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Azure IoT Hub Pricing And Features: Central Message Hub For IoT Communication

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The Azure IoT Hub is a managed service that enables two-way communications among your IoT devices and apps. It’s a centralized hub that lets you collect data and deliver commands to your IoT devices all from one location.

From a commercial standpoint, features available under the Azure IoT hub pricing model can reduce the amount of time needed in monitoring and analyzing the massive amounts of data generated by a user’s IoT devices.

The Internet of Things, like the internet before it, has the potential to revolutionize the world. If a company already uses or intends to use IoT, IoT Hub could be a terrific way to make things easier.

Azure IoT Suite

Azure IoT Hub Pricing And Features

Explanation Of Azure IoT Hub Pricing- Organizational Point of View:

Azure IoT hub can help organizations in four simple ways –

Register and manage all IoT devices at scale

The power of device management, along with the IoT hub’s device provisioning services, allows organizations to streamline this process.

Implement seamless communication between IoT devices and applications.

One of the most useful advantages of this Azure IoT hub pricing model is that it allows organizations to manage the connection between billions of IoT devices in your company.

Maintain industry-grade security at scale

The built-in security-enhanced IoT solutions are the most essential aspect of the Azure IoT hub. They meet an organization’s security requirements by authenticating each device on their network.

Integrate the IoT’s power with specialized cloud servers.

Organizations can use IoT hub to store all of their messages in the cloud and use a cloud network to operate their IoT devices. Also, organizations can manage their devices in real-time by tracking all of their current states and messages thanks to seamless connectivity with a cloud server.

The Pricing model of Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Hub Pricing Model is as follows:

IoT Hub

Basic tier

Edition TypePrice per IoT Hub unit (per month)The total amount of messages/day per IoT Hub unitMessage meter size
B1$10400,0004 KB
B2$506,000,0004 KB
B3$500300,000,0004 KB

Standard tier

Edition TypePrice per IoT Hub unit (per month)The total amount of messages/day per IoT Hub unitMessage meter size
FreeFree8,0000.5 KB
S1$25400,0004 KB
S2$2506,000,0004 KB
S3$2,500300,000,0004 KB
Device-to-cloud telemetryAvailableAvailable
Per-device identityAvailableAvailable
Message Routing, Event Grid IntegrationAvailableAvailable
HTTP, AMQP, MQTT ProtocolsAvailableAvailable
DPS SupportAvailableAvailable
Monitoring and diagnosticsAvailableAvailable
Device StreamsPREVIEWNot availableAvailable
Cloud-to-device messagingNot availableAvailable
Device Management, Device Twin, Module TwinNot availableAvailable
IoT EdgeNot available 

Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service

Moreover, under the Azure IoT Hub pricing model, Device Provisioning Service offers zero-touch provisioning to the appropriate IoT Hub without the need for human intervention, allowing users to securely and scalable provision millions of devices. It provides device lifecycle support and other critical capabilities, which, when combined with IoT Hub device management, enable companies to address all stages of the IoT device lifetime.

S1General Availability Price: $0.123 per 1,000 operations

Fundamental features of Azure IoT Hub:

  • Communication channel with better security for sending and receiving information from IoT devices
  • Device Update for IoT Hub allows for over-the-air deployment of updates to keep IoT devices secure and up to date.
  • Full integration with Azure Event Grid and serverless compute simplifies the creation of IoT applications.
  • Azure IoT Edge and Azure Stack compatibility for constructing hybrid IoT apps.
Azure IoT Hub Integration with Event Grid

Bi-Directional communication between IoT Applications and IoT devices

Without writing any code, users may leverage device-to-cloud telemetry data to understand the state of their devices and design message routes to other Azure services. Send commands and notifications to their linked devices with confidence in cloud-to-device messaging, and track message delivery using acknowledgment receipts. To handle intermittent connectivity, dynamically resend device communications as needed.

The Benefit of integrating Azure IoT hub with Azure Event Grid

Users can deliver event notifications to other services and activate downstream operations using Azure IoT Hub and Azure Event Grid. Business applications can be configured to monitor IoT Hub events so that they can respond to crucial events in a timely, scalable, and confidential manner.

Building hybrid IoT apps with Azure IoT Hub to run on entirely on-premises

Azure Stack Hub is an Azure add-on that allows the user to access apps on-premises while still delivering Azure services to their datacenters. Customers and partners will be able to construct hybrid IoT apps that can run partially or totally on-premises, thanks to IoT Hub’s availability on Azure Stack Hub.

How does Device Update for IoT Hub helps deal with Security threats?

Users can utilize Device Update for IoT Hub as a unified platform to publish, deliver, and monitor over-the-air updates for everything from small sensors to gateway-level devices.

There are many advantages of using Device Update for IoT Hub, such as being able to respond quickly to security concerns and deliver features to achieve business goals without incurring the additional design and support costs of establishing your custom update platforms.

Authenticate every device for enhanced security

Set up separate identities and credentials for each of your connected devices to help keep cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud messages private. As required, unilaterally revoke access rights for individual devices.

Automate device provisioning to accelerate IoT deployment

In a highly secure and reliable manner, register and provision devices with zero touches. Any sort of IoT device that is compatible with IoT Hub can be provisioned using the IoT Hub device provisioning service.

Extend the power of the cloud to your edge devices

Develop and deploy IoT Edge modules quickly and easily to send code and services from the cloud to the edge. Spread intelligence across a variety of devices, including AI and other advanced analytics, while lowering IoT application expenses, simplifying development, and allowing devices to work offline or with inconsistent connectivity.

Security features available in Azure IoT Hub:

The security features provided in Azure IoT Hub are as follows:

  • With security posture management, threat detection, and remediation, Azure Defender for IoT reduces risk.
  • Connect IoT devices to IoT Hub via virtual networks to improve connection security.
  • Join the 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies who have put their faith in Azure.
  • With the industry’s biggest portfolio of compliance certifications and high-security standards, we can help protect your corporate assets.

EPCGroup as your Azure consulting partner

Industrial IoT (IIoT), device analysis, remote monitoring, and forecasting maintenance are all common IoT scenarios that require a modular and reliable cloud platform and also a suitable implementation strategy. To make things easier, enterprises are using Azure IoT Hub to swiftly construct solutions that allow them to have two-way communications among their IoT devices and apps.

Azure IoT consultants from EPC Group are assisting such businesses in establishing a connected environment around their assets and developing analytics solutions.


With capabilities like connecting, analyzing, and regulating millions of IoT assets operating on a variety of operating systems, Azure IoT hub solutions are leading the market. Per-device authentication is used to secure your IoT solutions while communicating with devices that have the appropriate credentials. Furthermore, numerous well-known organizations such as Maersk, Ecolab, and Mexa have shown their confidence in the IoT hub and are already leading the way for their market. 

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Errin OConnor

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