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Microsoft Azure SQL Edge: Relational Database Engine Geared For IoT & IoT Edge Deployments

Azure SQL Edge

In the contemporary global industrial market, the increase in competition has forced organizations both big and small, to concentrate on using their data to derive more value and insights from the subsequent data analytics processes. In this context, the term database has an influential significance. The term can be defined in simple words, as an organized collection of data in a certain structure that is both accessible and manageable. The user company’s data can be organized in the format of rows, tables, and columns with an index added to them. Over the past decades, database management systems have evolved in magnitude. Currently, these database management systems are categorized according to the data models they support. Today in this blog post we will discuss Azure SQL Edge pricing, which is a relational database service for IoT and IoT Edge devices

One such kind of database built on a certain data model is the relational database which supports the relational model of data. This implies that this database performs the function of storing and giving access to data that are in some way related to one another. In the user company, this type of database is used to organize the data in a way that it can be identified based on the relationships between the important data points. The Azure SQL Edge is one such relational database that is used to perform functions with Edge.

What is Azure SQL Edge and its use cases

Azure SQL Edge

It can be described as a relational database engine that is designed and optimized for deploying IoT and IoT Edge. The use of this service can be made to increase the data storage performance and for processing the IoT solutions.

Benefits of the features included in the Azure SQL Edge pricing range:

The Azure SQL Edge is a relational database engine that consists of the benefits that the SQL Server users are accustomed to. But in addition to this, the IoT and the IoT solutions can also be tackled by the database. In simple words, this application allows the user to design a data storage and processing layer that can provide high-performance capacity for IoT applications and terms. The modern business sphere witnesses data being constantly acquired by IoT devices and global industries like oil and gas, mining, and farming, implement complex machines and sensors that collect data. This acquired data is then sorted according to relevance and later utilized in performing hybrid Cloud workloads.

Some of the most crucial benefits derived from the use of Azure SQL Database Edge includes the following:-

  • The Enterprise generated data is utilized in performing business processes and low latency analytics.
  • The database also helps in performing near real-time analytics with the data acquired through Edge computing.
  • The cost management feature of the database helps the user company to save financial costs in using Edgedevices.
Azure SQL Edge Deploy

What is the Pricing Structure of Azure SQL Edge :

The pricing range is designed to provide the user organizations with an extension of the best-in-class performance and security features of the Microsoft SQL Engine to the Azure IoT Edge. The database is optimized for edge deployments and IoT edge devices. It plays the role of a content management tool and makes real-time insights available through a built-in data streaming function and the support for artificial intelligence capabilities. The user organizations can also develop powerful web applications only once and perform Edge database, hyperspace data centers, and Azure.

The SQL Edge pricing structure is simplified, consisting of the right size of IoT solutions. The prices in the structure follow the pricing model. The purchase of one unit of Azure SQL Edge gives the user company the right to run the service on only one device.

ProductPay as you go1 Year Reserved3 Year Reserved
Azure SQL Edge$10.001/device/month$100/device/year$60/device/year

Real-time analytics:

Azure SQL Edge for IoT Solution

In simple terms, the Azure SQL Edge can be considered as an adept IoT Edge database that performs intelligent edge functions. The service can combine query processing capabilities and streaming capabilities along with built-in machine learning capabilities. Apart from this the graph features included in the service also play an active part in providing real-time data insights to the user organization.

The user organizations are provided with the opportunity to extend the deployment of solutions for edge servers for receiving the enterprise-grade security features for the whole data estate and a consistent edge over others in the field. The Edge module of the service helps in developing web applications and deploying them anywhere within the SQL Database Edge.

Description of the features within the Azure SQL Edge pricing structure:

The features provided can be enumerated in the following manner:-

  • There are built-in data streaming capabilities that help in streaming time-series data.
  • Presence of machine learning capacity in the database and graph features for performing low latency analytics.
  • Data processing capabilities at the Edge in online, offline or hybrid environments.
  • Deploying the service through the Azure Portal that provides the required security standards for the data.
  • Simple and direct pricing structure which does not include any upfront costs.
Stats About Azure SQL Edge

IoT applications:

In terms of IoT deployment, the Azure SQL Edge is one of the most trusted services in the market. In simple words, the features of the Azure SQL Edge pricing range are perfect for the deployment of IoT solutions because of the following factors:-

  • It provides the flexibility to develop web applications that can be used with or without network connectivity.
  • Apart from this, the service is designed to provide secure data movement of the local edge database to the on-premise data centres or keep it safe in the cloud architect.
  • It provides support to various programming languages related to query processing capabilities.
  • The service allows the enabling of artificial intelligence and other analytics functions through several levels of control.
  • Finally, the service provides support during the ingestion of data from Azure Data Studio and streaming time-series data.
Supported Languages

Security features against advanced threats in Azure SQL Edge:

The security features available within the Azure SQL Edge pricing range include the following:-

  • The service protects the organizational data of the user company by encrypting the data through a transparent process. This implies that the encryption capabilities are included in the features of the service.
  • It provides two kinds of accesses according to the level of controls. These can be categorized into role-based access control and attribute-based access control. These control methods provide the organizational data, the protection against advanced threats.
  • Finally, the service follows the compliance requirements along with the security regulations through the process of data classification.

Series Data and Azure SQL Edge:

Working Stages

The SQL Edge is capable of allowing data streaming, storing, and analyzing the time-series data through the utilization of a cloud solution that is optimized for edge gateways and IoT. This implies that the data can be analyzed during its streaming process through a time-windowing pattern, aggregation, and other filtering features. Subsequently, the use company can derive actionable insights by combining the distinct types of data like series and graphs. The data streaming capabilities under the Azure SQL Edge pricing range that aid in streaming time-series data is called T-SQL streaming.

Azure Consultation with EPC Group

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The Azure SQL Edge pricing structure is designed to allow the user company to take advantage of the features within the service along with maintaining a cost-effective subscription. With the flexible pricing range of the service, the user companies can choose to opt for a subscription according to the specific organizational needs and use the features on one device.

Apart from this with the distinct security features included in the service and the Microsoft security standards, the users can rest assured that their data is safe in the scalable cloud storage of Azure while performing hybrid cloud workloads. Thus, It is the perfect choice for organizations that are looking forward to enhancing their data streaming capabilities, processing data in hybrid environments, and having a consistent edge over the competitors.

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