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Top 50 ERP Statistics And Trends For 2022

ERP Statistics

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the working model of businesses has transformed, and the role of ERP in digital transformation is more important than ever. No matter which industry you belong to, ERP has a vital role to play. let’s see in this blog post all major ERP Statistics. ERP statistics and trends for 2022 you […]


Best ERP Solution

In today’s world, every business either on a large scale or a small scale needs an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution on their computer networks. An effective business is one that implements ERP on their computer networks as it automatically increases productivity, efficiency, decreases costs, and streamline processes. The best ERP solution as considered […]

ERP Integration: Automate Business Functions For Data Insights

ERP Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions continue to mature and expand their reach to support core business functions, including human resource, marketing automation, sales force automation, manufacturing, procurement, and accounting. If you want to get more familiar with ERP integration, keep reading! What is ERP Integration and Its Trends  ERP integration refers to the method […]

Is ERP Software Best For Manufacturing Industries?

ERP For Manufacturing

The manufacturing business includes different cycles and activities that are vital for business and creation. Beginning from the acquisition of crude materials to conveying the last made item, a progression of events must be followed. This arrangement of activities guarantees that the assembling interaction stays in charge and the normal course of events is followed. […]

What Is The Best ERP Software for a Hardware Business?

ERP Software for Hardware Business

Are you wondering about getting ERP software for your hardware business? If yes, then you are at the right place. You will get to know about the best ERP software that will work wonders for your hardware business. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the product that works on multiple business operational levels to unify […]

What Is An ERP System In Accounting

ERP System In Accounting

Many companies today have separate systems for ERP and accounting. Depending on the size, an organization might not even have ERP. Often, they obtained such applications at different times and implemented them for their main purpose: an accounting package for financial management and ERP for operations management. You see, that separation is no longer needed, […]

How Can ERP Software Help A Retail Business?

ERP software For retail business

Technological advancement has made significant changes in the retail industry. Today customers do shopping on multiple channels and enjoy doing so. To cater to the seamless online experience to the customers, even traditional retailers embrace the new business environment. The story of small retailers is also the same. Even in tight margins, increase in competition […]

What Types of Companies Need ERP?

ERP For Business

As business markets get ever more competitive, key decisions will depend on the accuracy of the information generated from different types of data processed by the different departments in a particular company. Companies worldwide prefer the use of ERP systems in their organization for the generation of these data. EPC Group specializes in Dynamics 365 […]

What is construction ERP software?

ERP For Construction Business

ERP, in its essence, is the tool for managing information. It is an industry term that stands for Enterprise resource planning. As the name suggests, it is the proper arrangement of data for making its better use. Incorporating ERP in one’s business would bring about an end to the result, help organize the store, and […]