How To Back Up Microsoft Teams Files and Chats?

Posted by Kevin Booth on Mar, 24, 2021 04:03

In Office 365, the concept of proper procedures for backing up Microsoft teams could be a complex one, especially if you don’t have any idea about it. Some of you may even ask whether “backup” will be required. Nowadays, there are numerous ways on how you can make sure that the contents are well-protected using Microsoft teams. Perhaps when you heard something about the Microsoft team, the first thing that comes to your mind is the 2 main areas, such as File and Chat. 

If you are utilizing the Office 365 services and you’d like to know how to restore Microsoft Teams, then this article will surely give you an idea about the proper procedures. Keep in touch on the two main areas of Microsoft Teams, and you will surely learn how to back up your content. 

Backing Up Chats on Microsoft Teams 

All the team chats are properly documented within the Exchange mailbox online. The conversations will be stored within the hidden folder in the Exchange mailbox of the users. For the channel chat, your conversations are also filed to the hidden folder in the Group mailbox of the team in Office 365.

In recent times, you may not be able to restore or backup the messages within Chat Service. But you may also protect your conversations to make sure that these can be reviewed once these conversations are lost or deleted. For you to successfully do this thing, you need to have chat protections within the right mailboxes utilizing the compliance center and the security of Office 365. 

However, because of the default system, those messages from Deleted Items in Office 365 can still be recovered within fourteen days. At some point, if these items will be placed on-hold or under litigation, then it will protect archived copies in the mailbox. These can also be protected for a set of times or sometimes indefinitely. Then, these will be recovered from eDiscovery Center in the Compliance Center and Microsoft Office Outlook. 

Files for Microsoft Teams

Once you start sending files in Microsoft Teams, the contents are not eventually sending file copies to the receiver. They are typically utilizing the natural functionality of SharePoint Online or OneDrive for the Business. However, if you started to share files in a chat conversation, then these files will be uploaded to Chat Files of Microsoft Teams folders on your Business Folder or default OneDrive. Then, it will start to make sharing permissions for other people in a chat to access the files or documents properly. 

Once the files or documents are now uploaded to SharePoint or OneDrive for the Business, then you may opt to utilize some specific tools to have protection on these files. Typically, all these deleted documents of files are directly sent to Recycle Bin. Through Online SharePoint, these items can still be recovered within 93 days as long as that they didn’t reach their quota yet. 

If you want to know how to properly backup files and documents on Microsoft teams, then it would be better to get Office 365 Consulting. This will help you understand every feature of Office 365, which improves the way you utilize this application based on your purpose.

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