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Dynamics 365 for sales-boosting customer experience

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Dynamics 365 for sales have supported building powerful relationships with salespeople and their respected customers. The entire fundamental of Dynamics 365 for sales is based on insights that help to close the deals faster. It helps to nurture the sales agreements, starting from leads to orders to sales being collateral. This Cloud-based application combines ERP […]

Why Businesses Should Outsource Their Work To A Managed IT services provider

Managed IT services provider

Keeping your IT infrastructure running smoothly can be difficult if you are a small business owner. However, you also know that keeping up with your business’s changing needs is essential as it grows. Because of this, you ought to consider outsourcing your IT. department to a managed service provider (MSP). A managed IT services provider […]

EPC Group’s SharePoint 2013 Development Best Practices

This EPC Group blog is intended for developers who want to create custom solutions for SharePoint 2013. The purpose of this document is to share EPC Group’s proven best practices for developing customs solutions for SharePoint 2013. BLOG SUMMARY This blog provides guidelines and practices related to development for a SharePoint 2013 environment. This blog contains […]

Security & Identity Management Considerations for Application Development

There are various security, identity management, and authentication considerations when developing custom applications and related features in SharePoint 2013, Office 365, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Azure. You should always keep in mind SharePoint 2013’s “claims first” authentication architecture during your development, as well as in discussions with the business about their custom requirements. With SharePoint […]