.

    What Makes the Office 365 Government Plans Unique and Essential?

    The government plans provided for Office 365 are unique in the sense that the government data is stored and accumulated with the components of the plan.

    These plans are then stored only within the U.S data centers and segregated logically from other commercial plans which subsequently decreases the potential chances of a breach.

    Thus, Office 365 government plans are essential as they offer enhanced security features and advanced threat protection that provide improved organizational data management and security for government agencies.

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