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How Can Microsoft Office 365 Help You To Increase The Profitability Of Your Business?

In today’s modern and digital world, technology innovations continue to rise. These technologies also influence businesses. Among the technologies you can use to grow your business is Microsoft Office 365. Do you want to discover what are Office 365 benefits for your business? Read more.   

How can Office 365 help my business? 

If you want to establish a modern workplace in your business, Microsoft Office 365 is the solution. The good news is that it is ideal for different business types since it provides customization to match your needs. It can help your business by improving virtual collaboration and communication within your organization. Office 365 is equipped with Microsoft productivity tools, including email, web apps, and communication services, to give you a cost-efficient platform. 

Microsoft Office 365 is a reliable collaboration platform. It can develop mobile and web apps. The platform also comes with high compatibility since it supports Android, PC, iOS, and Mac. You also have an assurance that the data in your company are safe and secure with Office 365. 

How does Office 365 improve productivity?

Microsoft Office 365 can be a powerful tool to improve the productivity of your business. 

Provides intelligent security 

Office 365 is a cloud service. So, it can offer you a high level of security. It features a 128-bit SSLTSL encryption feature to prevent unauthorized individuals from reading Office 365 applications. More importantly, as an added Office 365 benefits, it tracks suspicious activity and immediately acts if a strong incident protocol occurs.

Microsoft Exchange Online Tool

Microsoft Exchange Online tool allows you to manage calendars and emails effectively. You can also access Exchange Server 201 without overhead expenses or extra costs. It also features Single Item Recovery, which lets you recover a deleted file from your system. 

Portal collaboration 

It has SharePoint Online that improves team collaboration. With this, your team members can easily organize information, share documents and work on projects collaboratively. It also helps you reduce costs on infrastructure management, including servers.

Instant messaging and Skype connectivity 

Office 365 has a lot to offer when it comes to your communication needs. It helps you to send voice messages, text, and make video calls. The platform is beneficial to improve connectivity among the members of your company. With this, you can boost the productivity of your business. 

Corporate Social Network 

Microsoft Office 365 enables you to make your private social network. It is the key to drive collaboration and communication easier among your team. Thus, they have access to your private network. 

Reduce downtime 

Another importance of Microsoft Office 365 to your business is that it can reduce downtime, which is quite annoying in business operations. Everything is in the cloud, so you and your team can access it on different devices anytime and anywhere. 

Easy to use tools 

In addition to easy collaboration, Office 365 also comes with tools that are very easy to use. So, your team will learn it easily to enhance the collaboration and productivity of your business. 

Why is Microsoft Office 365 important for businesses?

Microsoft Office 365 is important for your business because it can offer many benefits. 

Work anywhere 

With the assistance of Microsoft Office 365, your team can work anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. It is fully cloud-based so that you can access Office programs (PowerPoint, Word, Excel), files, and email from different devices and any location. Among other Office 365 benefits, if you have remote employees or if your team often travels. 

Easy collaboration

Another importance of Microsoft Office 365 is it can provide your business with easy collaboration. With that, you can make your team more productive and achieve the goals and missions of your business. 

Mix and match plans 

There are lots of mix and match plans of Office 365 that you can choose from according to the needs of your business. These plans come with different features and programs for a more customized experience. 

Access to the latest programs versions 

As you integrate Microsoft Office 365 to your business, you can have access to the latest versions of the programs. You can get the latest features without uninstalling or reinstalling Office. 

Security features 

Microsoft Office 365 also comes with security features for your peace of mind. The tool is loaded with built-in security features to maintain the safety of your business’ data. These security features and are other offices 365 benefits include the following:

  • Encrypted email 

It doesn’t allow unauthorized people to read your email.

  • Mobile device management 

It enables you to manage the Office on the phone of your employees to protect the information of your company. 

  • Data loss prevention

It comes with policies that prevent sensitive information from being lost. 

  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)

ATA utilizes machine learning and analytics in detecting and alerting you to suspicious actions with your network.   

What do Microsoft Office 365 apps for business include?

Microsoft Office 365 includes apps that you can use to increase the productivity of your business. These apps include Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote. For PCs, you can also have Publisher and Access. 

With these apps, you can improve team collaboration and increase business productivity. You can also update your apps automatically with new capabilities and features. 

Emergency Exchange 2016 Support 

Emergency Exchange 2016 Support is a tool that helps you work better with cloud-based use with Office 365. It is useful to enhance detection corruption and failover speed. With other Office 365 benefits, Exchange 2016 comes with improved collaboration options with SharePoint, OneDrive, and the latest Office Web Apps Server or OWAS. The use of hybrid configurations is also enhanced with Exchange 2016. 


If you aim to enhance the profitability of your business, you can prefer Microsoft Office 365 as your tool. It is loaded with functional features that can level up the game for your business. With its useful apps, you can make your team members more engaged and motivated to perform their duties and responsibilities in the best possible way. 

It is ideal for different types and sizes of business. So, if you’re an aspiring business owner who wants to grow your brand more practically, Office 365 is best for you.

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Management Consulting, Errin O’Connor has led hundreds of large-scale enterprise implementations from Business Intelligence, Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, IT Security, Azure and Hybrid Cloud efforts for over 165 Fortune 500 companies.

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