Does Power BI Replace MS Access?

Posted by Errin O'Connor on May, 21, 2021 06:05

Is it possible for power BI to replace MS access? If you are also dealing with one of them, then this question may awake in your mind. In this blog, we will tell you if the Power BI replaces the MS access and how?

Power BI and MS Access are two different applications with distinct features. They have some common properties but in some cases, they provide different facilities and abilities to their users. Let us explain how Power BI is different from MS Access?

How Power BI is different from MS Access?

As we all know that power BI service (SAAS BI) is a bunch of software services and different apps from Microsoft. This service is somewhat similar to MS Excel and its functions are very useful and can be used easily.

Power BI reports first and then database. In Power BI you can use the Power query facility to query your data tables but you can’t make changes in tables of the database. This is the best one to store your heavy data into simpler ones, like you can break your data into small files so that you can easily open and transfer from one user to another.

How MS Access Is Different From Power BI?

Meanwhile, MS Access is created to store the available information of any database. MS access the data first and then the reporting. In MS Access users can add on their new data. They can also store the huge database and it is very convenient to transfer the data from user to user or application to applications.

MS Access

After knowing their features, now let’s readout which one is better

Which One Is Better Power BI Or MS Access?

As you study the above part of the blog, you can see that both are significantly best at their places. Now you can tell the best between Power BI and MS Access. But in terms of new updates and relevant features, Power BI keeps updating its feature with new hi-tech technologies. This is the main reason that Power BI is the most wanted app in the technology market than MS Access and can lead the upcoming generation.

Does Power BI Replace The MS Access?

So, this is still the question mark that does power BI replace the MS Access then the answer is ‘NO’. When something is continuously progressing and improvising its features according to the need of users that will definitely steal the market. They update their versions with new software and make it to be used easily. Due to their innovative idea of connecting to the technology will make them rank in the first position. Although MS Access is also very popular and useful for the user they may be rejected by the new generation because they follow their old format and don’t bring new software technology to their consideration.

Here we are comparing both apps and trying to find out the best one. So let us inform you that some technology experts are using Power BI and MS access together. You can also use them together as it is very easy to do. All you have to do is save your data on MS as it has the property to store the huge data and then you can import the database by using Power BI. Although, as per Power BI consultants, Microsoft Power BI has larger use in daily business functions for reports creation and consumption.

Pros of Microsoft Power BI and MS access


  • Microsoft Power BI can be customized for various applications. It is not very expensive and you can use this software for many other applications. Power BI integration is also possible with many other services.
  • Many other programs of the database are costly but this Power BI may not be a burden on your budget. Check the Power BI cost.
  • You don’t have to update Power BI on a regular basis.
  • There are many sources available on the web from where you can learn the Power BI free of cost.
  • The outline of Power BI is somewhat similar to Excel.
  • You can use DAX in Power Pivot and M language in Power Query to perform some experimental work in Power BI.


  • If you are using Microsoft Access or MS access then you may have to do a lot of research before completing any task as it is a very complicated process.
  • The structure of reports in MS access is very complicated.
  • If you are not able to execute the right language and terminology of a program then you may not solve your query.
  • Some users are continuously uploading their data in the cloud which enables many functions of Power BI.
  • Some licenses of Power BI are so expensive for the start-up projects that you can’t afford such as B2C Power BI.

Conclusion As we tried to explain in the best way that how can Power BI replace MS Access with its pros and cons. We hope you understand all the properties and differences between Power BI and MS Access.

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