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Qlik vs Power BI: Comparison of Business Analytics Tools

Qlik vs Power BI

According to 70% of companies, data visualization is critical to simplify the identification of trends, patterns, and similar information for making informed decisions. While many business intelligence tools offer this capability, Power BI and Qlik have emerged as two prominent players in the industry.  Since both tools offer exceptional capabilities, it can get a bit […]

Power Pivot vs Power BI

Qlik vs Power BI

Power BI and Power Pivot are two of the most popular business analytics tools. Since both these tools have highly competitive features and characteristics, it can be tough to choose the most suitable option for your business.   Research shows that businesses generate about 2 exabytes of data per day, which is a massive number. However, […]

How to Use Conditional Formatting in Power BI to Enhance Data Visualization

Qlik vs Power BI

One of the many features that make Power BI stand out is “Conditional Formatting.” This feature empowers users to bring their data to life by setting visual rules that adjust the format of cells, rows, columns, and visuals based on the data’s content. In this guide, we will dive into how to use Conditional Formatting […]