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Azure ExpressRoute: Private Connections Between Microsoft Datacenters & Your On-Premise Infrastructure

Azure Expressroutes

ExpressRoute is an Azure service that allows you to construct private connections between Microsoft datacenters and on-premises or collocated systems. ExpressRoute connections avoid using the public Internet and provide more security, dependability, and speed with less latency than traditional Internet connections. In this blog post, we will go over benefits and Azure ExpressRoute Pricing structure.

The following are some of the advantages of adopting ExpressRoute for your company:


Using a private connection to connect to Microsoft Power Platform prevents sending sensitive data over the public internet. Some organizations must demonstrate that data is never sent via the public internet for regulatory reasons. Using regular internet connections to access cloud services may not be an option in some circumstances.


The General Data Protection Regulation is one of the requirements that may make ExpressRoute the best option for your company (GDPR). The GDPR is a complicated rule that may necessitate major changes in how you collect, use, and store data. 

One of the reasons you could use ExpressRoute for GDPR compliance is that it clearly shows that all network activity takes place over a private connection, which should facilitate proving that data is safeguarded and not disclosed to the public internet much easier.

You can also reach out to EPCGroup for GDPR Consulting.

Predictability of network traffic

The internet connection in most organizations is shared by a large number of people. This may result in bandwidth conflict. The contention from other customers might potentially affect the connection inside the internet service provider.

ExpressRoute may connect to Microsoft datacenters in a secure and direct manner. By providing a direct link to Microsoft datacenters, the odds of traffic congestion, whether from the same business or from another, are reduced.

Azure ExpressRoute Deployment

What is the Azure ExpressRoute Pricing Structure?

Metered Data Plan

All inbound data transfers are free, but all outgoing data transfers are billed at a predetermined fee.  A monthly port fee is also paid to users (based on High Availability dual ports).

Circuit bandwidthStandard Price per monthPremium price per monthInbound data transfer includedOutbound data transfer included
50 Mbps$55$130UnlimitedNone
100 Mbps$110$200UnlimitedNone
200 Mbps$145$295UnlimitedNone
500 Mbps$290$690UnlimitedNone
1 Gbps$436$1,186UnlimitedNone
2 Gbps$872$2,372UnlimitedNone
5 Gbps$2,180$5,180UnlimitedNone
10 Gbps$3,400$6,400UnlimitedNone

Outbound Data Transfer pricing

ZonePrice / GB
Zone 1$0.025
Zone 2$0.05
Zone 3$0.14
Zone 4$0.10

After linking to an ExpressRoute site, users may connect to other regions in the same geo without utilizing the premium circuit and at no additional cost beyond their existing plan rates.

Unlimited Data plan

All data transfer, including inbound and outgoing, is free under the Azure ExpressRoute Pricing model. A single monthly port cost is payable to users (based on High Availability dual ports). Note that the cost for the Unlimited Data plan does not include Global Reach.

Circuit bandwidthLocal Circuit Price per MonthStandard circuit price per monthPremium circuit price per monthInbound data transfer includedOutbound data transfer included
50 MbpsN/A$300$375UnlimitedUnlimited
100 MbpsN/A$575$675UnlimitedUnlimited
200 MbpsN/A$1,150$1,300UnlimitedUnlimited
500 MbpsN/A$2,750$3,150UnlimitedUnlimited
1 Gbps$1,200$5,700$6,450UnlimitedUnlimited
2 Gbps$2,200$11,400$12,900UnlimitedUnlimited
5 Gbps$3,600$25,650$28,650UnlimitedUnlimited
10 Gbps$5,500$51,300$54,300UnlimitedUnlimited

Outbound Data Transfer pricing

ZonePrice / GB
Zone 1$0.025
Zone 2$0.05
Zone 3$0.14
Zone 4$0.10

Global Reach Add-On*

You may join ExpressRoute circuits together to create a private network across your on-premises network and ExpressRoute Global Reach.

Circuit bandwidthPrice per month 1
50 Mbps$55
100 Mbps$110
200 Mbps$145
500 Mbps$290
1 Gbps$436
2 Gbps$872
5 Gbps$2,180
10 Gbps$5,000
40 Gbps$10,500
100 Gbps$21,250

Global Reach Data Transfer Pricing

ZoneGlobal Reach inbound data transferGlobal Reach outbound data transfer
Zone 1$0.02 per GB$0.02 per GB
Zone 2$0.055 per GB$0.055 per GB
Zone 3$0.112 per GB$0.112 per GB

Azure ExpressRoute Pricing For Express Route Gateways

Virtual Network Gateways

When utilizing Azure Private Peering on an ExpressRoute circuit, virtual network gateways are needed to enter a virtual network.

Gateway TypePriceBandwidth
Standard VNet Gateway$0.19/hour1 Gbps
High Performance VNet Gateway$0.49/hour2 Gbps
Ultra-PerformanceVNet Gateway$1.87/hour10 Gbps
ExpressRoute Peering

Availability Zones

Gateway TypePrice

How to estimate the Azure ExpressRoute Pricing before using the service?

Before you create an Azure ExpressRoute circuit, use the Azure price calculator to assess expenses.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Start with choosing the Azure ExpressRoute.
  • Based on your peering location, choose the relevant Zone. To pick the appropriate Zone in the drop-down, go to ExpressRoute connection providers.
  • Then choose the SKU, Circuit Speed, and Data Plan for which you’d like a quote.
  • Enter an estimation in GB of how much outgoing data you would consume over the course of a month in the Additional outbound data transfer field.
  • Finally, the Global Reach Add-on can be included in the estimate.

What are the top features of Azure ExpressRoute?

Implementation of Azure ExpressRoute

Virtual private cloud

ExpressRoute provides a fast and stable connection to Azure with bandwidths of up to 100 Gbps, making it an ideal and cost-effective solution for situations such as periodic data transfer, business continuity replication, recovery procedures, and other high-availability methods.

Data centers.

Use ExpressRoute to link your current data centers as well as expand computing and storage capacity. Azure will seem like a natural extension to or between your data centers, with maximum throughput and low latency, so you can benefit from the size and cost of the public cloud without sacrificing the performance of the network.

Construct hybrid apps

You can build apps that traverse on-premises infrastructure and Azure using ExpressRoute’s reliable, secure, and high-throughput connections without sacrificing confidentiality or speed. 

What are Virtual Network Gateways?

A VPN gateway is a sort of virtual network gateway that is used to transport encrypted traffic across the public Internet between an Azure virtual network and an on-premises location. You may also use a VPN gateway to transport encrypted traffic via the Microsoft network between Azure virtual networks. There can only be one VPN gateway per virtual network. You can, however, connect to the same VPN gateway several times. When you connect numerous devices to the same VPN gateway, the available gateway bandwidth is shared by all VPN tunnels.

What are the benefits of Virtual Network Gateways?

  • Work from anywhere: Virtual networking allows users to connect to their networks from anywhere in the world.
  • Digital protection: Using virtual networking, you may improve the security of your networks by implementing technologies such as tunneling encryption and domain segmentation.
  • Reduces hardware access, maintenance, and monitoring: Enterprises may decrease the amount of equipment they need to connect, maintain, and monitor by utilizing v Switches to transport functions from one location to another.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Since it isvirtual, and just a small amount of hardware is needed to set up a virtual network, it’s much easier to scale at a reduced cost of ownership. Scaling necessitates a few software and configuration changes but does not necessitate a large amount of hardware.
  • Cost savings: Businesses save money on hardware expenditures and upkeep by lowering hardware.
  • Productivity: Networks may be setup more rapidly, resulting in increased productivity.

What is the prerequisite requirement for Azure ExpressRoute?

Microsoft 365 was designed to be accessible through the Internet in a safe and reliable manner. As a result, ExpressRoute is recommended for particular cases. Visit Azure ExpressRoute for Microsoft 365 for more details on utilizing ExpressRoute to access Microsoft 365.

Account on Azure

A Microsoft Azure account that is legitimate and operational. To set up the ExpressRoute circuit, you’ll need this account. ExpressRoute circuits are Azure subscription resources. Even if access is limited to non-Azure Microsoft cloud services like Microsoft 365, an Azure subscription is required.

Provider of Internet access

To connect to the Microsoft cloud, you can engage with an ExpressRoute connection partner. You have three options for connecting your on-premises network to Microsoft.

You can still connect to the Microsoft cloud through a cloud exchange provider if your provider isn’t an ExpressRoute connectivity partner.

What are the regions where Azure ExpressRoute is available?

Australia, North America, Asia, India, Japan, Oceania, South Korea, UAE, South Africa, South America.

EPCGroup Azure Consulting Services for Azure ExpressRoute

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Pricing structure connects your on-premises networks to the Microsoft Cloud through a specialized private connection provided by a connectivity provider. Your ExpressRoute connection is designed and implemented by EPC Group.

Reap the benefits of our expertise as we assist you in designing and implementing your ExpressRoute connection to Azure to avoid using the public internet.

What can we offer you?

  • Implement ExpressRoute with the help of skilled Azure Experts Consultants.
  • A technically skilled Sol-Tec Project Manager is in charge of the project from our side.
  • Advice from an unbiased carrier and partner.

Qualified Azure experts with a focus on a certain industry.

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