Azure Sentinel SIEM: Security Orchestration in Microsoft’s Cloud

Posted by Errin O'Connor on Aug, 22, 2022 05:08

Azure Sentinel SIEM: Security Orchestration in Microsoft’s Cloud

When we talk about the complete architecture of Azure Sentinel SIEM , it is a compilation of a two-fold structure. Microsoft has taken security information as the primary solution, and data sources as the second foremost element.

While dealing with data sources, Microsoft has an inclined multitude of these sources, and in our experience, this platform has tried to address both these major setups. While operating sentinel SIEM , you will realize that the working goes in a very thoughtful manner, keeping the requirements and criticality of the users in mind.

Dealing with both security of information and event management, Microsoft has used definite orchestration, automation, security, and response to speed up your Cloud and scaling the same. This tool brings an easy integration of your existing tools.

And as far as threat protection is concerned, we have AI by your side. The best part about this Microsoft service is easy analysis and detection of threats, hunting, and investigation of any type of suspicious activities, and then automation and orchestration of a quick counter-response to any attached visualization.

Microsoft enriching Azure Sentinel SIEM with threat-detection intelligence

The above-discussed security solutions are customized as per the apps, users, public clouds, or private infrastructures with a close look at your data repository, and data search. Data ingestion is logical analytics in the Azure monitor you are using.

You only have to pay for what you are using. There are annual commitments, and your billing is predictable as per your capacity reservations. We care for your pocket, hence designing a flexible Azure Sentinel SIEM and SOAR model was our priority.

Microsoft SIEM

Microsoft has also added some free ingestions for Azure activity logs, M365 security alerts, and O365 audit logs as well.

Not only this, this cloud-native platform has become an exceptionally scalable option for users.

Microsoft Solution architecture with pre-wired integrations.

After finding the best practices for your business, Microsoft has launched Sentinel SIEM as a connector for many Microsoft partner solutions. So, following a standard log format, the log platform it uses is more than 10 petabytes for working of daily ingestion.

Monitoring costs is a critical task for log ingestion. But Azure Sentinel SIEM platform ensure the same with ongoing viability. Because Azure cost management system is well covered and quite broad while calculating the same. This calculation is based on the period of data retention and ingested data volume.

Technically, verbose logging of services and performance metrics are the highest considerations, while handling your requirements. So as a service provider, Microsoft SIEM and security orchestration are completely based on an ideal suit for analysis that you require to monitor your data repository.

Components of core Azure Sentinel SIEM solution architecture

Azure ecosystem stores your raw data at cheaper options when you require it. But in multi-region infrastructures, log analytics workspace deployment will minimize your egress cost between regions. And export charges are only applicable to IaaS and Azure PaaS services.

Your all types of logs, and demand for an effective storage repository, will be completed by Microsoft Azure sentinel. Also, that extra volume of real-time queries or KQL is taken care of by ADX.

So, the interesting part is the provision of a highly telemetry data analytics platform for you that can provide low latency, and high throughput ingestion. The larger volumes of data are handled with bifurcation made by full-text search, advanced analytics visualization, orchestration, scheduling, and time series analytics.

Investigating your security incident in advanced Azure Sentinel SIEM

We want you to get introduced to a wide array of available capabilities of Sentinel to manage your analytics, incident management, threat detection, response, and data gathering at a centralized system.

Azure Sentinel SIEM will deal with your requirement for a threat intelligent model and intelligent security analytics. It natively incorporates proven logic apps and logs analytics that can make a proactive hunt against threat visibility.

Select your preferred Log Analytics workspace

You can use an existing workspace or create a new one as per your preferred log workspace. Although it is highly recommended to use a dedicated workspace for Azure Sentinel because investigations and alert rules do not function across workspaces.

Based on an intelligent security cloud scale, SIEM and SOAR have taken over the security threats through their detection and proactive countering nature to the same. Its service window assessment has taken over the conventional concerns regarding implementation and design.

Key benefits of Azure sentinel SIEM to your security of IT Infrastructure

Security is a fundamental part of cloud structure and has to be an intelligent part to be maintained. Sentinel SIEM can protect your organization against cyber security threats like Ransomware. In addition to this service, credential, identity and access management are part and parcel of its centralized log management.

The development of in-built tools to counter malicious in-bound communications increases your productivity. SIEM reduces the excess time-consuming remediation tasks which often lead to trivial suspicious activities.

Collection of your security data and then rapidly automating the protection against threats is a subtle way in which SIEM works guided by AI. Key benefits and features that this system offers are:

  1. Integration of your organization, and assimilation with other Azure services.
  2. Collection of data at cloud and scale both multiple clouds and on-premises.
  3. Pre-analysis of multistage attacks
  4. Investigations starting from the tracked prioritized and actionable security incidents.
  5. Hunting network threats through SOAR scalability
  6. Reduction of security maintenance and infra costs.
  7. Usage of threat intelligence to detect threats
  8. Minimizing fake positives using Microsoft’s in-built analytical rules

Azure Sentinel SIEM and as your Microsoft service

To enable digital transformation in your organization, Azure provides you with a seamless client experience. Covering the major concerns and being a perfect cloud-native, SIEM and SOAR have to offer you with following services.

  1. Providing you with system integration services packages and encompassing the same with advanced designs and implementation access.
  2. Consulting packages which cover use case customizations and extraordinary integrations.
  3. Gather every minute of information to plan technical objectives to design Azure architecture.  
  4. Implementation and Integration of in-scope devices with playbooks and dashboards.
  5. Defining and managing a fine-tuning SLA for your organization.
  6. Analyzing and remediating concerns to ensure a streamlined incident response.
  7. Proactively hunting threat behaviors.     

So, securing your network from anywhere seems easy now.

Detection of cyber security threats by Azure Sentinel SIEM

Azure plays a very critical yet crucial role in correlating alerts. Channelizing the same with the security team in time is a tough Job. But with the help of an in-built Microsoft template, this process functions right out of the box.

When this template is used a real-time flow of alerts creates powerful multi-stage detection logic. This threat intelligence in turn works underlying machine learning algorithms. Hence, to develop new tools, Microsoft’s query logics are all set to customize the toolset as per your working environment.

EPC directing you towards a safe Network

EPC leads the way towards the Pay as you go, system, we put your demand for the next-gen SIEM and AI first. Hence, as a consultancy, our genuine suggestion always flows in favor of Microsoft Azure. Because we understand and want to stop threats before they can harm your vulnerable system, we suggest this reinvention.

If we take a close look, then Microsoft Sentinel SIEM and SOAR can handle large-scale cloud intelligence faster. With the advent of cyber security concerns, Microsoft security is leading smarter responses and working hard to make your threat detection proactive. 

We believe in eliminating any vulnerability to your security infrastructure, and increasing elasticity, maintenance, and scaling power with this cloud native at a reduced cost.

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