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Which Power BI Should I Download?

Download POwer BI

Power BI is not just only used for creating data-driven reports and dashboards but also contains the infrastructure that allows you to upload these reports to cooperate and share with the users. The two versions of Power BI are given below:-

  • Power BI service – cloud-based platform, generated by Microsoft.
  • Power BI server – generated by Davidson’s network behind the firewall.

Let’s know which one is better to use. These aforementioned platforms permit users to share their data and reports with other users with different capabilities. Power BI service (SAAS BI) is updating itself with passing time through which you can integrate with other platforms to access your data. On the additional hand of Power BI server, it has very few updates each year; they don’t always have the same features.

Things To Know Before Downloading the Power BI

The service of Power BI is based on the infrastructure of Microsoft. Users need a pro license for the collection of reports. It is currently obtained by the technology and innovation department, which costs $2.10 per pro license per month. Refer to this guide for Power BI Cost and licenses. The technology and Innovation department makes sure that the faculty will use this properly that is provided by pro license. The department can’t take away the license of faculty if they need it for more time.

On the other hand, Power BI Server is generated from the infrastructure of Davidson. So that it is limited to your network and resources. You don’t need any license to use this version of Power BI. The Power BI report server is on Davidson. The Power BI report server is on the infrastructure of Davidson, and you can only start it from on-campus and off-campus, which is the biggest advantage and the biggest drawback of this report server.

Power BI View

Except these two power BI; there is one more Power BI known as Power BI Desktop.

Why Should You Use A Power BI Desktop?

Power BI Desktop is created that allows you to create and publish your BI reports from laptops or desktops. Like other Power BI platforms, this is also available in two forms.

One is used for clouds, and the other one is based on-premise. This version comprises two different icons, but they both have some identical features.

Although it is virtually similar, the only difference found is that it enables you to publish reports to Power BI Service from Power BI Desktop. Power BI Desktop has two options to upload their information; they can either upload their report on cloud or on-premise report of Davidson. Power BI Desktop has few drawbacks in that it consists not as many features as available in cloud-based BI.

Available Power BI On Store

There are a total of five types of Power BI that you can directly download in your system; these are given below:-

Microsoft Power BI Desktop

This desktop version available on the play store will explore your data in the visualized form at any cost. You can quickly report your data from Power BI Desktop.

Microsoft Power BI Mobile

Everybody uses mobile phones. There is a Mobile version of Power BI available on the play store from where you can access your data anywhere and anytime.

Microsoft on-premises data gateway

In this version of Power BI, you can connect your data and reports with the on-premises source of data. In this version, you don’t need to move your data here and there.

On-premise reporting with Power BI Report Server

This version frees you to dispose of and deploy your reports of Power BI in between the organization’s boundaries.

Power BI Report Server Working

Microsoft Power BI Report Builder

By using this version, you can print your reports or distribute them through electronic media.

Which Version Of Power BI Desktop Can One Use?

The use of any Power BI service depends on the purposes, and you are sharing your business reports to how many people and where you are using the Power BI, like on a laptop or desktop, or phone. 

After reading all the available information about the Power BI, if you are still confused about these Power BI, we will suggest to use the optimized version of Power BI report server.

Now let us inform you of all the benefits and losses of the Power BI Report Server:-


  • Pro license is not required for the users.
  • They can also receive the report from Inside Davidson


  • There are only a few features available.
  • Users can use only on-campus or VPN to generate the network of Davidson.

Final Words

Hope you understand all the information regarding the different versions of Power BI through this article. You can download any version of Power BI according to your need and system. This will help in your business.

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Management Consulting, Errin O’Connor has led hundreds of large-scale enterprise implementations from Business Intelligence, Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, IT Security, Azure and Hybrid Cloud efforts for over 165 Fortune 500 companies.

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