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Azure Stack Edge Pricing And Features: Cloud Storage Gateway

Azure Stack Edge feature image

Microsoft’s Azure Stack Edge is a cloud-managed, hardware-as-a-service solution. It provides the capabilities of the Azure cloud to a local, durable server that can be mounted almost anywhere local AI and powerful computational tasks are required to be performed. In this blog post, we will focus on Azure Stack Edge Pricing and features in-depth.

It could be used to analyze real-time videos for local surveillance systems and speech for call centers, as well as run powerful machine learning models when it is not physically or economically feasible to do so directly to the cloud.

This solution enables businesses to install Azure-based containers locally, lowering round-trip latency and eliminating project risks associated with network issues.

Architecture of Azure Edge

Azure Stack Edge Pricing And Features

Azure Stack EDGE Pricing

The pricing model is as follows:

Azure Stack Edge Pro

Monthly subscription fee1 unit with GPU$717
Monthly subscription fee1 unit with 2 GPUs$900
Monthly subscription fee1 unit with FPGA$674
Shipping – US1 unit$350
Shipping – EMEA1 unit$350
Shipping – APAC1 unit$350
Shipping – Americas1 unit$350

Azure Stack Edge Pro R

Monthly subscription fee1 unit with GPU$2,358
Monthly subscription fee1 unit with GPU + UPS*$2,916
Shipping – US1 unit$600
Shipping – EMEA1 unit$1,400
Shipping – APAC1 unit$1,600
Shipping – Americas (non-US)1 unit$1,100

Azure Stack Edge Mini R

Monthly service fee1 unit$1,368
Shipping – US1 unit$50
Shipping – EMEA1 unit$200
Shipping – APAC1 unit$215
Shipping – Americas (non-US)1 unit$110

Azure Stack Edge Pro, Pro R and Mini R: An Overview

The Azure Stack Edge Pro: with GPU is a network data transfer-capable AI-enabled edge computing device. The GPU-enabled Azure Stack Edge Pro is a Hardware-as-a-Service offering. Microsoft provides you with a cloud-managed device that serves as a network storage gateway and also has a built-in Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) for faster AI inference.

Edge Pro technical specification

The Azure Stack Edge Pro R: is a robust, edge computing device that can be used in difficult settings. Azure Stack Edge Pro R is a hardware-as-a-service offering by Microsoft. Microsoft provides you with a cloud-managed device that serves as a network storage gateway and also has a built-in Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) for faster AI inference.

 Pro R

The Azure Stack Edge Mini R: is a robust, ultra-portable edge computing device intended for usage in extreme conditions. The Azure Stack Edge Mini R is a hardware-as-a-service offering. Microsoft provides you with a cloud-managed device that serves as a network storage gateway and also has a built-in Vision Processing Unit (VPU) for faster AI inference.

Azure Stack Edge Mini R

Key features

Hardware-as-a-service and a flawless cloud-to-edge experience

Order your appliance as a hardware-as-a-service via the Azure interface and pay for it monthly with your Azure membership.

Configure, manage, and upgrade with the same administration portal and development capabilities you’ve come to expect from Azure, for a flawless cloud-to-edge experience.

Deploy your apps closer to the data at the edge.

Run your containerized apps and virtual machines directly where data is generated and gathered. Evaluate, modify, and filter data locally, then transfer only the information you need to the cloud for storage or processing.

With hardware-accelerated AI/ML, analyze your data for instant actionable insights.

Create and test Machine Learning models in Azure or using the Azure Cognitive service, then stimulate the outputs locally with the Mini R’s built-in NVIDIA T4 GPU or Intel VPU. Train up your processes and make your edge devices productive by uploading the entire dataset or a subset to the cloud.

Data transportation made easy

It serves as a cloud storage interface, allowing for hands-free data transfers to Azure while maintaining local file accessibility. Under Azure Stack Edge pricing structure, it can also be used to streamline data transfers to and from Azure by using its local caching functionality and bandwidth limiting to restrict usage during busy work hours.

Choose the best-suited device for Azure Stack Edge Pro:

Pro Series

Your edge workloads will benefit from enterprise scalability and productivity.


1U rack-mountable equipment designed for use in data centers and branch offices.1-2 NVIDIA T4 GPUs are included.

Pro R 

Robust data center-grade performance in a moveable case with an integrated NVIDIA T4 GPU for remote sites.

Standard features include With or without Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Different scale enterprises can choose the best suitable device for looking at the requirements of their companies. While Azure Stack Edge Pro works perfectly for data centers and branch offices, Pro R works perfectly for remote sites.

Use cases for Azure Stack Edge:

use cases

Machine learning at the edge

Processing data near to the source can help you deal with latency or network challenges. Machine Learning models can be run right at the edge. To retrain and refine your model, upload the set of data you require to Azure, either as the entire data, set, or a part of it.

Internet of Things

Analyze, filter, and evaluate your IoT or datacenter data to see what you can respond to immediately, what you need to retain and store in the cloud, and what you don’t.

Network data transfer

Transfer data to Azure fast and easily for additional computation or archiving, or to speed up your migration process to the cloud. When you’re finished, return the device to Microsoft.

Edge and remote site compute

To expedite transactions and tackle bandwidth issues, run apps at remote sites. When your cloud connectivity is constrained, local apps can still function.

Observance of regulations

ML models can help you detect highly vulnerable data and take action locally; ensuring that the data you transfer back to the cloud does not break any compliance rules.

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In the real world, adopting completely cloud-based solutions is not always a practical alternative, and hybrid solutions, which have the ability to use the cloud’s advancements, are frequently required.

Moreover, with the Azure Stack Edge pricing model, it is a versatile and contemporary solution that enables companies to meet their requirements, even the most demanding ones, for edge sites while also making use of the public cloud’s potential. Organizations can benefit greatly from this application.

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

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