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How To Use Drill Down & Drill Up In Power BI

Power BI Drill Down and Drill Up

Drill-down in Power BI allows users to move from a higher level of data to a more detailed level, while the drill-up feature allows users to move from a lower level of data to a higher level of data.  Drill down and drill up are essential features in Microsoft Power BI that enable users to […]

Creating A Power BI Serverless Application For Azure Synapse

Power BI serverless application

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform comprises more than 200 products and services. These services are designed specifically to help organizations willing to create innovative solutions that are efficient enough to solve modern business challenges and set the status-quo of the future. It brings seamlessness and flexibility to use tools and frameworks of your choice to […]

Embedded Power BI Reports In A Model-Driven App

Power BI Reports In A Model Driven App

The term model-driven app refers to a designing approach that is focused on adding dashboards, forms, views, or charts to the organizational apps in action. The no-code or low-code tools can help the user organizations to build business apps that are simple or even complex. In the canvas solution, the app creators have complete control […]

Power BI Dataverse: Store & Manage Data For Power BI Report Generation

Power BI Dataverse

Microsoft Dataverse is a service that allows the user to store and manage data securely. This data is later utilized by various types of business applications. Dataverse stores the organizational data within its database in the form of tables. The table comprises a set of rows and columns. All the columns in a table are […]

Which Section Of Power BI Is Used For Creating A Report?

Power BI Reports

A power BI report provides a clear insight from a dataset to you. Unlike excel, here data is presented in rows and columns instantly. But do you have any idea on which section of Power BI a report is created? Well, let’s discuss in detail the same. Power BI reports explain your dataset in a […]

Can I Do Data Cleaning In Power BI?

Data Cleaning In Power BI

By cleaning your data regularly then you may escape from many hurdles. It is essential to clean your data and help to maintain the ability of quick data analysis. Most people work with Power BI. In this blog, we will tell you how to clean your data in Power BI. Before we describe the process […]

Unlocking Insights: How to Get the Most Out of Your Power BI Dashboard

How to Share Power BI Dashboard and Reports

In the data-driven age, converting raw numbers into actionable insights is the linchpin of effective decision-making. Microsoft’s Power BI has emerged as a powerful ally for businesses and individuals, offering unparalleled data visualization and analysis capabilities.  Whether you’re a novice striving to understand your first report or a seasoned analyst seeking advanced tricks, diving deep […]

How To Add New Data To Existing Data In Power BI?

Power BI Editing Data into Existing Data

It is essential to store data in a safe place or transfer the data to a particular place in modern times. If you don’t know how you can add new data to existing data in Power BI, then this post is for you.  Here we are going to provide you with all the important steps […]

What are the most used Power BI Data Types in Power Query

What are the most used Power BI Data Types: In the computer programming context, the Power BI data types are an attribute of data. This attribute informs the analyst about the programmer’s intention of using the data. These data types provide a set of values that gives value to an expression. The Power BI data […]

Microsoft Power BI data connectors and supported data sources

What is Power BI Data Connectors and its use cases The term ‘Data Connector’ refers to a process that enables the transportation of data from one database to another. In the contemporary business world, all major companies use several databases in order to manage data. The process of shifting data between these databases is a […]