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What Is SharePoint Workspace And Its Benefits

SharePoint Workspace And Its Benefits

Businesses handle multiple files every day. Year after year, the organization’s storage needs increase. What’s surprising is that small, midsize, and large businesses do not have a centralized system yet. Luckily, there’s Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive people can invest in and purchase.  

Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive has been creating noise in today’s market because it is extremely convenient. The files, for example, are accessible wherever you are. Editing office documents is collaborative. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Sharing documents is also straightforward. Plus, the security of sensitive data is on another level.  

But before Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive, SharePoint Workspace was the top favorite and sought-after option for many. Since it was discontinued a few years back, a lot of people might not know a thing about the SharePoint Workspace. If you are in the same situation, worry no more as we got your back.  

OneDrive For Business

SharePoint Workspace Overview 

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace, known as Microsoft Office Groove, is a discontinued desktop application replaced by OneDrive for Business, a web-based service.  

Like the OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Workspace is developed for document collaboration in businesses of any size, which is perfect for departments that are offline or do not have the same network security clearance.  

Since it was discontinued, it’s not available with Microsoft Office 2013.  

Top Benefits of SharePoint Workspace

Although people can no longer experience SharePoint Workspace, it is also worth your time to dig deeper at how the application made immense popularity before.  

Below are a few of the things that SharePoint Workspace really excels at. 

It Allows Teams to Work Together More Effectively 

Increasing collaboration has been a problem in the workplace for many years. The good news is that tech companies never stop developing platforms to finally end and solve collaboration issues within an organization. SharePoint Workspace is one of the creations that experts have developed. One of its advantages is that it enables teams to work more efficiently. It brings people together more quickly without compromising work quality.  

Syncing With SharePoint 2010 Sites is Effortless  

Another thing people love about SharePoint Workspace is that it is straightforward, especially when syncing with SharePoint 2010 sites.  

When synchronizing SharePoint libraries and lists to computers, businesses can get it done with a click of a mouse.  

Every time your team updates the lists and documents in a SharePoint Workspace online, it will be synchronized with the server in real-time.  

Use Site Content Offline 

Can you still access SharePoint site content on your computer even if you are offline? Of course, yes. You can access specific content like a number of list types and document libraries without any hassle.  

Remember that a SharePoint workspace is your copy of a SharePoint site.  

It is Easy to Add Content With Direct Folder Access  

Apart from easy to access content, you can add other files at the same time. With Windows Explorer, you can save documents from other applications in the local folder. You can also work and view the files from a SharePoint site when the need arises.  

SharePoint Integration

No Complicated Login Procedure Required  

Businesses are also impressed with SharePoint Workspace as there is no difficult login process needed as users can automatically access their accounts.  

SharePoint Workspace uses the same login credentials you provide for the first time, from the username to the password.  

Any companies from multiple industries have a lot of responsibilities to deal with. So, they do not deserve a desktop application that takes a few minutes or an hour to log in.  

SharePoint Workspace excels in this department.  

A Mobile-Friendly User Experience 

Back then, editing documents on tablets, computers, and other devices was not as convenient as everyone thinks.  

But when Microsoft SharePoint was released into the market, it changed people’s perspectives and took their experience to new heights.  

Whether one needs to access a SharePoint workspace, browse thru libraries, or edit documents, a mobile-friendly experience is what to expect at the end of the day.  

For the past decades, people needed to search a pile of folders for a piece of information. That’s time-consuming and exhausting at the same time.  

But when technology boomed, big data is already stored and arranged in one platform. In SharePoint workspace, for instance, it comes with Windows Search. As the name implies, it allows users to search thru a SharePoint workspace within a few seconds or less.  

The process might also take time. Your search queries could be the problem. To make everything stress-free, you can tailor any of your search queries, of course. That way, you do not need to focus on searching for any document. Your department can focus on other urgent tasks without compromising the quality of results.  You can also refer to SharePoint document management best practices.

You Can Create Ad Hoc, Groove Collaboration Workspaces  

Yes, you read it right. SharePoint Workspace 2010 allows businesses to establish and develop an ad hoc, Groove collaboration workspace.  

For that reason, it would be fast to communicate and collaborate with offsite and internal team members.  

How about the collaboration with an external partner utilizing the shared workspace? The process will also be smooth and seamless.  

Another thing is ad hoc; Groove collaboration workspace does not require a SharePoint Server. This leads to more considerable savings.  

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The Time to Spend in Coordinating Will be Minimized 

Every second count in the workplace setting.  

Every day, employees have deadlines to meet. But distractions or interruptions are always there. Coordinating with colleagues, for instance, is one of the factors that consume our valuable time.  

But with a Groove workspace, one does not have to devote their time coordinating with their co-workers as any important information is available in one place. As a result, people only need to focus on their main responsibilities. They can complete the job before the deadline while having a work-life balance. Plus, they will end up satisfied and engaged with their profession.  

So, are you one of those small businesses that experience trouble increasing collaboration within your teams? An application like SharePoint Workspace can come to your rescue.

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