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What Are The Advantages Of Power BI Over Python Or R?

Power BI Over Python and R

Presently, there’s a bombardment of data and information in the world! But understanding the complex data and facts is not as easy as it sounds. Let alone the common people, even experts need to spend days or sometimes months to decode the difficult data. Thanks to the technology, we have some advanced data analysis tools that are capable of decoding the toughest data into simple diagrams and charts. Power BI, Python, or R, all three are advanced data analysis tools.

With some unique features, each one of them helps the users to translate the difficult facts and data into a simple and presentable format. But given the availability of so many tools, there’s tough competition in the market among BI, Python, or Rl!

Well! While Python and R are the old players in the market, Microsoft launched Power BI just a few years back. But in no time, BI has become the most popular analysis tool and experts predict that it is going to rule the market in near future. Are you also wondering as to why Power BI is ruling over Python and R? If yes, here we will tell you some notable advantages of Power BI over Python or R!

Quick Features of Python

Phython Logo

Python language is easy to learn and quite popular among the new generation. A very large community of technologists is working dedicatedly on python to make modules. Python language is a high-level programming language that is readable and seems like a simple English language. Python language is portable as you can use this language on different platforms and also supports object- oriented language. This is more expressive language than other programming languages as it needs only a few code lines to do a complex task.

This language is available for everyone and in every IT sector. You can easily get the execution page of python by its official website. This is open-source for everyone.  Python language also signifies in C++ or C to express the coding and in python code.  Even codes of other programming languages can also be used in python as they can easily be affiliated with other languages.

Quick Features of R

R Language

Open-source R is referred to as an open-source software environment. You can adjust this feature according to your project and their requirements, without any charges. With the help of R you can easily visualize your data and also you can represent it smoothly. It includes many databases such as Roracle, Open database connectivity Protocol, RmySQL, etc that restrict interaction with your data. R is also capable of handling structured and unstructured data.

R has been supported by a large no. of users and it is continuously growing due to its large user base. This can also be used in machine learning when you are exploring or building any model of machines.

As with the python language, it can also be paired with other data processing and computing technologies such as Hadoop and spark. It can also take the data from APIs, SPSS files, and many other formats.

Quick Features of Power BI

Power BI Logo

Power BI helps you in customized visualization. It has various features to complete its work in different ways. It also helps you to organize your data systematically. Some other features of Power BI are as follows:-

  • Questions and answers box
  • Great and easy customization of visuals
  • Easy export and import system
  • Clearer visibility
  • The power BI desktop

With the help of Power BI users can also manage the processes of extracting, searching, storing, and publishing. They can also publish the analyzed content in Power BI.

Why Do Some People Like Power BI Over Python And R?

We have highlighted the features of all three tools; let us now tell you why we like Power BI over the other two.

  • It lets the user with intelligence capability, allowing them to import data from varied sources and export the same for further use.
  • Unlike the old software systems, Power BI gives a great opportunity for customization to its users.
  • It allows people to create interactive geo-map visualization.
  • This platform has an inclusive self-service of question and answer which no other analysis tool has.
  • Microsoft is introducing new features for Power BI almost every month, thus it is going to have a wonderful future.

EPCGroup provides Power BI consulting. We understand every organization have different sets of challenges. Our custom made Business Intelligence Solution drive project from POC to till the user training.

Summing up! Practically speaking, there’s no single tool that is equipped with all the features. Each of the tools excels in something over another and each has its share of drawbacks. Which tool should you learn and use, totally depends on your requirements? But we cannot ignore the fact that Python and R have become quite old and have certain limitations whereas, on the other hand, Power BI has new features and larger scope in the market.

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Management Consulting, Errin O’Connor has led hundreds of large-scale enterprise implementations from Business Intelligence, Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, IT Security, Azure and Hybrid Cloud efforts for over 165 Fortune 500 companies.

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