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An Analysis of the Logos of Fortune 500 Companies

Posted by Errin O'Connor on Oct, 31, 2017 09:10

An Analysis of the Logos of Fortune 500 Companies

Companies dream of becoming a part of the elite group of businesses that make up the Fortune 500, but most don’t ever see this dream come true. So, what makes these 500 companies so special? There are many aspects to running a successful business, including customer service, networking, and budgeting. It takes a lot of research to simply get a business up and running, much less to reach such a high level of success. However, there is one thing which is vital to starting your business that we thought we could learn from Fortune 500 companies from afar: branding.

That’s exactly why we decided to do a deep-dive into the logos of these 500 companies and uncover any similarities which might be beneficial for an entrepreneur who is just starting out. We analyzed the colors, fonts, and imagery of these logos and broke down some of the best insights in the graphics below.

Logo Colors

When it comes to color, a recurring pattern seems to be that many of the logos use the color blue. In fact, 51% of the logos have a shade of azure present. Pink, on the other hand, doesn’t get much attention in the logos of these successful companies.

Color Analysis of Fortune 500 Logos


The Most Popular Colors Used in Fortune 500 Companies Logos


An Analysis of the Number of Colors Used in Logos

It’s most common to use two colors, but going beyond three colors in a logo is a rare occurrence. For those companies that do have two colors in their logo, 18% use the combination of red and black.

The Most Popular 3-Color Combinations for Logos


The Most Common Colors Used in Logos with Only One Color


The Most Popular 2 Color Combinations Used in Logos

Logo Fonts

The majority of Fortune 500 companies use a sans serif font (75%) but a select few use both serif and sans serif fonts in their logo (5%). When it comes to capitalization on a logo, it seems like the best practice is to either use all capital letters or stick to standard capitalization rules.

An Analysis of Fonts Used in Fortune 500 Company Logos


Logo Imagery

Finally, we looked at the number of logos that use words, images, or a combination of the two and found that it’s important to use words in your logo, as only 2% of Fortune 500 companies use only an image.

At EPC Group, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with many businesses that are part of the Fortune 500, so as we were doing our research we grew curious about those companies as well. We split off the 111 businesses that we’ve worked with out of the 500 and drew some insights from their logos separately as well. You can see the results below:

Capitalization Trends in Logos


Breakdown of Visual Elements in Logos



An Analysis of Colors Used in Logos


Analyzing Serif or Sans Serif Fonts in Logos

Marketing and branding play a big part in helping to increase awareness around your services or products, so it should be one of the first things you consider as you build your business plan. Perhaps you can take some tips on how you should design your logo from this analysis of Fortune 500 company logos.