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How Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Helped Me Deepen My Relationship With My Customers

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One of Dynamics 365’s most essential features, Customer Engagement (on-premises), is that it helps you integrate all your marketing, sales, and customer service teams into a single platform. This integration allows you to manage your customers from their first interaction with you to their last interaction with your company. One way to do this is through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE).

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is a customer service management business solution that enables you to enhance your company’s marketing skills, increase sales, and give your users first-rate customer support.

With Dynamics 365 CE, you can comprehensively view all your customers by providing them with relevant information about products and services they need or want. You can also reach out to customers via email or phone when they are ready for new offers or marketing campaigns.

Regarding customer engagement, there are two main aspects: how soon after an initial contact does a customer become engaged with their company? 

Choosing The Best CRM If You’re A Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement User

With the growth of digital commerce, more companies are turning to CRM solutions to help them improve their customer engagement. Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions help businesses better understand their customers and deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels.

If you’re a Dynamics 365 customer engagement user, you know that CRM is a no-brainer. Customers expect a seamless experience wherever they shop and work, so ensuring they have a great experience every time they interact with your brand is critical.

The size of your company is optional for you to gain from a top-notch CRM system. Every organization needs a CRM system that links all pertinent data and presents it to salespeople, marketers, field service personnel, and customer support representatives in an intelligent manner. Better customer experiences are essential since customers have more options than before.

Understanding your consumers is the only way to strengthen customer connections and foster brand loyalty. Moreover, you cannot comprehend what you cannot see. As a result, you may make more confident data-driven decisions that improve customer relationships and expand your business by linking all of your customer data.

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Five Things To Consider When Planning For Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a tricky concept to define, but it’s not just about the number of customers you have or the size of your company. It’s also about how you use and interact with them.

When planning for customer engagement, there are five things you need to consider.

  • A salesperson may set goals for specific “win” chances, with the target value being used to compare “in-progress” and “won” prospects.
  • An agent for customer service may set goals for a specific number of “resolved” cases, with “in progress” and “resolved” cases being measured against the goal value.
  • A sales department’s overarching aim serves as the parent objects to the unique goals of each salesperson. You can use the “roll-up” of a parent’s child’s objectives to compute their own goals.
  • Goals for various activity record kinds, such as followed-up phone calls or scheduled visits, are compared to actions done.
  • Goals for client interactions (e.g., online chat vs. telephone call vs. in-person meeting).

New Ways to Drive Customer Engagement and Sales with Dynamics 365

The objective is to create demand for your goods and services and cultivate unique client connections throughout the customer journey until the sale is completed.

There are four crucial actions that you must do to successfully develop a long-term demand creation program to engage clients, encourage conversion, and constantly improve your strategy:

  • Marketing and sales teams can work together to create a well-defined marketing strategy, but they must also work together to implement it. The sales team receives customer leads from marketing strategies. Thus these two departments must collaborate to define and track targets.
  • Once you’ve segmented your audience, you must ensure that marketing efforts align with sales initiatives. As soon as you identify a potential lead for your sales team, you must ensure that marketing has followed up on them with relevant content and offers. 
  • When you are clear on your target audience, you are prepared to begin nurturing leads and coordinating the customer journey. You’ll leverage your marketing methods and data-informed initiatives to generate demand, offer tailored experiences, qualify leads, cultivate connections, and onboard new customers.
  • Marketing is a process, not an event. And as a marketer, it’s important to remember that marketing isn’t just about one-off events like launches or product launches. It’s about creating demand for your products and services — and nurturing relationships with your customers over time.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement can help with Inspiration, Connectivity and Collaboration

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is a suite of customer engagement applications based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The suite includes Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and Dynamics 365 Field Service.

The Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps let you capture information from your customer interactions in real time and provide a comprehensive view of your customers’ buying behavior so that you can proactively improve the experience for your customers. 

Dynamics 365 and Teams provide powerful new ways for companies to connect with their workforce. In addition, we unveiled a brand-new collaboration tool that combines the finest features of Teams and Dynamics 365.

Additionally, we’re removing the license fee that prevented enterprises from implementing this connection in the past, making these experiences accessible to all Teams users at no additional charge.

Dynamics 365 and Teams provide effective new ways for everyone inside a company to share and capture ideas while working efficiently. Today, we unveiled a brand-new collaboration tool that combines the finest features of Teams and Dynamics 365. Additionally, we’re removing the license fee that prevented enterprises from implementing this connection in the past, making these experiences accessible to all Teams users at no additional charge.

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Interconnect Sales and Marketing For Customer Engagement

You can use the same data model and transaction processing platform in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that you use in other Microsoft applications. This means your teams can extend their use of Dynamics 365.

Extending an application is one of the critical strengths of model-driven apps in Dynamics 365. You can use many business apps simultaneously on the same tenancy, instance, and database. This makes it possible for professionals across your organization to utilize applications specifically suited to their requirements while openly exchanging information and procedures with colleagues working on different aspects of the business.

Administrators, customizers, and developers must learn one platform; customizations are universal. Since the expected data for all apps is kept in a single, central repository, there is no need to set up complicated data mappings or database interfaces. Workers from both departments may work together across the marketing and sales funnels when they have the same client, lead, and account information.

You take contacts through the finding, nurturing, qualifying, opportunity, and closing phases. Your company may replace several single-purpose programs with Dynamics 365, a multifaceted solution that offers business value throughout all stages of client interaction, from acquisition to retention.

 Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Microsoft Customer Experience Platform Helps Companies Engage Their Customers

The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform provides a unified view of customer engagement across channels and devices, enabling you to personalize experiences and deliver contextually relevant content. The solution also allows you to extract insights from disparate customer data sets and deliver proactive notifications, attractive offers, and personalized communications.

The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform is designed for enterprises that want to:

  • Get real-time insights into how their customers are engaging with them
  • Identify key opportunities for customer engagement
  • Understand what’s driving customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction

In today’s environment, engaging with clients involves many different aspects, from creating that initial spark of interest to making a deal and maintaining the connection to providing first-rate continuous care and support. These days, client interactions are dispersed, and those encounters are disjointed. In addition, our expectations as customers have sharply increased.

As we’ve worked with large enterprise customers around the world, their marketing leaders have repeatedly emphasized the need for insights from numerous, diverse data sources to meet today’s customer expectations and deliver privacy-aware, consent-enabled personalization—something they struggle with because data about their customers is frequently locked in silos.

EPC Group Is Here To Help Companies Build An Engaging Customer Experience

Customer service is essential for the success of any business. However, many businesses need help to meet their consumers’ rising needs due to the importance of digital transformation and ERP. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service may help you in various ways to enhance your customer service experience.

Customer Service Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings all your customer information together in one location, allowing you to manage clients more successfully, streamline procedures, and automate operations throughout the business. This potent new application will completely transform how you provide top-notch customer service by giving you access to comprehensive customer data across multiple channels, including email, phone, or in-person interactions. This new software also enables collaboration between various organizational departments and businesses that have joint ventures on projects.

You can use Dynamics 365 for Customer Service and automated workflows to lessen paperwork and boost productivity. At the same time, you can use potent analytics tools like Power BI or Microsoft Flow to ensure that your contacts are appropriately managed.

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