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How to Connect Excel File In Teams to Power BI?

Microsoft Excel serves as one of the highly used e-commerce applications. It is also commonly used to get data into Power BI. If you are familiar with this one, then you probably know how to maximize its ultimate functions.  Power BI supports connecting or importing to workbooks designed in excel. Every workbook can be saved […]

How to Enable Dial Pad in Microsoft Teams?

Nowadays, it is very important to familiarize certain applications needed for virtual meetings, webinars, and virtual classes. Aside from Zoom, Google Meet, and Facebook Room, there is an application that you might be familiar with. If you are using Microsoft 365, you already know this application. And the great part of it is that this […]

How To Use Shifts in Microsoft Teams For Collaboration?

If you are already familiar with Microsoft Teams and received Microsoft Teams Training, and still wondering what else you can do with this amazing application, you can try Shifts. This is an application that you will definitely find absolutely convenient.  Shifts is an amazing instrument where you can manage schedules. It is in Microsoft Teams […]