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Kinect Dk Pricing And Features: Spatial Computing Developer kit

Kinect Dk

The Azure Kinect Dk is essentially a developer kit that is used to harness the advantages of spatial data. It consists of the following contents:-

  • 1-MP depth sensor with a wide and narrow field of view.
  • 7-microphone array for far-field speech and sound capture.
  • 12-MP RGB video camera
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope and
  • External sync pins.

Kinect Dk Pricing And Features

The pricing model for Kinect DK:

The price of Kinect Dk by Microsoft Azure is $990. But a special proving range has been introduced especially for students, teachers, and military officials which makes the developer kit available for $399. To be eligible for buying the product at this price, the buyer needs to fulfill the criteria put forth by Azure.

Discussion on Spatial Data and its benefits:

Azure Kinect DK applications
device picture

Azure Kinect Dk or the Kinect developer kit is a product of Microsoft Azure that is best described as a cutting-edge spatial computing developer kit. The term spatial data is also known as Geospatial data. The concept encompasses the data that is related to or contains the necessary information regarding a certain location on the earth’s surface. But, spatial data is made available in a variety of formats by Microsoft, which is one of the most popular cloud providers in the market. Presently, this kind of data is utilized in gaining more than just location-specific information; rather processes like spatial tracking are also being developed and utilized through it. The various forms of spatial data can be utilized in several sectors of the industrial arena.

The different roles played by it in the numerous business sectors can be categorized and explained in the following manner:-

Where Azure Kinect DK used industry

Health sector:

The motion sensor technology in Azure Kinect Dk and the computerized motion sensor technology helps in monitoring exercise movements and keeping an eye on the overall form. This helps in creating a smart gym experience that can provide results or provide effective solutions virtually. In addition to this, depth sensor data can be attained through real-time routes. This in turn can aid in preventing potential accidents for the patients and avoid injuries in care environments by providing predictive alerts.


In the field of manufacturing, the advanced body tracking feature of the Kinect Dk can be used to track and analyze worker movement and behavior. This in turn helps in building a far safer and more productive work environment that will be capable of mitigating long-term risks through task analysis and process optimization. The Cognitive services of the product can be coupled with the depth-sensing technology for performing partial AI-driven identification and detecting anomalies in real-time. Subsequently, this helps in monitoring assembly line workers to identify process issues instantly and fix them in time.


Within the media sector, the user organization can use the Kinect Dk for incorporating the vision, orientation sensor, and speech models into smart signage. This can convert the smart signage into customized kiosks which can widen brand engagement. In addition, is the sensor technology is capable of capturing high-quality video content which can later be used in interactive 3D environments


In the retail industry, the dimensional analysis feature of Kinect Dk can be utilized in maximizing storage space for transport and for optimizing the logistics related to shipping. The traditional delivery routes can be swapped for real-time routes that are based on the inventory analysis and the consequent productivity. In addition to this, a connected retail experience can be created by establishing a human-machine interaction and mapping the retail stores in real-time. This helps in gaining actionable customer insights and creating alerts through spatial data.


The depth-sensing technology can be used to automate depalletization and palletization. Along with this, repetitive tasks, for instance, improving productivity while optimizing storage space can be streamlined. Robot workers can also mobilize spatial data. New tasks can be automated by incorporating robots into human spaces for picking online orders to track shelf inventory to maintain the spatial data of Digital twin models.

Impact of Kinect Dk on the operational safety and business performance:

The advanced body tracking technology of the Azure Kinect Dk allows the user to monitor the movement of the workers and their behavior within an organization. In other sectors of business like the health sector, the product can be used to enhance the results of the customers or provide an effective solution to their issues. The real-time depth sensor data along with the artificial intelligence insights prevents the occurrence of any accidents and injuries of patients in the care environment of health sectors.

In addition to this, the product also has the potential to lower the risk of long-term injuries which in turn improves productivity through consistent analysis and optimization of work.

Features of Kinect Dk: An explanation

Hardware Specification of Azure DK

The features included within the purview of Kinect Dk can be enumerated in the following manner:-

  • The product has an open software ecosystem which implies that the user can start working with a range of SDKs including an open-source sensor SDK and an active GitHub community.
  • The product also has a versatile design which consists of multiple modes and choices for mounting that provide the advantage of the compact design of Kinect Dk.
  • The cutting edge spatial computing provides the user with the most advanced AI sensors.
  • The product also can seamlessly integrate with Azure cognitive services.

Meaning of a range of SDKs:

A range of SDKs is available with the Azure Kinect Dk. All these kinds of SDK s can be enumerated in the following manner:-

  • Sensor SDK – The sensor SDK consists of a range of features which include raw sensor access to the depth camera, RGB camera, accelerometer and gyroscope, plus device calibration long with data synchronization and control.

    The uses of this form of SDK include
    a) direct access to device calibration
    b) metadata access within the camera frame for increased image resolution, timestamp and temperature and
    c) smooth synchronization with external devices.
  • Body Tracking SDK – This kind of body training SDK has the potential of exposing the data to instance segmentation and observing and estimating the unique identification of body tracking multiple skeletons.
  • Speech SDK – The speech SDK provides the user, access to features that include speech to text conversion, speech translation and intent recognition.

Security features included within Kinect DK:

The Kinect Dk is a product of Microsoft Azure which is known for developing solutions that help in successfully tackling hybrid cloud workloads. Similar to other cloud applications developed by the organization, Kinect Dk too is a secure product that consists of certain core features that make it one of the most secure spatial data computing devices in the market. Among these, the concept of mixed reality is essential. In simple words, mixed reality implies a mixture of the physical and digital world. The feature is used to bring business work and data to live anywhere as and when required.

The Kinect Dk is a very secure product as it helps in building collaborative mixed reality solutions that employ intelligent services, best-in-class hardware, and cross-platform applications. The mixed reality feature is incorporated in the product along with enterprise-level of privacy and compliance. The user will be capable of spotting and closing down advanced threats and gaps with the built-in security tools and artificial intelligence applications.

Apart from this, Kinect Dk is a product of Microsoft, a company that largely invests in maintaining its data security standards and is in itself considered to be a standard of cybersecurity for providing a range of cloud resources.

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