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Microsoft ERP Integration Service

Connect Microsoft’s ERP Solutions with Other Applications and Processes to Enhance Adaptability, Productivity and Profitability

    We Get ERP Integrations Done with Ease, Without Disrupting Your Processes

    ERP integration Service

    Extend the capabilities of your organization’s business functions by successfully integrating Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions into your processes. By working side by side with your team, we will serve you with proven industry expertise, guidance, and know-how while keeping you abreast during the entire integration process.

    In order to perfectly integrate Microsoft ERP within your other systems and solutions, one requires to have a profound understanding of overall organizational processes and dynamics.

    Therefore, before initiating the integration process for ERP in your organization, we make every effort to – Understand your challenges, Answer your questions, Uncover hidden problems in the existing system, Create strategic solutions for sustainable deployment, Support you through the entire process

    Analysis and Consulting

    With years of experience, we can say that the first-time inclusion of a key ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, NAV, GP, SL, Ax, etc. is often more of an educational, communicational, and cultural process change rather than just a simple introduction of new operational procedures or technology in the organization.

    We begin the ERP integration process with an analysis to hear your ideas and understand the goals. Post that our team of experts will outline a vision offering complete details on how we can make the project most beneficial for your organization.

    We will not only provide your team with the details on our services, but also the know-how of the functionalities of the ERP software solution. This helps you realize the complete picture of the complete benefits you are going to have.

    Microsoft ERP Customization

    Despite offering diverse functionality and features, Microsoft has developed a variety of ERP modules by keeping the general customer’s needs in mind. Therefore, it comes with extensive customization options that we can help you get accustomed to.

    For a ERP module to become a perfect solution for your organization, it is recommended to customize it based on your needs. This includes – adding new or necessary fields and/or removing the unnecessary ones, creating custom workflows, and more.

    Third-Party Integration

    We take full responsibility to ensure that ERP solution fits perfectly and smoothly into your corporate infrastructure. Moreover, we make sure that your employees get familiar and trained with the next-gen ERP such as, Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, SL, AX, Finance, etc.

    Your business data – that includes personal and professional information, contact details, transactional data, history of interactions, etc. is required to successfully and completely integrate ERP solution into your systems. Our personals ensure that the entire solution works smoothly with your business processes.

    A Connect app establishes a point-to-point connection between the ERP and a 3rd party solution or service and is typically created using standard REST API to interchange data. Any coding language capable of calling REST APIs can be used to develop a connection to your Connect app.

    Our ERP Integration Process & Capabilities

    With a proven integration methodology and process, our ERP consultants can ensure your investment in the Microsoft ERP solution is successful and rewarding. Our integration services include:

    • Business Analysis
    • Project Planning
    • Visualizing
    • Customization
    • Development
    • Deployment
    • Migration
    • Upgrade
    • Training
    • Support

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