Is Microsoft Power BI Desktop Free?

Posted by Roger Padgett on May, 13, 2021 12:05

Power BI is a platform that can be used by an expert developer as well as a beginner. To find out if we have to pay to use the software or it is entirely free, we must understand three different terms. 

  • Power BI Desktop 
  • Power BI Pro 
  • Lastly, Power Premium 

Let’s Discuss Power BI Desktop

Yes, Power BI Desktop is Free for Individual User.


Power BI desktop is the most commonly used version of this business analytics service by Microsoft to visualize your data. Yes, this application is entirely free. Although it’s not covering all the platform features, i.e. Power BI, it has just about enough of them to make sure that an essential use takes placed. There are more than 70 cloud-based sources that you can connect with to import the data. The data visualizations are vibrant as you get a variety of charts to include in your document. 

It is the most relatable to the new users. When you have just started using the cloud service like SAAS BI, you cannot afford to know all the details, considering that the application’s scope is immense. The only thing you can try to do is go step by step. The use of the most common version of the platform will make sure that you know all the basics, and then you can move on to several additional features.

So to sum it up, here are a few things summed up that defines Power BI precisely:- 

  • It is completely free of use. 
  • It supports python.
  • Also, suitable for any user regardless of the skill set he possesses.
  • More than 70 cloud-based sources make sure you can collect as much information as you want.
  • Storage limit of 10 GB for every user.

You will be required to pay for both the other versions. There’s a bit of a difference between those versions as well. 

An individual user can license Power BI Pro. It can also be regarded as the full version of the collection of software services with almost all the features available. In contrast, the sources are limited in the case of a Power desktop.

On the other hand, Power BI Premium can be licensed by an entire organization as it’s not suitable for individual users. It has a larger storage size when compared with the other two versions. Higher refresh rates and increasing data capacity limits are some of the reasons why they cost higher. They tend to be too much to afford for an individual user.

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How To Download & Install Power BI Desktop For Free?

To get your priorities straight, you have to make sure that you search for Power BI desktop, specifically, because if you don’t, there are chances you end up downloading some other version of the platform. You can go to Microsoft’s official website to ensure a safe download and the latest version of the application. You are supposed to choose your preferred language as well. The size of the latest version stands around 140 MB, so make sure you’re using a good internet connection if you want the download to get completed quickly. 

In case of the installation process, you have first to make sure you are using a system that is compatible with Power BI desktop’s latest version, which is free:- 

  • You should be using Windows 8.1 or higher 
  • Internet Explorer 9 or higher 
  • At least 2 GB of RAM, 4 GB is recommended
  • Display of 1440×900 

The rest of the process writes itself very simple. You have to agree to the terms and conditions. 


Power BI desktop is entirely free of cost and easier to use than the other versions of the platform. So if you’re new and want to understand how Power BI works, you should download the latest version of the Power BI desktop and enjoy its services!

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