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What Are The Benefits of Cloud Managed Services

Benefits of Cloud Managed Services

In every modern business, information and data management is critical. Your business security is at risk and vulnerable to downtimes and threats without proper cloud management. Fortunately, cloud management services came into the scene.

The cloud industry became in demand due to a greater awareness of its capabilities and advantages. So, it’s no surprise why more and more businesses adopt the cloud and make it their network infrastructure’s backbone. It also serves as a transition from the traditional physical network infrastructure.

Today, new cloud-native applications and tools are being developed to optimize the traditional ones and make them cloud-compatible. Many business owners now realize the importance of transitioning to the cloud.

Once you adopt a cloud It solution to your infrastructure, you have to consider how you will manage it. Your IT team may take on the management responsibilities. However, it is the best approach for your business. 

With cloud-managed services, you can meet professionals who can help you manage the cloud solution. The cloud-managed service providers will lift some or all of the cloud management responsibilities from your organization’s IT team. They may also offer a full cloud deployment or specific cloud services management. 

Now, you may wonder about the benefits of cloud-managed services. Keep reading and discover them!

Cloud Managed Service Overview 

A cloud-managed service provider covers technical support and IT management for cloud-based services like Hybrid Cloud Solution. They can help improve to develop management solutions and operations if you are running a hybrid management system.

These services deliver comprehensive business IT solutions. So, you have nothing to worry about technical skill shortcomings. The service provider will fill gaps in all your shortcomings, whether in computing and data management or security or backup.

In most cases, internal IT departments lack skills that are critical for effective monitoring and maintenance of a cloud environment. For such reason, it is best to outsource a third-party cloud managed services provider. So, rest assured that the cloud security, storage, computing, application stacks, network application, etc., are managed efficiently.

Top benefits of cloud services

Whether you run a hybrid cloud or multi-tenant system, cloud-managed services ensure that your cloud management gaps are filled while improving your operational efficiencies.

Are you still not convinced about the capabilities and advantages of outsourcing cloud-managed services? Then, take a look at the following:

Top 15 Benefits Of Cloud Managed Services

No High Infrastructure Costs 

Once you outsourced cloud-managed service, your organization has a better chance to leverage network infrastructure without purchasing expensive assets. The service providers are dedicated to setting up and maintaining a network while taking full ownership of staff training, hardware assets, and cloud migration plan.

Predictable Pricing 

If you switch to cloud-managed services, having the option to choose which tier will fit your needs best is one of the advantages you can get. This means you can leverage your robust and reliable network infrastructure without worrying about expensive costs. 

Additionally, you have the freedom to scale the service depending on the usage. For instance, an adjustment is allowed in the service pricing in case a cloud requires changes according to the season. This will help you save money while allocating more of the resources to another critical business areas.

Cybersecurity Support 

For sure, you have an idea of what cybercrimes can bring to your organization; your data is not only at risk but your entire business. Cybercriminals are just around the corner, and your business might be their next target. In fact, billions of dollars are lost due to data hacks every year.

Good thing, you can protect your critical data by outsourcing cloud-managed service. They have the skills, tools, and solutions to ensure that cyber attacks will not harm your business. 

Integrated and Custom Service 

Another remarkable thing about cloud-managed service providers is that they are flexible. Most service providers offer payment plans or pay-per-service options. This allows your organization to focus funds on growth.

Meanwhile, other service providers offer converged solutions. These Azure consulting services may include a new service area setup, network monitoring, or security protection. Plus, they deliver more cost savings.

Robust Infrastructure 

Cloud managers service providers deliver a robust network infrastructure alongside around-the-clock management. They monitor and scan your network to meet the security requirements, depending on the service agreement.

Additionally, the service providers integrate existing business policies and practices to manage the network to align with your business goals effectively.

Future-proofed Technology 

The first step to future-proof the data center is migrating to the cloud environment. After that, you have to make the latest services and technologies available to your organization.

Once you hire an in-house IT staff, expect your IT personnel should spend time training when upgrades or new technologies are required. However, if you outsource cloud managed services, the cloud technicians deliver readiness to manage your cloud solution.

Disaster Recovery Support 

As you know, on-premise servers are unwieldy and expensive and need complex recovery plans and solutions once a disaster occurs. However, rest assured that your data is safe across all services and applications if you choose managed cloud services. 

If any disaster takes place, your organization will continue running with little downtime. If a hosting server failure occurs, another server will take its place immediately. Plus, the cloud-managed service provider will control the failure between the resource balancing and hardware hosts at the virtualization level.

Improved System Availability 

Since managed cloud services delivers agility and flexibility, the providers can process a large amount of real-time data and transfer data at a rapid speed. If these services are available to your business, there is no way to not focus on other areas of your business and make better plans and strategies.

Compliance Support 

If you are an online retailer, healthcare provider, financial institution, or company subject to industry regulation, ensure compliance with the security and privacy regulations to prevent serious troubles. Once you work with cloud managed service providers, you will remain with regulations through their help.

Businesses handle sensitive data, so it is best to comply to all privacy and security laws instead of putting your business, employees, and customers at risk. If you have cloud managed service providers by your side, rest assured that your business is always following the law.


When it comes to reliability, cloud-managed service providers guarantee that to you. They keep a close watch on a network 24/7 to ensure that the operations are in order. Most providers today have 99% standard uptime. This means they can maintain a seven days a week service. Remember that around-the-clock service is critical in solving issues quickly and ensuring that you can deliver consistent service to your clients or customers.

Free IT Staff and In-House Developers 

For sure, you know how expensive it is to have a full-time IT department. If you want to reduce the cost of hiring and keeping staff for the job, you can outsource cloud-managed services. After all, a cloud environment requires around-the-clock operations. So, your in-house team may not meet this requirement, or they are not be required for particular tasks such as system outages or troubleshooting slow connections.

Resource Optimization 

When building a project or application powered by or hosted in the cloud, you will require the resources of the cloud. Since you can take advantage of a public cloud environment on a pay-as-you-go basis, you only have to pay for the cloud resources you use. With cloud-managed service outsourcing, you have a peace of mind knowing your business can fully use every cloud resource’s ability. You also have the opportunity to figure out whether you are using unnecessary cloud resources or not.

Rapid Response Time 

As mentioned earlier, managed service providers for cloud guarantee round-the-clock support. So, expect their cloud specialists and relevant personnel to address all your concerns about your network readily. Through their 24/7 support IT Support , you can experience rapid resolution once an issue is detected.

Network Security 

When using any cloud resource, you have to ensure that your network is secure. If your cloud network is not fully secured, it is susceptible to cyber-attacks that will put all your critical data at risk.

Bear in mind that cloud security is not a straightforward process; it is complicated and complex. So, you will need the skills and knowledge of cloud-managed service providers to keep your network secure from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access at all times.

Centralized Control 

Integrating cloud to your business operations also means that you can take advantage of centralized control. The managed service provider for the cloud enables all your controls over the cloud infrastructure in one location. This means the network support and administration are simplified. This also means that you can make any necessary enhancements or changes to the network easily.


The organization’s inability and lack of resources to efficiently manage all cloud infrastructure calls for a high demand for cloud-managed services reliance. As more and more businesses adopt the managed service outsourcing, they fully enjoy the benefits of cloud solutions. If you are among these organizations that need support from cloud-managed services, ensure to choose the provider that can meet and understand your needs and goals. 

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Management Consulting, Errin O’Connor has led hundreds of large-scale enterprise implementations from Business Intelligence, Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, IT Security, Azure and Hybrid Cloud efforts for over 165 Fortune 500 companies.

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