What Are The Prerequisites For Power BI Training?

Posted by Errin O'Connor on Jun, 05, 2021 07:06

Learning Power BI usually helps to create and publish various dashboards online. Quite a few people are confused on what is the prior knowledge one should have for Power BI training. Data modeling and mathematic measures are very basic prerequisites. So let’s discuss it in detail further.

  • Microsoft Excel

Well, to be particular a basic knowledge about Microsoft Excel is a must. Now you don’t have to worry much to be an expert in excel and all that spreadsheets you just have to focus on becoming proficient in gaining knowledge about excel. You don’t have to go behind learning the visualization of data instead only focus on cleaning data, transforming layouts, and combining data sets.

How will Microsoft Excel help you in Power BI training?

Proficiency in excel will help you to skip the cleaning and preparation process fast and spend more time on the important stuff.

Power BI Developer should be much familiar with all the data science, data analytics, business intelligence, Data integration, data warehousing, business intelligence, and presentation concepts.

  • BI Tools Experience

3 years of experience with a self-serving tool is quite important before going through Power BI Training. This majorly includes Power BI or Tableau. Adding more you should also know JavaScript, CSS, and other JavaScript libraries. Hence after this knowledge in database management, SQL querying will be very natural for you to be known. You can read more about BI or data analytics tools.

How will BI Tools Experience help you in Power BI training?

Experience with BI tools is important as working with the systems like Power BI, SAP,etc enhances the knowledge and expands your thoughts on a larger scale while creating data-rich dashboards, writing DAX expressions, and implementing the security in Power BI.

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  • Microsoft BI stack

The foundation of the stack is the SQL Server as the data platform hosting the data mart which is a subject-specific data store. Therefore depth knowledge in Microsoft Business Intelligence stack like Power piot, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS will be an added advantage in your learning.

How will Microsoft BI Stack help you in Power BI training?

Microsoft BI stack will help you to provide the tools you need to build and use a BI solution.

  • Data Analytics

This one is a primary skill that any BI developer should involve in their learning. The skills, tasks, and processes of everything are compressed under data analytics. Try to learn extracting data from different data sources and know well about the storage modes.

How will Data Analytics help you in Power BI training?

This will help you in visualizing the perfect data through charts, Business intelligence reports, or dashboards. Drilling down the data will become extremely easy for you with this skill.

  • Software Developing skills

Becoming an expert in software developing skills is not what Power BI training asks. You should only be able to meet the diversified needs specifically. Making a custom BI solution is important for you to know as a prerequisite. Technical aspects information and the software development architecture should be well known by you.

How will development skill help you in Power BI training?

This skill will help you to know about all the advanced technology and developmental details helping you to give you a greater advantage than anyone else in your team and hence giving you several opportunities further.

These were all the technical prerequisites that we discussed but there are also some non-technical skills you should focus on.

  • When it comes to working with team interaction and good communication skill is the key to success. Good interaction with both the business and the team is equally important.
  • A piece of comprehensive knowledge regarding the designs of data, modelling of data, or data management is important. Here the most important point to focus on is also data visualization.
  • Eagerness to learn new things and staying self-motivated is what will keep you focused and well concentrated in your work.
  • Focusing in the continuous improvement in your work will bring major advantage to you in your Power BI training.
  • Being able to process the document finely, keeping the models well-structured and designed and being able to explain your project according to your solution will give a great chance of completing the training smoothly.
  • Client management skills show your ability to manage work accurately which will open larger doors of work for you in the future and hence this is very important.

Few More

  • Responding fast in a new learning environment and learning the major aspects of that area will give you a great audience as well.
  • Staying updated with all the advanced technologies will help you to discuss your point of view in a different and developing manner.
  • Excellence in multitasking projects will enhance your thinking skills and giving you several great opportunities further.
  • A problem-solving approach and analytical mindset will bring you great achievements in the future.

Able to lead and initiate the members of the team will help you a lot.

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