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SharePoint and Office 365 Upgrade and Migration Consulting Services

EPC Group delivers the critical expertise needed to modernize and transform your organization’s technology. EPC Group’s experts utilize proven and tested strategies that help our clients upgrade, migrate and refresh their IT infrastructure and applications. Organizations across industries currently run older versions of technology, unable to experience the benefits, enhancements and features from the latest releases and updated platform versions.

EPC Group’s experts provide technical expertise and best practices to help you quickly implement, migrate and upgrade while reducing risk and most importantly accelerating adoption of technologies.  By upgrading and migrating your technology, the additional functionality will improve your business processes while delivering information quickly and provide stakeholders with the business intelligence and insight needed.

We ensure fast and seamless upgrade and migration services focused on minimizing downtime and maximizing business benefits. We manage all aspects of upgrades and migration services from assessment, planning, end-user communication and scheduling, go-live and post-migration support.


EPC Group provides for industry leading upgrade and migration services for both SharePoint 2010 (SharePoint Server or SharePoint Foundation) and SharePoint 2007 (SharePoint Server or Windows SharePoint Services | WSS 3.0) into SharePoint 2013 and/or Office 365. We will work with you to help define the overall scope as well as identifying the underlying tasks and milestones that will be required to meet your objectives.

EPC Group will work with your organization’s stakeholders to review and architect an approach that is tailored to your needs and define key elements such as:

  • The overall approach to your SharePoint 2013 and/or Office 365 upgrade or migration initiative based on your existing SharePoint environment’s user base, content, configurations and customizations
  • Provide upgrade and migration options that align with any possible budgetary constraints to implement the project in a phased approach vs. a “big bang” approach
  • Providing information architecture (IA) re-design, site consolidation and content clean-up to the existing SharePoint environment prior to the migration into SharePoint 2013 and/or Office 365
  • Solutions for organization that have multiple SharePoint instances or multiple versions that the upgrade approach, information architecture and system architecture will be required to account for and support (Organizations who have both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 environments)
  • Solutions for organizations with both SharePoint and non-SharePoint based systems in-scope for the upgrade and migration initiative
  • Are there existing custom features or workflows that are required to be “inter-operable” between your existing SharePoint 2010 platform and the new SharePoint 2013 and/or Office 365 environment?

EPC Group has experience in upgrade and migration initiatives of any size from both a “total user base” perspective as well as a “content database and sizing” perspective. We also provide for solutions to organization’s who may have “known migration issues” such as RBS configurations and related SQL Server database “flags” that must be resolved or customizations that must be re-architected or deprecated and then implemented within the new SharePoint 2013 framework.

EPC Group’s senior SharePoint and Office 365 architects and development teams can provide you with solutions to resolve most any issues you are facing as we have experience on hundreds of previous SharePoint upgrade and migration efforts and pull from EPC Group’s “from the consulting trenches” strategies and lessons learned to know you are engaging with a trusted partner that will ensure your high-profile project is a success.


We implement best practices and best in class strategies to create seamless upgrades on premise or in the cloud. We facilitate upgrade processes that are faster, with lower cost and little risk. By keeping your business applications up to date we ensure that you maximize your investment and experience the deepest benefits possible.

We focus on accelerating migration and technology upgrades while reducing risk through dedicated experts, proven methodologies and strategies.

EPC Group provides for the following migration consulting and support services:

  • Implementation plans: project management, assessments, tasks, resources, timelines, duration
  • Organizational change management and end user adoption strategies
  • Pre-Upgrade and Migration Evaluation
  • Content Evaluation
  • Content Migration
  • Extending Integration Capabilities
  • Configuration
  • Third Party Tool/Product Recommendations
  • Assessment & Governance Planning
  • Analysis and review of current technology platforms and applications
  • Deploying and Implementing Upgrades and Migrations
  • Provided tailored Training and Support
  • Tailored Implementation Services
Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Management Consulting, Errin O’Connor has led hundreds of large-scale enterprise implementations from Business Intelligence, Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, IT Security, Azure and Hybrid Cloud efforts for over 165 Fortune 500 companies.

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