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Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL: Relational Database Service

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a popular open-source relational database management system. This cloud database system consists of features that are beneficial in managing the change in the workloads while migrating from single machines to the data warehouses and subsequently to web services consisting of multiple users. It implies that this is a database migration service.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL: Meaning and Benefits

Azure Database for Postgre SQl

It is designed by Microsoft as an extension of the PostgreSQL database engine. It is also a relational database service. Designed based on the PostgreSQL database engine, it is also open source.

The benefits of this device are as follows:-

  • It is a database as a service (DBaaS) platform
  • It can handle mission-critical workloads
  • Also, It has predictable performance
  • The service has high security, scalability and high availability.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL Pricing Structure:

The features under the Azure Database for PostgreSQL Pricing structure form a fully managed database service consisting of built-in high availability and intelligence capacity. The billing structure is based on the pay-as-you-go rates and the user companies are provided with a capacity reservation scope. The price range is divided into three distinct categories and each category is billed accordingly. These are as follows:-

PostgreSQL – Single Server

This is a pre-configured database server that is ideal for light database workloads including the following:-

  • Automatic Database patching and maintenance
  • Built-in high availability with 99.99% SLA
Features of Postgres Azure Database

 BASIC: Light business workloads

 Compute – The Compute is provisioned based on virtual cores or vCore rates.

 Compute Gen 5 –

                vCore            Memory         Pay-as-you-go
12 GiB$0.034/hour
24 GiB$0.068/hour

Storage –



Locally redundant GB/month$0.10

Read Replica – This feature allows the reading of heavy workloads to scale outside the actual capacity of a PostgreSQL- single server.

GENERAL PURPOSE:- Used by business workloads that require balanced compute.

Compute – Under Azure Database for PostgreSQL, It is provisioned in vCore.

Compute Gen 5 –

vCoreMemoryPay as you go1 year reserved3years reserved
210 GiB$0.176/hour$0.1064/hour ~39% savings$0.0716/hour ~59% savings
420 GiB$0.351/hour$0.2128/hour ~39% savings$0.1431/hour ~59% savings
840 GiB$0.701/hour$0.4256/hour ~39% savings$0.2862/hour ~59% savings
1680 GiB$1.402/hour$0.8512/hour ~39% savings$0.5724/hour ~59% savings
32160 GiB$2.804/hour$1.7024/hour ~39% savings$1.1447/hour ~59% savings
64320 GiB$5.607/hour$3.4048/hour ~39% savings$2.2893/hour ~59% savings



Backup –

Locally redundant GB/month$0.10
Geographically redundant GB/month$0.20

Read Replica – Help heavy workloads to be scaled beyond capacity.

Different Features of Azure Postgres

MEMORY OPTIMIZED:- Used by high-performance database workloads that require faster transaction processing.

Compute – It is provisioned in vCore.

Compute Gen 5 –

vCoreMemoryPay as you go1year Reserved3 years Reserved
220 GiB$0.237/hour$0.1347/hour ~43% savings$0.0907/hour ~62% savings
440 GiB$0.473/hour$0.2694/hour ~43% savings$0.1813/hour ~62% savings
880 GiB$0.945/hour$0.5388/hour ~43% savings$0.3626/hour ~62% savings
16160 GiB$1.890/hour$1.0776/hour ~43% savings$0.7252/hour ~62% savings
32320 GiB$3.780/hour$2.1552/hour ~43% savings$1.4503/hour ~62% savings

Storage –


Backup – Backup charge and storage is associated with the number of automatic backups in the organizational server.

Locally redundant GB/month$0.10
Geographically redundant GB/month$0.20

Read Replica – Each read replica is billed based on the vCore compute provisioned.

PostgreSQL – Flexible Server

Flexible server

This category under Azure Database for PostgreSQL provides the user maximum control over the organizational database through a simplified developer experience and is suitable for workloads that need the following:-

  • Custom windows for maintenance for database optimization.
  • High availability according to zone redundancy.
  • Capabilities for stop or start.
Zone Reduncy

 BURSTABLE – Used for workloads with flexible compute capacity.

InstancesvCoreMemoryPay as you go
B1MS12 GiB$0.034/hour
B2S24 GiB$0.068/hour

 Storage –


 Backup storage –

Create Application using Postgres

GENERAL PURPOSE – Used for workloads requiring balanced compute resources.

InstancesvCoreMemoryPay as you go1 year Reserved3 years Reserved
D2 v328 GiB$0.171/hour$0.106/hour ~38% savings$0.072/hour ~58% savings
D4 v3416 GiB$0.342/hour$0.212/hour ~38% savings$0.144/hour ~58% savings
D8 v3832 GiB$0.684/hour$0.424/hour ~38% savings$0.288/hour ~58% savings
D16 v31664 GiB$1.368/hour$0.848/hour ~38% savings$0.575/hour ~58% savings
D32 v332128 GiB$2.736/hour$1.696/hour ~38% savings$1.150/hour ~58% savings
D48 v348192 GiB$4.104/hour$2.543/hour ~38% savings$1.725/hour ~58% savings
D64 v364256 GiB$5.472/hour$3.391/hour ~38% savings$2.299/hour ~58% savings

Storage –


 Storage Backup –


MEMORY OPTIMIZED – Under Azure Database for PostgreSQL this is used by companies requiring high-performance database workloads.

InstancevCoreMemoryPay as you go1year Reserved3 years Reserved
E2 v3216 GiB$0.236/hour$0.135/hour ~43% savings$0.090/hour ~62% savings
E4 v3432 GiB$0.472/hour$0.270/hour ~43% savings$0.180/hour ~62% savings
E8 v3864 GiB$0.945/hour$0.539/hour ~43% savings$0.359/hour ~62% savings
E16 v316128 GiB$1.89/hour$1.078/hour ~43% savings$0.718/hour ~62% savings
E32 v332256 GiB$3.779/hour$2.156/hour ~43% savings$1.436/hour ~62% savings
E48 v348384 GiB$5.669/hour$3.233/hour ~43% savings$2.154/hour ~62% savings
E64 v364432 GiB$7.558/hour$4.311/hour ~43% savings$2.872/hour ~62% savings

 Storage –


 Backup Storage –


PostgreSQL – Hyperscale

Hyperscale gives the user organization the required scale resources to multiple nodes and is suited for high-performance workloads that need the following:-

  • Dynamic scalability
  • Transactional queries


vCore/ NodeMemory(GiB)/ NodePrice/ Node
28 GiB$0.248/hour
416 GiB$0.496/hour
832 GiB$0.992/hour

 Basic Storage per node –

128 GiB$14.72/month
256 GiB$29.44/month
512 GiB$58.88/month

STANDARD NODE SIZE – Used for adding more memory and vCore to worker nodes.

vCore/NodeMemory (GiB)/NodePrice/Node1 year reserved*3 year reserved*
432 GiB$0.618/hour$0.342/hour ~45% savings$5.472/hour ~45% savings
864 GiB$1.236/hour$0.684/hour ~45% savings$0.4442/hour ~64% savings
16128 GiB$2.471/hour$1.368/hour ~45% savings$0.8884/hour ~64% savings
32256 GiB$4.941/hour$2.736/hour ~45% savings$1.7767/hour ~64% savings
64432 GiB$9.882/hour$5.472/hour ~45% savings$3.5533/hour ~64% savings

Coordinator Node Size – 

vCoreMemoryPay as you go1year reserved3 years Reserved
416 GiB$0.496/hour$0.2854/hour ~42% savings$0.1839/hour ~63% savings
832 GiB$0.992/hour$0.5708/hour ~42% savings$0.3678/hour ~63% savings
1664 GiB$1.983/hour$1.1416/hour ~42% savings$0.7356/hour ~63% savings
32128 GiB$3.965/hour$2.2832/hour ~42% savings$1.4711/hour ~63% savings
64256 GiB$7.930/hour$4.5664/hour ~42% savings$2.9421/hour ~63% savings

  Storage according to per node –

0.5 TiB$58.88/month
1.0 TiB$117.76/month
2.0 TiB$235.52/month

Backup Storage –

Locally Redundant (1 GiB)$0/month

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The Azure Threat Protection is also known as the Microsoft Defender of Identity. This is a cloud solution that uses the on-premises Active Directory signals to identify, detect, investigate and tackle any plausible threats to malicious activities related to the organizational data.

EPC Group Consultation on Azure Services: Azure Database for PostgreSQL perspective

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The EPC Group is one of the leading IT consulting partners in the cloud solutions context, across the globe. The company consists of a group of experts that intend to help their clients perform successful migration into the cloud platform and integrate their organizational data into the cloud service. Apart from this, the company has more than two decades of experience in Microsoft and Azure consultation.

The customized training programs and round the clock consultation can help organizations deploy and integrate several useful Azure tools and services into their internal system. Being a gold certified partner of Microsoft, the EPC Group employs a group of experts who provide round the clock customer support to their clients and help them through data migration and management procedure within the cloud.


The Azure Database for PostgreSQL is equipped in helping organizations in building highly scalable advanced applications on the PostgreSQL server which can consequently increase productivity and efficiency to a great extent. azure PostgreSQL pricing

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