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Azure Web PubSub Pricing And Features: Real-Time Messaging

Azure Web PubSub

Microsoft Azure Web PubSub is a thoroughly managed service. To construct a cloud-based solution that necessitated real-time communication, Azure Web PubSub provides entirely local and serverless WebSockets. For starters, one of the most typical business demands for every large-scale transaction platform is publisher and subscriber patterns. In this blog post, we will discuss Azure Web PubSub Pricing and its features.

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Furthermore, whether it’s a Messaging Application, Live Sharing, or an IoT-based solution, real-time order processing necessitates a flexibly connected architecture, which the publisher-subscriber pattern can effortlessly deliver.

When organizations establish a new instance of Azure Web Pubsub, the web socket server is immediately provisioned. It also allows for auto-scaling, bandwidth allocation, large-scale client connections, and seamless interaction across platforms without the need for infrastructure.

The Azure Web PubSub service can be used in any application that involves real-time publish-subscribe communication between servers and clients. The Azure Web PubSub service can also be used for conventional real-time features that involve polling from the server or submitting HTTP requests.

Any application that demands real-time content modifications can use the Azure Web PubSub service.

Azure web pubSub uses

Web PubSub can be used in the following scenarios by the Organizations:

  • Data changes at a high frequency: gaming, voting, polling, and bidding.
  • Live dashboards and surveillance: include a company dashboard, financial market data, real-time sales updates, a multiplayer game leader board, and IoT monitoring.
  • Multi-platform live chat: live chat room, chatbot, online customer service, real-time shopping assistance, messenger, in-game chat, and so on.
  • GPS apps, logistic tracking, delivery status tracking, transportation status updates, and real-time position on a map.
  • Targeted real-time ads: tailored real-time push ads and offers, as well as interactive ads
  • Coauthoring, whiteboard applications, and team meeting software are examples of collaborative apps.
  • Push notifications for social media, email, games, and travel alerts.
  • Live audio/video broadcasting, live captioning, translating, and event/news broadcasting are all examples of real-time broadcasting.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices: real-time IoT measurements, remote control, real-time status, and position monitoring are all available.
  • Automation: real-time events trigger automation.

The Pricing model structure of Azure web PubSub

Azure Web PubSub pricing model is as follows:

Web PubSub service is currently available in Free and Standard tiers. These tiers are differentiated by the number of concurrent connections, messages, and maximum units allowed.

The following table summarizes the difference between the two tiers:

Concurrent Connections per Unit201,000
Messages / Unit / Day20,000unlimited (free for the first 1,000,000 messages)
Price / Unit / DayFree$1.61
Max Units1100

Additional Messages:

Additional messages may be purchased for the Standard tier.

*1 million messages is equivalent to 2GB outbound traffic
Messages$1 per million messages

Key features of Azure web PubSub

Built-in support for high-availability designs and large-scale client connections:

The Azure Web PubSub service is intended for real-time applications that require a huge amount of data. Numerous instances of the service can collaborate and scale to millions of client connections. Furthermore, it offers sharding, high availability, and disaster recovery across several worldwide locations.

Client SDKs and programming languages are supported in a wide range of ways:

Web and mobile browsers, desktop applications, smartphone applications, server processes, IoT devices, and gaming platforms are all supported by the Azure Web PubSub service. Because this service enables the standard WebSocket connection with the publish-subscribe pattern, any typical WebSocket client SDK in various languages can easily be used with it.

Provide robust APIs for various communications patterns:

The Azure Web PubSub service is a bi-directional messenger service that supports a variety of communications patterns between the server and clients, such as:

  • The server transmits messages to a specific client, all clients, or a group of clients who belong to a single user or have been grouped together arbitrarily.
  • The client delivers messages to clients who are members of a random group.
  • Messages are sent to the server by the clients.

Real-time publish-subscribe messaging in Azure web PubSub

Using WebSockets and the publish-subscribe paradigm, the Azure Online PubSub Service makes it simple to create real-time messaging web apps. This real-time functionality enables content updates to be published between the server and associated clients. Clients do not need to poll for new updates or make fresh HTTP requests to receive them.

Benefits of Azure web PubSub for real-time communication / messaging for web applications and mobile applications.

  • Connect to the service using WebSocket API from web pages, mobile apps, edge devices, etc
  • Allows up to 100K concurrent connections
  • Provide powerful APIs for you to manage these clients and deliver real-time messages
Web PubSub Working

Azure web PubSub integration with Azure Cognitive Services for speech recognition

Azure services, such as Azure Cognitive Services for speech recognition and machine learning, can be used to add advanced capabilities to apps and better preserve them with built-in Azure security.

Through bindings, Azure Web PubSub can be integrated with Azure Cognitive services for speech recognition. Real-time translation of audio streams into text is possible with speech-to-text, commonly known as speech recognition. This text can be consumed, displayed, and acted upon by any application, tool, or device as a control input. It integrates seamlessly with the translations and text-to-speech services. 

Every developer and data scientist can now use AI due to Cognitive Services. A wide range of application scenarios can be unlocked using leading models. To integrate the capacity to see, hear, speak, search, comprehend, and speed sophisticated decision-making into your apps, users can make use of Azure Web PubSub services.

What are security features available in Azure web PubSub

The service also proposes vital security features that include:

Support for Azure Active Directory — This feature allows users to protect and manage their access with a single sign-on and makes it easier to access applications from just about anywhere.

Support for private endpoints — This enables users to securely access Azure Web PubSub services within a virtual network.

EPCGroup Azure consulting for Azure web PubSub implementation

The EPC Group is one of today’s most prestigious organizations. The EPC Group offers the best Azure Web PubSub consulting and assistance with the implementation of this outstanding service. Users don’t have to worry about anything because EPC Group is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner that adds value to each of its activities.


Microsoft Azure’s Azure Web PubSub is a thoroughly managed service. To construct a cloud solution that necessitated real-time communication, Azure Web PubSub provides entirely native and serverless WebSockets. Microsoft recently published Azure Web PubSub, a set of Azure tools to assist in the development and deployment of this new generation of applications.

Azure Web PubSub is a publish-and-subscribe service that combines one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many communications while taking advantage of the cloud economics and expandability to deliver a fairly low-cost service.

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