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Top 50 Business Intelligence Statistics and Trends For 2022

Business Intelligence Statistics

Industry statistics and trends change each year, but the last year or so was provided with unique situations amidst the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Companies were forced to create advanced and unique solutions in the face of all the challenges, which come with a remote world. The Business intelligence sector is no exception to […]

Relation Between Business Intelligence and Decision Making For Reducing Risk

Business Intelligence and Decision Making

In today’s world of business, it’s vital to understand your business, and what’s going on outside it. This is where business intelligence can help. So, what exactly is business intelligence? What is Business Intelligence?   Business Intelligence is the term that stands for business intelligence is used to describe the collection and presentation of data […]

What Is Operational Business Intelligence?

Operational Business Intelligence

Operational business intelligence is the key to success for any company working in the real world. Being able to see what is happening in the business at all times is crucial to making good decisions and reaching the bottom line. Smart and calculated decision-making is an increasing trend in business operations. If you want to […]

Why do Businesses Need Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation In Business

As part of the changes and advancements of digital technology, businesses need to adopt these new changes and improvements to meet the needs and demands of the customers successfully. Nowadays, the majority of business owners tend to look for innovative ways to stand out among other competitors in the market. In any type of business, […]

Microsoft Power BI for Data analysis and custom report visualization

Power BI Analytics is an advanced analytics service provided by the tools available under the Microsoft business intelligence service. These advanced analytics features include the creation of business insights in the form of interactive dashboards, business intelligence reports and charts for visualization of data. What are the advantages of using Power BI Analytics in a […]

Implementing SAAS BI ( Business Intelligence) tool as a cloud analytics software


The term ‘SAAS BI’ refers to an application hosted in the cloud which provides users with certain business intelligence tools. It is available through a recurring premium in the form of subscriptions. It compromises of two phases namely, SAAS and BI. While the former stands for Software-as-a-Service, the latter is the abbreviation for Business Intelligence. […]