Free Webinar: Future-Proof Your SharePoint Investment

Posted by Roger Padgett on Oct, 26, 2015 06:10

Join us for this exciting webinar on
Wednesday, November 11, 2015
11am – 12 pm EST (GMT-5)

10-11 am CST; 9-10 am MST; 8-9 am PST
4-5 pm British Time; 5-6 pm Central Europe Time

People are understandably afraid of custom workflows within SharePoint. We’re tired of having to rip-and-replace code with each version of SharePoint that comes out. It’s costly, time consuming, and disruptive to business.

We’re also at a tipping point with manual processes – and want things automated for better business operations.

Join leading SharePoint and Office 365 implementation consultant Errin O’Connor as he discusses how you can have workflow solutions to stand the test of time.

With SharePoint 2016 just around the corner, early indications are that there will be changes to InfoPath.

How will this affect your solution? How can you protect your investment? How can 3rd party options help you achieve your objectives?

Errin will also share a sneak-peek of SharePoint 2016, so you can begin to envision what’s coming for you.

Have a question you’d like to see answered in this webinar? We’ll do our best to include it during the live event.

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Speaker for this webinar:


Errin O’Connor,Founder & CEO, EPC


Holly Anderson, Product Marketing Manager, K2