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What Are The Basics Needed For Using Power BI?

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Here we are not going to talk about businesses that require Power BI for themselves. Instead, this write-up is for individuals who want to know about the skills required to use Power BI.

Power BI needs some basic things to be learned by beginners; these are major-

  1. Reports
  2. Dashboards
  3. Datasets

Why Basic Learning Needed Before Using Power BI

Reports consist of one or more pages of data visualizations of maps, charts, and many more things. You can create many reports within Power BI. It can be further imported by the dashboard which we will learn about later. For viewing a report you have to go through two options or rather two modes which are reading view and editing view. Having an understanding of both the modes is important for using Power BI. A single workspace consists of a single report.

What is the use of learning Dashboards for using Power BI?

Dashboards consist of many widgets and tiles. Report pages or any tile from a report can be easily pinned to a dashboard.

Dashboards are basic for using Power BI as all the information can be seen in a glance together.  It also helps to analyze the important measures of your business. You can keep a check that all of your colleagues are viewing the same page using the same information. One dashboard gives you access where it can display different visualizations from various Power BI datasets.

Learn Power BI Dashboard

Why are datasets necessary as basic learning for using Power BI?

You need to import the dataset which is a collection of data. Rather than importing you also sometimes have to connect to it. Hence all the data can be brought to a single place. They can also bring data from data flows. Everything is connected from the workspaces to the data flows and data sets. After opening the workspace you will always see data sets listed in its tab. A single source of data is represented by each data set. Data set is one of the very basic to learn as it can be used many times in workspaces, it can be used in various reports as well. Data sets further have an option where they can be renamed and refreshed and removed as well.

How Can You Learn The Basics Before Using Power BI?

For learning all the basics of Power BI one can take Microsoft’s Program course as well. It will be much easier to understand as the whole content will be in one place.

There are several advantages of learning the basics from Power BI such as-

  • Learning resources are extremely advanced and innovative which will be immensely beneficial to learn.
  • The webinars are held by experienced people help to have skills according to their experience.
  • You will also get a chance to meet the official Power BI community which will teach you lots of lessons.
  • Training videos will give you a greater understanding of each topic.
Power BI Visuals
Power BI Visuals

Are Data Flows Required To Be Learned Before Using Power BI?

Data flows help the data of the company to have its unique identity from other data. They are most probably used in larger projects. The data that is used by datasets are further represented by the data flows. Therefore knowing about Power BI data flows is quite important. Data flows are only managed in workspaces. Datasets and data flow both are equally important.

Some Important Basic Features To Learn Before Using Power BI

  • Transforming visuals from data is the foremost thing to learn before using Power BI.
  • You should learn about sharing your visuals or data with your team in the right format.
  • Analyzing data and putting it in the cloud and viewing it in one should be necessary for you to know.
  • Collaborating and sharing dashboards and reports can be the best business improvement feature for you to know. Interaction through these reports can be wonderful for you to improve more.
  • The content gallery is one more important aspect to be taken into consideration to learn.
  • Print dashboards are yet another thing to learn for implementing further.
  • Learning data sources thoroughly is also important, as it is basic knowledge for using Power BI.
  • The custom view gives another great intelligence for analyzing insights for businesses.
  • Natural language questions and answers
  • Graphic images are also used for huge attraction and improvement in businesses.


Businesses are rapidly realizing the need for Power BI and data analysts. Therefore knowing the basics before learning a business intelligence tool is imperative. Power BI is gradually increasing its demand, each day and organizations are looking for individuals to work hence giving you a good option for learning Power BI skills.

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Management Consulting, Errin O’Connor has led hundreds of large-scale enterprise implementations from Business Intelligence, Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, IT Security, Azure and Hybrid Cloud efforts for over 165 Fortune 500 companies.

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