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Understanding GCC High and GCC: An Overview of Microsoft Government Cloud Services

Commercial Microsoft 365 GCC High DOD and GCC

The Microsoft Government Cloud, containing both GCC (Government Community Cloud) and GCC High, provides secure cloud environments tailored for U.S. government agencies, contractors, and organizations handling sensitive data.  This overview aims to understand GCC High and GCC, highlighting their unique features, capabilities, and advantages. By delving into the intricacies of these government cloud services, we […]

MS Dynamics 365 Common Data Model Explained

Dynamics 365 Commn Data Model

No doubt, data is critical to building business applications. Companies traditionally build silos of information and data that only multiply once the applications increase. In return, you have no unified view across applications and cannot build workflows that work across processes and functions seamlessly. Fortunately, Microsoft 365 launched the common data model (CMD), a more […]