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Simplify Your Desktop Experience With Azure Virtual Desktop

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Azure Virtual Desktop is a new offering that allows businesses to simplify their desktop experience. IT managers hosted and offered access to programs and desktops from an on-premises data center as businesses migrated from traditional PC desktops to virtualized alternatives.

Because IT administrators could centrally manage desktop and app delivery, this turned out to be more effective than traditional PC settings, although data center expenses were still high. As a result, Microsoft now offers organizations additional opportunities and economics to harness the power of cloud services and deliver high-performing, cost-effective virtualization. 

With a more flexible and secure IT infrastructure, administrators may uncover extra advantages, reduce administrative duties, and improve end-user experience. We will evaluate the cost advantages of switching from a conventional on-premises implementation to Azure Virtual Desktop. We’ll also look at how this shift might complement an organization’s overarching corporate strategy and help it be ready for present and future needs.


4 Reasons to Adopt Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops

Adopting a hybrid-cloud strategy and delivering workloads with Azure Virtual Desktop offers various organizational benefits in addition to cost savings:

Optimize Cloud And Datacenter Investments

The moment has come for your business to make the most of its cloud and data center expenditures. Since moving from on-premises deployments to hybrid/cloud resource locations can be challenging, we’ve built our solution with your company’s needs and culture in mind. We shall collaborate with you to develop a plan to get you there while leveraging your current data center investment and utilizing a new cloud scale.

Infrastructure is a comprehensive security solution.

Infrastructure provisioning, setup, and management is a specific security solution that offers an enhanced user experience across your devices with industry-leading support for SSO, workloads requiring 3D graphics, interactive communications tools, and more. To lower your security risk and safeguard intellectual property, utilize comprehensive technologies like session recording, watermarking, and user behavior analytics.

Simplify Operations And Save Money

Businesses are under relentless pressure to lower costs, boost output and efficiency, and strengthen their capacity to handle emergencies. The IT crew is the same. Although there are numerous methods to do so, one of the most remarkable ways to increase the IT security of your company is to streamline processes and cut costs.

You must pool your resources in one place to save money. This process means you can manage both on-premises servers and servers hosted in the cloud using a single platform rather than two separate teams. Instead of having two different teams operating two distinct sets of servers, this saves time by allowing each team member to concentrate on the job at hand.

Microsoft Azure Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Nothing beats Desktops-as-a-Service when launching Azure workloads in only five clicks (DaaS). You can easily manage your environment with DaaS across many clouds and data centers. Simplify the onboarding of new employees and contractors for mergers and acquisitions and various other crucial corporate use cases.

Why You Should Consider Running Your Apps And Workloads On The Public Cloud

Utilizing public clouds to run your app and desktop virtualization workloads drastically lowers infrastructure-related expenses. Savings don’t simply apply to consumption-based expenses like just-in-time VM provisioning and load optimizations for cloud platforms but also physical datacenter line items like energy fees for cooling and power.

It’s important to consider that not every business can benefit from these reductions. So make sure you use a service provider with robust security and compliance mechanisms when you operate your apps and workloads in the public cloud.

Before selecting whether to run your app and desktop virtualization workloads on a public cloud platform, we advise completing a cost analysis to ensure you get the most out of your investment in the public cloud.

How Azure Virtual Desktops Helps Manage On-Premises Over provisioning & Save Money

Organizations that use the on-premises app and desktop virtualization must design their data centers to support peak demand, quick capacity upgrades, and anticipated future growth. The cloud allows businesses to pay monthly for the actual capacity used, which cuts down on overspending hardware and related overprovisioning. Organizations can: With a cloud-based infrastructure:

  • Avoid lengthy deployment timeframes and significant upfront costs.
  • Adapt purchased capacity to operational requirements
  • Align IT resources, programs, and services with evolving business needs
  • Give accurate departmental chargeback or expenditure information.

Public cloud suppliers also provide discounts for “reserved instance” virtual machines to minimize significant capacity fluctuations. These VMs make it simple to accommodate the capacity needs of heavily used, always-on systems. In addition, by using these pay-as-you-go virtual machines to handle peak or transient loads, IT expenditures are further optimized by lowering compute and storage costs.

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Azure Virtual Desktops Features That Can Save Big Bucks

You may use the resources more effectively, thanks to several advantages. For example, customers may utilize these capabilities to enhance the user density per virtual machine or decrease the total usage of Azure resources, which lowers the cost per user.

Innovative CPU & Memory Optimization Tech

DaaS features innovative CPU and memory optimization technology that continuously analyzes, optimizes, and re-prioritizes application resource consumption. As a result, more users per server instance mean lower cloud compute costs and a lower cost per user.

Running a SaaS service is more cost-effective for the more users your virtual machine (VM) has. We can give you the appropriate number of resources using DaaS to guarantee that your clients receive their money’s worth. Every VM in our network runs our unique software, allowing us to track CPU and memory utilization in real-time and guarantee that your applications continue to function quickly.

Improved I/O Performance for Virtual Desktops

For Azure Virtual Desktops, MCS I/O optimization offers cutting-edge storage optimization technologies. This complex caching method aims to minimize the number of writes to the disc and increase session responsiveness by offloading random write operations to high-speed RAM. As a result, MCS guarantees improved disc usage and application responsiveness by writing bigger, consecutive blocks of data, enabling businesses to use conventional drives rather than high-performance discs and save money.

Delivering a Smooth and Seamless Virtual Desktop Experience

The HDX feature allows you to deliver a smooth and seamless virtual desktop experience. It optimizes and extends the value of Azure Virtual Desktop with user experience technology and ICA protocol for communication with end-user devices. HDX features a variety of unique compression and offloading algorithms that leverage client-side resources to improve the user experience while simultaneously reducing network resource consumption. Based on internal testing and customer telemetry, it can reduce the network traffic generated by every user by approximately 40 percent.

Operational Diagnostics Dashboard

Operational diagnostics is a purpose-built support dashboard that provides engineers with simple controls to interact with a user’s session to solve common problems, like hung processes. It also provides a comprehensive view of infrastructure health, end-to-end user session performance, network metrics, historical trends, and more—functionality that usually requires many tools.

First- and second-level support engineers are given the authority to resolve the majority of situations within the initial user interaction. This process enables them to concentrate on addressing problems fast without taxing other vital employees in your company who require time for other responsibilities.

Monitor Your Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops

The Azure Virtual Desktops service includes essential monitoring and management capabilities. These include fundamental alerts such as when a user logs in or out and SNMP traps that notify you when a user’s desktop experiences issues.

Every desktop virtualization environment requires detailed monitoring capabilities to ensure high-quality performance. Monitoring also enables admins to identify areas or components that require attention proactively. While Azure Virtual Desktop includes essential monitoring and management capabilities, customers have an additional cost. This process adds a range of sophisticated, proactive service management and monitoring capabilities without any additional cost at runtime.


Organizations can deliver desktops from an Azure data center through the cloud with increased flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Most organizations rely on virtualization today to address their business objectives. With Azure Virtual Desktops, they can facilitate those initiatives while simplifying their desktop experience via the cloud. Microsoft’s Azure virtual desktops allow you to save time and money for companies of any size. Before the launch of Azure Virtual Desktops, setting up a virtual network was expensive, time-consuming, and challenging to manage. Microsoft offers solutions with the Azure platform to improve efficiency and insight into operations. Utilize the top-notch Azure consulting IT services offered by EPC Group to gain an advantage over your rivals.

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

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