How To Share My Power BI Dashboards And Reports?

Posted by Sas Chatterjee on May, 11, 2021 02:05

Sharing your dashboards and reports gives access to various people to your reports in Power BI. You can share this content with the people inside your organization and outside as well. People can also view and interact with it. There are some details that you should know before sharing your reports or dashboard.

How To Share A Power BI Dashboard Or A Report?

  • Open the dashboard or report and select the option of ‘share’ there.
  • Enter your full individual email address. You can’t share it with distribution lists.
  • You can further also add any message you want to share with your report or dashboard. This is optional.
  • Check whether you have allowed recipients to share your report or dashboard as then only your coworkers will be able to share your content with others.

The process when others can share your report or dashboard or any content is known as resharing. They can reshare this by either sending email links or by resharing it through the Power BI service (SAAS BI).

  • When you allow users to build content using the already made datasets then they can create their reports b
  • Used on a dataset for this dashboard.
  • Select the option of ‘share’ there.
  • Power BI will then send you an email invitation to the individuals. After your recipients will click on the link then they will be directed to your dashboard or report to their ‘Shared with me’ page list.
  • Your name will be selected by them to see all the content you have shared with them.

Who Can Access Your Power BI Dashboard Or Report?

  • Select ‘share’ for the dashboard or report you want to share.
  • In the ‘share dashboard’ or ‘share report’ select the ‘access’ option.
  • You can stop or change the access option for people anytime.

What Happens When You Share Your Dashboard Or Report Outside Your Organization?

Sharing your report outside your organization will give people only access to firstly receive an email link. They have a top sign in before opening it into Power BI. They will not be able to see the shared content on the usual portal instead they will see it in their browser window. Row-level security is implemented on the content and the analysis service models. You can refer to this Power BI Security Guide for complete security-related features in Power BI

They don’t have any access to edit your content or save any changes. They will only be able to interact with the charts and will be able to change filters.

Ways Of Sharing Report Or Dashboard With More Than 100 Separate Users?

You can share your content with more than 100 users in one go. Ability to give access to your content to more than 500 users.

  • You can share your content multiple times by specifically choosing the users individually.
  • Also, make user groups and share your report or dashboard in that group.
  • You can also create your content in the workspace and create the app and share the whole app with the users.

What Are The Limitations Of Sharing A Report Or Dashboard?

  • Whenever you share a dashboard your colleagues or those users will also get access to your datasets.
  • Everyone with whom you share your data will be able to interact with the related reports too.
  • They can’t make any changes to the existing content unless you have clicked on ‘allow users to build new content’ in your datasets.
  • The users can access the dataset but can’t see or download it directly.
  • Manually data is refreshable.

If your co-workers have prior access to your dashboard or report then you can send them the direct link by copying the URL.

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