How To Make Money From Power BI Skills?

Posted by Sas Chatterjee on Jun, 09, 2021 02:06

Let’s not go deep into this and come straight to the point. So, Power BI is a self-service data analytics provider. It processes and analyzes your data to maintain the record of your insights for the best business decisions for you.

But here we are not going to talk about businesses that require Power BI for themselves. Instead, this article is for the individuals who want to bring their skills of Power BI forward for making money.

Ways to Make Money From Power BI

Writing your skills

This is a very passionate and cool way of making money and i.e. Power BI writing books. You can create valuable content for the Power BI users which you have gained from past experiences and skills. To make accurate gain out of this you should be able to go through your book from time to time.

You can also read the books and see what points they have missed or should be present in a book according to you and go for writing as per your understanding. You can also write in a different language that you know which is not yet covered. There are also options for a book system whether it’s an e-book or paperback. As this will bring you a part-time source of income for some time you will also be able to focus on multiple works and choose your interest accordingly for making money.

Trainer for individuals

As you are well known about the Power BI skills, now it will be the easiest way for you to earn through training different people for using these skills. You can have a great chance of prospering here, as Power BI training is not saturated till now, therefore, bringing a good opportunity for you.

There is also a plus point to look at here, as you can teach different courses under Power BI. If you train a large number of people as individuals then you can gain a lot of money through this. Courses can differ likely as data visualization or analysis and many more. Under different courses, you can also create multiple incomes just by going deeply as intro and advanced.

Teaching will also give great platforms for you to earn through recording your teaching. This will open more doors for you.

Income through employment in organizations

Power BI knowledge will give you a good package easily even if your organization refuses to provide you with a package according to your skill. You should just show the value you can provide the organization by your skills. This will help you to negotiate large and new terms.

Try to learn about the organization in detail and explain how your skills are other than everyone and you can value them in their profit. For negotiating you should keep an eye on various organizations. You can land up with a very good package if your skills are perfectly polished.

Consultant for a company

Power BI analysis skills can be used to answer the questions regarding improvement in the revenue or help to answer their data. You should learn deeply about your client and their work and provide them good pricing strategies. Show them your strong marketing skills.

This will also give you a larger exposure and for building your confidence in providing proper training to your clients. At this moment this can gain a good profit to you as there are not many Power BI consultants available for the competition.

Content Creation as a freelancer

Content creation nowadays has no bounds. It can also help you to create a large income. You can create your blog for showcasing the skills you have learned. Other than blogs you can also make videos on platforms like YouTube or any other application and earn. This will also give you time to focus on another income source as this can be your part-time income source. Thus multiple works will bring you great money in return without wasting your time.

This is a new way of making income with a great profit as you will get a larger interested audience which will also help you to increase ideas of employment through innovative ideas good for making more money. If you are fortunate and good with your skills and people start to notice you then you can also land up in a good position with a big package.


For a much larger amount of income, you can combine all these options according to your needs and time as well. You should be capable of doing multiple terms for good income.

Power BI is gradually increasing each day and organizations are looking for individuals to work hence giving you a good option for learning Power BI skills. Data analysis is majorly taken into consideration as the power of data has come to a great need.

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