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How Much Does Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cost?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cost

Microsoft Dynamics service serves as an integral part of Microsoft business integration services with customization capabilities. Together with business integration services, Microsoft also provides multiple development platforms, WHQL teasing, cloud hosting, and application re-engineering. Microsoft also allows you to create advanced MS enterprise solutions such as regulatory solutions, accounting applications ERP, CRM, and many more. In this post, we will be focusing on Microsoft Dynamics CRM cost for different modules and their benefits.

Under the Microsoft business solutions, one of its common usages is the development of custom customer relationship management. Also, CRM applications as per specified company needs. You can also create customer service solutions, sales solutions, marketing solutions, and organize supply chain management for the enterprises. In addition, you can integrate several functionalities like upselling, cross-sell, identifying business changes. Also features like customer interaction, managing knowledge resources, and the like for better management resources.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Is Best CRM for Organization?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM gives mounting and mid-market businesses a powerful and effective solution to handle company relationships. It also helps managers and sales reps in transforming their customer service processes, marketing and sales with personalized seller dashboards. Similarly, it allows employees to be more knowledgeable and productive. Before going through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cost let’s first see few features of Dynamics CRM

There are several reasons why you need to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, namely:

  • It’s intuitive and comes with a familiar user interface. Also, it ranks among the top when it comes to user adoption and increases customer engagement
  • Microsoft product integration provides an immense advantage including a sales hub with a sales app
  • Its effective and powerful built-in solutions or tools like assistant and LinkedIn Sales Navigator and help boost efficiency and productivity
  • Deployment and architecture selections can be instantly modified to meet your company’s needs.
  • Managing marketing campaigns and using it as a tool for marketing analytics.

Above all, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cost has a competitive structure, partner support, and commitment to the product that emphasizes the system’s quality and longevity.

Here is the pricing chart explaining Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing:

Modules Pricing on basis of per user and per month
Dynamics 365 for Finance and OperationsNA as Stand-Alone Module
Dynamics 365 Business CentralEssentials—$70Premium—$100
Dynamics 365 for Retail$170 Flat
Dynamics 365 for TalentDynamics 365 for Talent: Onboard only: $8Full app from $40
Dynamics 365 for SalesProfessional—$65Enterprise—$95
Dynamics 365 for Customer ServiceProfessional—$50Enterprise—$95
Dynamics 365 for Field Service$95 Flat
Dynamics 365 for Marketing $750 for Customer Engagement Plan$1,500 for other customers
Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation$95
Microsoft Relationship SalesStart from $130 
Dynamics CRM Consulting

All Microsoft Dynamics CRM Products and Their Pricing Details

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional consists of a Get Started page. It gives you the main functionality that you need to have your sales team maximize its ultimate functions like sharing files, connecting emails, and importing pertinent data. It also allows sellers to search for a streamlined lead-to-cash procedure, contact, easier account, dashboards, and opportunity management that make it easier to envision valuable data.

This app is intended to produce getting up to haste, simple and effortless, whether you are setting up your team’s app or managing your daily sales transactions. 

Before you get started, here are some of features of Dynamics 365 Sales Professional:

  • Visual insights with dashboards – The innovative charts and dashboards are comprised of the things you need to get enough valuable information for your business.  This is the main reason why most business tycoons prefer to explore and use this one.
  • Customer 360° View – Upon using the app, you have a chance to check what is happening with your target customers. In short, you can communicate with them, give updates on the progress of customer deals, and many more. You can do this in a single place, making it more effective and efficient than any ordinary scheme.
  • Company Process Flow – The guided procedure flows on a form called “Lead and Opportunity.” It tells you the exact things you need to do. You can instantly search for the procedures you need to take to boost the possibility of a successful business sale. It is also an excellent way of increasing sales account. 
  • Activity Timeline – The emails that you send or even the calls you make are available in a single place. This gives you all the needed contexts to do your tasks.
  • Store and Check Documents – If you have documents or presentations, you can store all this stuff in a single place. Therefore, any user who is working on the opportunity can instantly check and view them. This option becomes extremely important for larger organizations.
Few More feature
  • Simplified Opportunity-to-Invoice Procedure – It is fast and easy to move a client through the use of the Sales funnel. All you have to do is to produce a quote right from the opportunity you are managing on. Then, simply activate it. You can also use a similar quote to make an invoice and mark it as “won.”. Financial organizations are taking advantage of functions like these to smooth their invoicing process.
  • Document Templates – The Excel and Word templates guarantee that the files that you are sending to your clients are connected with your business brand.
  • Accessible Sales Data – Get all your sales data and client right on your tablet or phone devices. Whether you are on the road or visiting a client, you can easily use your smartphone to update the opportunity with reliable data. 

For licensing options, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cost for sales professionals includes an application that you may purchase as either an “attach” or “base” license, usually $65 per user every month. It is absolute guarantee that with bringing automation into the sales process sales representatives and other team members perform and bring better results.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional$65/ Per User

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

If you opt to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your team, you have another option apart from Dynamics 365 Sales Professional. That option is called Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise. 

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise comes with multiple sales and customer service functions. These are not available to the other option. It has sales goals, forecasting, territory management, customer engagement options, and competitor pricing. Other features of this option include product families and relationships, sales playbooks, business units, embedded intelligence, and knowledgebase.

For Sales Enterprise, additional storage accumulates a dataverse (common data service) database capacity of 250 MB per-user licensing. Its file capacity, on the other hand, has 2GB per user license.

Enterprise-level licensing: The license of Sales Enterprise provides unlimited access across custom portals and apps where these are positioned as Dynamics 365’s identical environment.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Modules

Dynamics 365 Sales Premium 

Microsoft released the newest offering called Dynamics 365 Sales Premium, having a single-user license at $135 rate per user every month. In this introductory price option, It is often perceived as the best among business management solutions in the industry. You can therefore save at least $10 over purchasing the apps separately.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cost for sales premium includes both dynamics 365 sales insights and sales enterprise in a single low-cost plan. Base license required if it is the first or only apply a user utilizes. Other apps can also be added with licenses for a user at a reasonable cost.

Dynamics 365 Sales Premium$135 / Per user / Per Month

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (Stand-Alone)

MS Dynamics 365 Marketing is an advertising automation app that helps turn targets into business relationships. This application works impeccably with Dynamics 365 Sales and easy to use. It also has built-in business intelligence. 

This marketing app is often used to create online content. Also, graphical email messages to support advertising initiatives for campaign management. It is utilized to design stunning customer journeys and helps in landing page management to build leads with customized experiences. As per leading Dynamics 365 Consultants, most enterprises use this app to tap into LinkedIn’s company prospects, while others use this to share information across the teams.

Other uses of this app include organizing and publicizing events, knowing your leads better, analyzing and documenting your marketing gains, and prioritizing leads for more wins. Overall this brings great advantages for an entire organization.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers a bundle of solutions and applications that are carefully selected to assist advertising units and coordinate with sale teams. For example, Real-time sales reports come into use for making data-driven decisions and better marketing strategies. These solutions and apps are also available as add-ons and bundles with other products of Dynamics 365, while others can be accessed via the Marketing package

For your reference, here are some of the features included in the Dynamics 365 marketing app:

  • Core Marketing – It offers marketing pages, customer journeys, email marketing, lead scoring, behavior tracking, and many more. These features created the core of the advertising app and are considered a unique one. 
  • Event Management – Promote and organize face-to-face or virtual events, which cover a digital platform that attendees can utilize to review any event speakers and schedule. This feature can only be accessed with Dynamic 35 Marketing.
  • Customer Voice – This feature creates virtual surveys and examines the results. It is bundled with an advertising app. But, it is also within reach as an add-on for other products of Dynamics 365.
  • Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms – This feature allows to import lead generated with lead tools of LinkedIn into Dynamics 365. It is bundled with the advertising app but also available individually as an add-odd for other products of Dynamics 365. 

These features are wholly integrated and work collaboratively to make an inclusive marketing solution. As a standalone service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM prices have a rate of $1,500 per month, covering approximately 10,000 contacts. For every additional 5,000 clients, its costs tend to rise by $250 every month. For customers already licensing the planning app separately, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cost drop to $750/month, even if the $250 rate per 5,000 contacts are still the same. 

Microsoft Dynamics MarketingPrice per monthContacts included
With any customer engagement application or customer engagement plan$75010,000
Dynamics 365 for Marketing only$1,50010,000
Additional contacts$2505,000

Microsoft Relationship Sales

Microsoft Relationship Sales, or simply MRS, drives more meaningful and personalized engagements with prospects and clients and is extremely beneficial for increasing sales per user. This can be achieved through the powerful business insights, relationship building, and social selling capabilities of MRS. Through integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator with this app, sellers can utilize IT to build relationships.

MRS also empowers sellers to concentrate on the valuable and right buyers. They help in finding the best path to access business influencers and gain relationship insights that drive targets. It better understands relationship management requirements in business.

Here are some of the features of MRS (Microsoft Relationship Sales) and cost that you need to know:

  • Sync Up Your Incongruent Relationship Data – This app displays account information and display leads from LinkedIn with the Sales Navigator Widget.
  • Intelligent Recommendations – This app provides you with an effective recommendation that is the best action to boost relationships with possible clients.
  • Real-Time Date – This app enables visible and recent leads, contact data, and account data. 
  • Centralized Platform – It sends communications directly from the app, and therefore, you can easily receive all the messages. 
  • Integrated Solution – Provides seamless integration with Power BI and Microsoft 365 that drives adoption.
  • Gain Deep Knowledge about Your Buyers – Gives recent updates about your buyers’ interest via content they are sharing.  

If you are planning to make use of this app, it is easy for you to have it since the Microsoft Dynamics CRM prices are quite reasonable. It only costs $162 per user every month. 

Microsoft Relationship Sales$162/ per user / per month

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

The Dynamics 365 for Field Service app helps businesses deliver onsite services to clientele locations. It has combined workflow automation, mobility, sales plans automation, and scheduling algorithm to set up mobile users.

This app enables you to improve the first-time rate and manage follow-up work, IT also completes more service calls for each technician every week. This app also reduces travel time, vehicle wear and tear, and mileage. Another useful function of this app is that it helps in organizing and tracking the resolution of client issues. Moreover, it also communicates a proper arrival time to customers. Other purposes include keeping customers updates, schedule onsite visits, avoid equipment downtime via preventive schemes, and many more.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service has various capabilities and features, namely:

  • Work Orders – This defines the service task needed at client locations
  • Dispatch Tools and Scheduling – It manages resources and devices essential for visualization, customer service, and optimization of service schedules with effective resource skill matching and routing. 
  • Communication Tools – It boosts collaboration between dispatchers, customer service staff, customers, field technicians, and other partners.
  • Easy-to-Use Mobile App – This guides every technician via service work and schedule changes.

Other operations activity features include asset management, preventive maintenance, billing capabilities, inventory purchasing, and returns capabilities, time tracking, and analytics for reporting.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM prices depend on the size of your team and the type of licenses you prefer to buy. Usually, customers spend more than $5,000 to $10,000 on their yearly subscription, while its implementation often ranges from $10,000 to $15,000. 

Introducing Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation is already a part of Dynamics 365 project operations that links sales, project management, resourcing, and finance teams in one app. It is a direct alternative for sales force automation with advanced customization capabilities. The main purpose of this is to accelerate project delivery, help win more deals, and take full advantage of profitability.

Dynamics 365 project automation app enables you to do the following:

  • plan projects and make work schedules and estimates for basic processes
  • predict resource requirements for projects 
  • track cost consumption and project progress 
  • manage pricing, quoting, and project billing
  • manage and assign resources for business-critical processes

Above all, it helps you make reports to monitor key performances and many more.

EPC Group as Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

Getting the best plan to transform your business operations doesn’t need to be tricky and expensive. This is the reason why you have to check out the different offered services and products of EPC Group. This company has been the leading provider and identified the best Microsoft services, gold partner. EPCGroup also provides Office 365 consulting for better integration and collaboration among team members.

With its multiple offers, you are certain that you can transform your customer service processes, sales, deduct actionable insights, and marketing at reasonable costs.

EPC Group Microsoft Gold Partners

Conclusion on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cost

Dynamics 365 for sales and customer service comes with different pricing plans for enterprise and midsize businesses. Before making the final decision calculate the user per month who is going to use it actively. Only then you will have the actual pricing that you need to pay.

Moreover, with millions of customers all over the world, Microsoft products are designs products that they know the organization’s requirements. From core HR to increasing collaboration capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics has got it all and you don’t need a solution from scratch.

Competitions are always visible in the market, and in order for your company to level up, you need a partner for your business process plan and can boost your operations and customer relationship as well. Through knowing the functions, features, and other related insights about MS Dynamics 365, you are certain that your business is on the right track.

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