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A Guide to Microsoft Dynamics ERP Pricing

The updated version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based platform that has bundled together ERP and CRM functions from the previous version. Besides, the additional cloud-exclusive functionalities make it one of the most sought-after business applications.

With the new release, Microsoft introduced an extensive licensing model. If you want to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 or upgrade the existing ERP system, you need to understand the revised Microsoft Dynamics ERP Pricing structure. 

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Pricing Structure 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines the functionality of ERP and CRM platforms in a single cloud suite. The new Dynamics 365 focuses on the efficiency of business processes ensuring all these processes work in unison. Using both changes how a customer buys and interacts with an array of business productivity apps.

Everyone must know the two vital steps necessary for licensing and purchasing a Dynamics ERP plan before going into details of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Pricing.

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Dynamics ERP Application Pricing 

The per-user Microsoft dynamics ERP Pricing is provided based on the pricing and licensing structure provided officially by Microsoft. All the prices mentioned here are based on the latest Dynamics 365 licensing guide. 

The prices shown in the below chart are estimated as the monthly license price for each user subscription for the Full User License and an Attach User. 

Business AreaFirst Dynamic ERP AppSubsequent Qualifying Dynamics ERP App
Dynamic ERP – Finance
Business Central Essential$70 Per User/Month
Business Central Premium$100 Per User/Month
Dynamics ERP – Operations
Supply Chain Management$180Per-User/Month$30Per-User/Month
Project Service automation$120Per-User/Month$30Per-User/Month
Business Central Essentials$70 Per User/Month
Business Central Premium$100 Per User/Month
Guides$65 Per User/Month
Dynamics ERP – Commerce
Fraud Protection$1000 Per Tenant/Month
Customer InsightsFrom $1,500Per Tenant/MonthFrom $1,000Per Tenant/Month
Dynamics ERP – Human Resource
Human Resource$120Per-User/Month$30Per-User/Month
Guide$65 Per User/Month
Forms Pro$100 Per User/Month
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Go for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Pricing by App 

The best way to get better ROI is to opt for individual apps. When your requirements are distinct, and you know what basic functionalities you want, you need only a few Dynamics ERP applications. Under the flexible Microsoft Dynamics ERP Pricing plans, you can select these apps and build your solution.

The majority of Dynamics 365 users prefer to purchase siloed dynamics ERP apps. It gives them a chance to opt for only necessary to support the business functions of various departments. Apart from licensing apps by necessity, you can also opt for users by role. Blending a role-based approach with independent app purchases, you get flexibility for supporting more agile, more diverse employee roles that empowers them to access a broader functionality across all Dynamics ERP applications. 

What is Microsoft Dynamics ERP System?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a business process management software that manages and connects different departments like finance, sales, marketing, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing, human resource, etc. 

Organizations use Microsoft Dynamics ERP to enhance productivity, increase efficiency, decrease costs, and streamline business processes. 

What Applications Are Available with Microsoft Dynamics ERP? 

Similar to the Windows operating system, Microsoft Dynamics ERP has bundled its functionalities in different apps. Each of the apps covers an independent business process. Just like the existing Dynamics 365 suite, all these apps work in unison within the Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM environment so that businesses can easily manage all their operations and workflows in a single comprehensive solution. 

The majority of these applications can be bought within the Microsoft Dynamic ERP Pricing to create a customized ERP or CRM solution


Core Apps Embedded in Microsoft Dynamics ERP 

  • Finance and Operations: It is an ERP app offering all the functionalities to manage critical business processes. This ERP app has some incredible features to help businesses effectively manage their finances, inventory, warehousing, and transportation operations. Previously this dynamics ERP app was called Dynamics AX
  • Business Central: It is a NAV-based ERP app that is beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses. In the Business Central ERP application, you will find all the tools necessary to manage accounting and backend operations, which also covers manufacturing, warehouse, and supply chain management. It is the same Dynamics NAV you might have used previously in Dynamics 365 ERP to reduce costs and increase overall efficiency. 
  • Sales: It is the dominating CRM app in Dynamics 365, previously called Dynamics CRM online. It offers a robust sales management functionality to get detailed insight into customer relationships and assists in lead generation and conversions. 
  • Customer Service: It is a CRM app that businesses use in assisting customers and increasing engagement. The customer service ERP app embeds some solid features like scripting information, recommendations, and easy access to knowledge bases. It helps customer service agents to resolve their issues faster with a personalized and emotional quotient. 
  • Field Service: It works as a powerbase for field service agents. The Dynamic ERP Field Service app allows field teams to access information and resources they need in real-time, irrespective of their geographical location. 
  • Project Service Automation: This app is adding value to the businesses operating in a project-oriented environment. It has added functionality to plan, schedule, and collaborate project details and progress. This project service automation helps businesses in managing their projects efficiently and maintain profitability. 

Few more

  • Retail: Dynamics 365 Retail is now Dynamics 365 Commerce. This ERP app is developed especially for retail businesses. It allows a retail business to bestow an incredible customer experience, deliver unmatched customer service, and optimize operations accordingly. It offers a unified digital in-store process to manage the backend and frontend of the store. 
  • Human Resource: Organizations take advantage of its integration with LinkedIn to find the right talent and streamline the overall hiring and onboarding process. Dynamics 365 HR empowers the HR department to enhance employee engagement, growth, and satisfaction. The HR app contains three key modules, ‘Attract’, ‘Onboard’, and ‘Core’. These modules help streamline the employee journey from onboarding to exit. 
  • Marketing: It replaces the older version of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. It is developed with all the tools, functionalities, and features required by a business to plan, execute, and monitor its marketing strategies. It also empowers email marketing, management of landing pages, and managing events. The automation tool helps devise customer-centric marketing strategies to reach customers more intelligently. 

Supporting or Addon Apps in Microsoft Dynamics ERP

  • Sales Insights: It is a typical reporting app but strengthened with AI capabilities. It boosts the performance of the sales team by providing them data-driven insights, suggestions, and prompts. The Dynamics Sales Insight is not available under the Microsoft Dynamic ERP pricing but available as an add-on app under Dynamics Sales Enterprise, Customer Engagement Plan, and Microsoft Relationship Sales. 
  • Customer Insight: The app is specifically developed to collect customer data from different sources and different touchpoints for unified display. It helps businesses understand the customer cycle, boost customer engagement, and personalize plans for the customers. 
  • Customer Service Insights: This app is a boon to organizations focusing more on customer service. The app is embedded with Machine Learning and innovative AI to ensure outstanding customer service. It measures performance across every channel, utilizes data analysis tools, finds the areas of improvement, and helps customer service agents be more productive. 
  • Customer Relationship Sales: It is an add-on app, hence not included under the Microsoft Dynamic EPR pricing. Moreover, it is a standalone app, not included in any of the Dynamics 365 plans. It combines LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamic 365 for sales. It combines social with sales data to locate leads and presents them for personal engagement. 
  • Microsoft Power platform: Although the app is an add-on, it is provided under any Dynamics 365 license and includes all the Microsoft Power Apps. It empowers organizations to create practical and personalized apps depending on their Dynamics 365 data. Additionally, organizations can create automated workflows and integrate other apps using Flow.


By now, you might have understood what an ERP is and how Microsoft Dynamics ERP is different from the competition. Besides, you might have understood that Microsoft Dynamics 365 bundles ERP and CRM applications to provide a well-balanced suite of business solutions.

Opting for the most suitable Microsoft Dynamics ERP applications for your business is all about your personal preference and unique requirements. Dynamics ERP offers Business Central as the most comprehensive solution for small and mid-size organizations. On the contrary, larger organizations set their eyes on Operations, Human resources, and finance modules. 

After studying the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Pricing structure, you will understand that it is easier to purchase one core application and then go for an add-on app for enhanced productivity. 

If you need assistance in selecting and implementing the best Dynamics ERP applications for your business, reach out to EPC Group for ERP Consulting. We will help you understand the Microsoft Dynamic ERP Pricing and pick the best ERP apps that will solve your business needs, increase profits, and maximize business growth. 

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