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Is Power BI Better Than MS Access?

Power BI Vs MS access

“Is power BI better than MS Access?” It is a legit question that crosses everyone’s mind at least once while dealing with these systems. Today, in this article, we are going to help you get an answer to this question.

Let’s get started! 

Over the past few years, this question has become the talk of the town. With Microsoft introducing new features in Power BI, making it a powerful data analytics tool, everyone has started doubting the performance of other similar systems. Let us tell you our thoughts on the same. We will tell you what we like in both Power BI and MS Access and which one should you use. Do not forget to read until the end, as we will also share a pro tip with you at the bottom that you will not get anywhere else. 

What do we like about Power BI?

As we have already discussed in our previous blogs, Power BI is collecting software services and apps from Microsoft. As far as our thoughts are concerned on Power BI, It is a data discovery tool that is a great software system in terms of data modeling and visualization. If we compare its functions, it is more similar to MS Excel than MS Access. 

It is a perfect platform that lets the user present data in an interactive form. You can break down the most complex data into easy-to-understand bits of information with the help of Power BI. Microsoft BI comes with the ability to generate interactive reports which bring insights out of the big data. With the help of predictive analytics consulting, organizations have been able to make smart decisions based on historical and real-time data. This has substantially increased the profits and accuracy of decisions take in any organization.

Power BI Features

The real-time analytics capability of Power BI has enabled organizations to take quick business decisions based on market trends. This constant input of data is converted into interactive visuals with the help visualization options available in Power BI.

What do we like about MS Access?

Unlike other software, MS Access is mainly built to store and manage the data and doesn’t go with licensing model structure like Power BI. Teams who are not very heavy on business intelligence or databases, and only want to successfully manage their store are primary users of MS Access. It allows the user to add new records without increasing the fields. It is a good software system for individual use. Another feature that we like in MS Access are one can easily transfer the data to other applications.

For using MS Access, you don’t need to have special training. It is much similar to MS Excel in terms of functions. however, the concept of handling databases is the drawing line where these two applications start to differ from each other. With the availability of ready-made templates, you can get started in managing your database in just a few steps. These reports can also be viewed and downloaded in PDF format.

MS Access

Power BI versus MS Access

Well! Practically both software systems have their share of pros and cons, and we can’t say that Power BI is better than MS Access or vice versa. But we cannot ignore that Power BI is comparatively new software with some advanced features. It is in high demand in the market. And if we look from the future perspective, Power BI has a great scope compared to MS Access or any other similar software. 

Which one should I use, Power BI or MS Access? 

When it comes to choosing between the two, you should ask a few basic questions yourself. Like:

  • What kind of visualization do you want?
  • Is data collection a concern for you?
  • Know your purpose for using these? Like do you want to store the data? Do you also need to manage the data?
  • Or do you want the software to generate reports and insights?
Power BI Reports Sample

All these questions will help you reach a smart decision. 

A Pro Tip!

Well! While we are here to compare the two systems, let us tell you that some experts prefer using both simultaneously. Yes, you can also do it. Wondering how? Store your data on MS Access and use Power BI to import the same. It will help you generate better insights and reports in lesser time.

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Wrapping Up

By now, you must have understood the functions and performance of both Power BI and Access. You should also get an idea about which you would prefer to use. Thus we can conclude that there is no better than the other, which one should you use mainly depends on your requirements.

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Management Consulting, Errin O’Connor has led hundreds of large-scale enterprise implementations from Business Intelligence, Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, IT Security, Azure and Hybrid Cloud efforts for over 165 Fortune 500 companies.

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