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Big Data Analytics Service for Real-Time Monitoring & Forecasting

Big data analytics has created a buzz in companies from multiple sectors, including agriculture, commerce, construction, education, financial services, food, health services, tourism/hotels, media, oil & gas production, clothing, utilities, and more.  Statista found that the annual revenue from the big data analytics market is projected to grow up to 274.3 billion in the US alone […]

How Can Microsoft Office 365 Help You To Increase The Profitability Of Your Business?

In today’s modern and digital world, technology innovations continue to rise. These technologies also influence businesses. Among the technologies you can use to grow your business is Microsoft Office 365. Do you want to discover what are Office 365 benefits for your business? Read more.    How can Office 365 help my business?  If you want […]

Workforce Analytics For Tracking Employees Behavior Through Power BI

During the recent COVID pandemic, the traditional 9-to-5 workday changed significantly. It also changed the way people used to work. Experts say that the impact of the outbreak is supposed to linger for a while. Therefore, it has become increasingly important for organizations to take immediate action for managing and mitigating the impact of COVID […]

Business Intelligence Advisors For Advanced Analytics

Using Business Intelligence (BI) tools gives an organization the opportunities to access and analyze datasets and then present analytical findings in maps, charts, graphs, dashboards, summaries, and reports. That is why taking advantage of business intelligence advisors makes sense to reap the best BI tools. According to 360Suite, the global business intelligence adoption rate was 26 percent as […]