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Azure Database For MariaDB: Relational Database Service

Azure Database For MariaDB

In the contemporary world, companies across the globe are required to store and manage data which are later be used in a variety of ways. This need had led to the development of database servers. The term ‘database server’ refers to a high-powered computer that stores and manages data that is stored in a network consisting of users and devices. Apart from managing data in a centralized structure and integrated experience, these servers are designed to preserve the integrity of the data by ensuring the access controls are set according to the user organization’s requirements.

In addition to being equipped for a multiple-user structure, data sharing is also easier through database servers. In this context, the MariaDB server is worth mentioning. It is one of the most popular Database servers worldwide with a guarantee of staying open-source. Being a non-profit foundation, the MariaDB foundation supports open collaboration within the MariaDB environment.

Microsoft, being the Platinum Sponsor of the MariaDB Foundation, developed the Azure Database for MariaDB. This database is designed to help the user organizations in tackling business workloads successfully.

MariaDB Azure Integration process Chart

What is Azure Database for MariaDB: Meaning and Benefits

Azure Database For MariaDb

It is a relational database management service that can accelerate the application building capacity of the user organization.

The benefits of this database engine can be summarized as follows:-

  • Deploy applications in any language or framework
  • High availability and scalable capacity
  • Unparalleled security to data
  • Flexible pricing structure.

Azure Database for MariaDB Pricing structure:

Azure Database for M is a completely managed relational database service that consists of all the database management capabilities. This implies that the service is designed for the development of applications and their easy deployment along with features like high availability at no added cost. One of the most important features of the Azure Database for MariaDB Pricing structure is the flexible pricing technique that suits all organizations. Although the platform has the high availability feature included, the user company should enable the MariaDB replication technology. In simple words, the MariaDB Server plays the role of replica servers and can perform cross-region replication and asynchronous replication throughout universal replica regions.

Thus, the Pricing structure can be categorized in the following manner:-

Basic Pricing Tier:

This includes lighter compute and workloads and I/O performance.

Compute: The Compute is depicted in vCores which represents a logical Pricing for CPUs.

Compute Gen 5 :

                 1               2           $0.034/hour
                 2               4           $0.068/hour

Storage :

Preview options for large storage can be opted for according to regional availability.

               GB/month                         $0.10

Backup :

Backup storage is the storage that is usually associated with automatic backups.

Locally redundant GB/month$0.10

Bandwidth Pricing:

Usually, business workloads need balanced compute capabilities and memory capacity with scalable I/O throughput.

Compute – It is provisioned in the form of vCores.

Compute Gen 5 –

       vCore   Memory    Price1year Reserved3 year Reserved
210$0.176/hour$0.1021/hour ~42% savings$0.0688/hour ~61% savings
420$0.351/hour$0.2042/hour ~42% savings$0.1375/hour ~61% savings
840$0.701/hour$0.4083/hour ~42% savings$0.2749/hour ~61% savings
1680$1.402/hour$0.8165/hour ~42% savings$0.5498/hour ~61% savings
32160$2.804/hour$1.6330/hour ~42% savings$1.0996/hour ~61% savings
64320$5.607/hour$3.2660/hour ~42% savings$2.1991/hour ~61% savings

 Storage  –


 Backup –

Locally redundant GB/month$0.10
Geographically redundant GB/month$0.20

Memory Pricing Tier:

This is useful for high-performance database workloads that require in-memory performance for faster transaction processing and higher concurrency.

Comput: It is represented through vCore.

Compute Gen 5 :

     vCore    Memory      Price1year reserved3 year reserved
220$0.237/hour$0.1295/hour ~45% savings$0.0870/hour ~63% savings
440$0.473/hour$0.2590/hour ~45% savings$0.1740/hour ~63% savings
880$0.945/hour$0.5179/hour ~45% savings$0.3480/hour ~63% savings
16160$1.890/hour$1.0357/hour ~45% savings$0.6959/hour ~63% savings
32320$3.780/hour$2.0714/hour ~45% savings$1.3917/hour ~63% savings

    Storage :

GB/month                    $0.115

    Backup :

Locally redundant GB/month                  $0.10
Geographically redundant GB/month                   $0.20

Process of creating intelligent applications using MariaDB :

The Azure Database for MariaDB pricing structure includes a database engine that is designed based on the MariaDB Database server. The tool is designed in a database-as-a-service format. It is capable of tackling mission-critical workloads with high predictability in performance and dynamic scaling capacity. This implies the fact that the user organization can consider this to be a service for app development which can be completed through the process of leveraging tools and platforms of choice, related to open source.

Thus, the MariaDB server-based Azure Database can aid the process of developing sophisticated enterprise applications through the use of unique machine learning algorithms and integrated tools for visualizations that are used in deriving actionable insights for predictive analytics.

Here are some use cases of MariaDB

Common Workload

A popular method for building E-commerce solutions:

A hassle-free method of building secure and highly scalable e-commerce sites that meet the demands of both the customers and the business organizations is the need of the hour. This is one of the biggest advantages of using the Azure Database for MariaDB through which the user company can engage customers through enticing offers and discounts and optimize the customer experiences.

Designing mobile and web applications:

The MariaDB is an extended form of the edition database engine of the MariaDB Foundation. This enables the platform to create engaging applications for several web and mobile platforms including the I’d, Android, Windows, or MAC rapidly and in a hassle-free method.

Financial Management Application: Azure DatabaseMariaDBb perspective

The Azure Database firewall provides high security to the organizational data of the user. As Microsoft is world-renowned in terms of its data security techniques, the Azure cloud shell also has strict security and compliance requirements. Thus, the Database for MariaDB is capable of storing critical data which can later be used in providing highly valuable insights and perform advanced analytics on the data derived from multiple sources by the user.

Unpredictable traffic in gaming platforms:

In addition to the general features within the Azure Database for MariaDB pricing range, there are some additional features that the database server is capable of. This includes the tool’s ability to tackle sudden bursts of traffic on various gaming platforms. The user organizations can use the platform to elastically scale their databases swiftly. Subsequently, the platform will accommodate the sudden traffic bursts in the gaming platform and provide an opportunity for a multiplayer experience on a global level at a low latency rate.

What are the core features of MariaDB

The basic features provided under this pricing structure can be summarized in the following manner:-

  • The platform is a fully managed database server that is built as an extension of the cloud SQL
  • The database engine is capable of working in an integrated structure along with several languages and frameworks.
  • The Azure Database for MariaDB requires no additional configuration and is equipped with the ability to provide high availability that keeps the enterprise applications running smoothly.
  • The scalability of the platform is extensively high which aids the scale storage process along with scaling the computed information of the organization easily.
  • The platform provides for several database management capabilities including automatic patching, automatic backups and built-in security at no additional cost.

Azure Consultation for MariaDB: EPC Group Approach

The EPC Group is a leading cloud solution provider and Microsoft Azure consulting partner which intends to provide round-the-clock customer support to its clients about the implementation of analytics tools and services. With over two decades of experience in cloud consultation, the company is capable of designing tailored training programs for individual organizations according to their business requirements.

Along with this, the EPC Group consists of a dedicated team of experts that intend to help their customers through the process of deployment and integration of various Microsoft and Azure analytical tools. Being a gold-certified partner of Microsoft, the company can be considered as one of the IT consultation giants in the market which provides round-the-clock customer support.

Integration with Azure Tools


The development of the Azure Database for MariaDB is representative of the commitment Microsoft has towards promoting the concept of open collaboration globally. Along with being a Platinum sponsor of the MariaDB Foundation, the company has improved and enhanced the features of the server to make the features included in the pricing range, better than a single MariaDB server. The user organization can expect to have several advantages while using the tool. The ability to deploy enterprise applications to the cloud environment in the user-chosen language and framework is of the biggest advantages.

A certain continuity in the business procedures can be developed which later helps the user to respond quickly to the constantly changing customer demands. This is possible through the in-built high availability and elastic scaling capacity. Being a Microsoft tool, it is capable of providing unparalleled security to the organizational data of the user. The built-in security compliance methods help the user to reach out to a global network.

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