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How to Enable Dial Pad in Microsoft Teams?

Nowadays, it is very important to familiarize certain applications needed for virtual meetings, webinars, and virtual classes. Aside from Zoom, Google Meet, and Facebook Room, there is an application that you might be familiar with. If you are using Microsoft 365, you already know this application. And the great part of it is that this application is totally free. 

Microsoft Teams application is a tenacious chat-based teamwork platform all-inclusive with document distribution, virtual meetings, and other more really reliable features for work-related communication and online classes.

Audio conference – With this feature, the audio conferencing, everyone could join the online conversation through their mobile phones. You can dial the phone numbers of your desired contact. You may conduct training for MS Teams to know and explore.

How to Enable Dial Pad in Microsoft Teams. The simplest way is that following these easy steps:

At the bottommost of the screen, swipe up to magnify the menu, and start tapping Calls.

Press the phone+ icon to access the dial pad

Dial Pad in Microsoft Teams

Now you can enter the phone number on a dial pad which you want to call. Tap the icon on the phone.

But when the person you wish to contact is already on your list; you can follow these steps:

  1. At the bottommost of the screen, swipe up to magnify the menu, and tap the call button.
  2. Press the phone+ icon to have access to the dial pad
  3. Tap the People tab to reach the lists on your contacts. 
  4. Input the person’s contact number whom you will make a call 
  5. Now, tap the icon of your phone next to the contact’s name
Add People in Microsoft Teams during Call

Through Microsoft Teams training, you get to practice and explore the features given by Microsoft Teams. The following are the distinct features of this brilliant application. 

It would be better to familiarize yourself first with Microsoft Teams by knowing its amazing features.

  • Teams and stations – Teams are composed of stations, which are like internet forums between meeting participants.
  • Conversations within stations and teams – All the members of the team can see and add to different discussions into the General station, then could press the @ key to request other participants from another conversation.
  • Chat feature – The common chat feature is basically in almost all the collaboration applications
  • SharePoint – Each team that practices Microsoft Teams would have a spot inside the SharePoint Online. This comprises the default folder. All the files that are shared all throughout the conversations will be saved into this folder. Safety preferences were also featured and could be modified for privacy purposes.
  • Video calling – Indulge hassle-free and high-quality video calls among the participants inside the company or clients. Having a high-quality video call function is absolutely a nice feature. You could also appreciate the basic and quick desktop sharing made for technical support and other purposes. 
  • Online meetings – It could help you improve the conversations, training, and meetings which could host as many as 10,000 members. Online virtual meetings could include someone from any other organization or inside the company. This function also contains scheduling support, an application where you could take down your notes, uploading of files, and messaging through chat.

With the right consulting partner for Microsoft Teams, you can take advantage of the advanced features of Microsoft Teams. It is also available to use with VOIP devices that are compatible with MS Teams. These things are the steps on how you can enable dial pad in Microsoft teams. You may follow those steps if you want to use them in your preferred application successfully.

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