How Do I Add A Whiteboard To Microsoft Teams

Posted by Roger Padgett on Mar, 26, 2021 09:03

Virtual meetings and conferences are very common in this time of the pandemic. The online world continues to evolve as time passes by. Microsoft Teams has to offer you a lot on how to keep abreast with the Digital Era. Your communication with your family, friends, and most especially, with your co-workers will be more convenient if you use the features of Microsoft Teams available for you. One of its features is the Whiteboard. Try using it, and you will benefit from it.

Microsoft Teams WhiteBoard

Microsoft Teams Whiteboard can be utilized as a web application in any PC device and even in your Androids. You can surely use your personal computer or even your tablet in accessing this Microsoft Teams whiteboard. By using this, you can be updated on what the members of the team have been doing and monitor them as they do.

This Whiteboard can be found in the share tray for Team’s meetings. You can open this during meetings. However, you might ask this question “How do I add a whiteboard to Microsoft teams?” The following steps can be your guide in adding the Microsoft Teams whiteboard. 

Share Tray in Microsoft Teams

Check out the steps below and consider them if you plan to use a Microsoft teams whiteboard.

You have to create a board that has a Planner. This will help you and your team to be organized using Microsoft Teams.

In a particular channel, just select and click the Add tab. 

Add Button in channels

Then, select Planner. 

After that, select Create a new plan, or you can use an existing plan. You can start sketching using the built-in tools available in the app. There are various tools such as red, blue, green, or black pens and an eraser for you to use.

Add Option in channels for Whiteboard

Finally, just select and click Save.

You can also download the app if you still don’t have it. Just go to the Microsoft store and press the Store button. Next, write “whiteboard” under the Search-field. Then, select Microsoft Whiteboard. After that, press the Get-button, and it will start the installation process. You will then be notified when it is now ready for installation. Notification will let you know about the process.

Using Microsoft Teams whiteboard is useful in any meetings or conferences. You can be facilitated well upon using this tool. You can use the Whiteboard even before, during, or after a particular meeting. All you have to do is to use the meeting chat. Open it and click the Whiteboard tab, which is already there as part of Teams. 


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