What Is The Best Feature Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Posted by Errin O'Connor on Jun, 07, 2021 02:06

What Is The Best Feature Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

For decades, companies have showed interest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support business activities and streamline customer acquisition. This robust, and cost-effective CRM caters measureable solutions to meet the needs of sales, customers service and marketing.

The number of CRMs available in the market has multiplied with time. Which CRM should you use completely depends on your needs, and this choice varies from company to company. Most of the companies prefer to use Dynamics 365 as their CRM. What is the reason behind this?

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which will help you know more about this smart CRM.

On-premise and cloud hosting options:

Usually, there are two options for users to either go with Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise. Cloud-based hosting solution of CRM online is preferred by many professionals. It allows them to do editing work in real-time through remote access and caters to excellent security protection. It manages software updates automatically without any need to buy hardware for that. CRM on-premise requires a complete set up of servers and application in your environment.


Because of the active application marketplace of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it transforms CRM into something which can be highly suitable for your business. It has around 5 million users with Gold partners to cater you strong support, which covers the latest updates and information, problem resolution, and much more.

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Sales Insights  

The capability of Microsoft Dynamics to cater complete insights of particular information is something appreciated by many companies. The relationship insights feature analyzes bulk data present in the CRM to focus on future opportunities and the latest trends for customer accounts development. Through analytic algorithms present in Dynamics 365, you can avail the most relevant data.

By analysing all such activities, you can set up your daily priorities and address the opportunities properly.


Through Dynamics 365 mobile, you can check the complete dashboard and track activities, contacts and leads anytime and anywhere. This application facilitates company managers to fetch customer service alerts and other information related to the sales channel.

Connection with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The collaboration of Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn was done in 2016. This allows companies to check the prospects LinkedIn profiles through CRM using LinkedIn sales navigator and send emails and other LinkedIn messages. Such activities can be added in the Dynamics 365 analytics, allowing companies to extract pivotal information and target recommendations.

Integration of email with Outlook 365

Through the outlook 365 application, the integration of the Microsoft email management system can be done with CRM. This makes it possible to fetch all the information related to a particular contact to send any mail. Through this application, you can get email template access and attachments crucial for sales activities. Along with getting ample tools in hand, companies’ representatives will also get support while sending mails. This boosts up efficiency while sending messages.

Customer service dashboard

This dashboard gives immediate access to managers regarding the priority cases and shows them the request’s status. The dashboard gives an idea to the company regarding the next steps based on the customer experience and the areas of improvement for the company.

Connections and activity log to CRM

Your CRM may contain some sensitive information and considering the same Dynamics 365 holds and keep track of all the actions and connections carried out. Integration of these logs can be done with other security systems like Splunk and Microsoft OMS to prevent any fraudulent activity.

Finally, through smart search company can extract information via contacts, records, stored opportunities and templates. The smart search engine of this CRM caters to all the desired information quickly, which save a significant amount of time for your company’s team.

As Dynamic 365 can obtain all the information, it allows companies representatives to get data that might not be existed for them and can be more important than the one they are looking for. 

Azure Machine Learning

This Microsoft artificial intelligence-based tool is also included in Dynamics 365. Such Azure machine learning can help companies recommend auto-suggesting articles, cases and tickets analysis and cross-selling opportunities.

Azure Machine Learning

Improvement in Business Process Flow

This functionality has given a different user experience to the companies, as through an easy drag and drop interface, it is possible to fetch the entire workflow of the organization. Companies can make different business process flows for various security roles to allow users to modify any time. Through business process flows, companies can eliminate cumbersome workflows and develop comprehensive solutions with Dynamics 365.

Also for information, you can download this whitepaper on Microsoft Dynamics 365 from EPCGroup.

Final Takeaway

Apart from the best features mentioned above, Microsoft Dynamics CRM constantly updates itself with enhanced benefits to collaborate with companies by integrating with ERP software. Through Dynamics 365, companies can enjoy a new CRM experience because of its wide benefits.

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