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How to Connect Excel File In Teams to Power BI?

Microsoft Excel serves as one of the highly used e-commerce applications. It is also commonly used to get data into Power BI. If you are familiar with this one, then you probably know how to maximize its ultimate functions. 

Power BI supports connecting or importing to workbooks designed in excel. Every workbook can be saved as a .xlsm or .xlsm file. To get the most of your Power BI data, make sure that you format its ranges as tables. Through this, it is easy for you to see labeled columns and tables when making reports in Power BI. This allows you to visualize your data in a more effective and easier way.

Learning how to connect excel files in Microsoft Teams to Power BI can be done instantly. But, it requires an accurate procedure to successfully do it. If you save your excel files to OneDrive, you will have several ways to explore your Power BI data. 

Here are some of the ways you can connect Excel file in Microsoft Teams with Power BI

  1. Import Excel Data into Your Power BI

When you select “Import”, any data are imported into a new Power BI dataset. If you have a Power View sheet, it will be re-created as reports in Power BI.  In addition, you can edit your workbook. Once it is saved, it will be synchronized with the Power BI data set. In case you need immediate gratification, you can click “Publish” again. After that, your changes are exported instantly. Any visualizations included in your dashboards and reports will also be updated.

Power BI and Excel
  1. Power BI enables you to Connect, Manage and View Excel

When you pick “Connect”, your workbook or excel file will appear in your Power BI, similar to Excel online. However, unlike excel online, users like you can access excellent features to both elements from your workbook or excel files directly from your dashboards.

You can revise or edit your file or workbook in Power BI. But, in case you make some changes, simply click “Edit.” Then, choose to revise your file or workbook, either online or in excel, on your laptop. Any changes you make are often saved to the OneDrive workbook. As advised, you can choose this option if you have data or reports in worksheets. 

Additionally, utilizing the “Publish” to Power BI features in Microsoft Excel is similar to utilizing “Get Data” in Power BI to connect or import your file. You may try exploring this through the help of Microsoft Teams training

Connect Excel Files in Microsoft Teams with Power BI

Now, to connect excel files in teams to Power BI, you have to click “Get Data.” In files, click “Get” and search your file. If your file or workbook is on SharePoint or OneDrive, simply choose “Connect” or “Import.” That’s very easy. 

The features of Microsoft excel enable you to make your tasks easier and more effective. This is the reason why most individuals, especially business owners, prefer to use Microsoft Excel in Teams and Power BI. If you opt to improve your knowledge of how to use this, it is best to empower yourself through Microsoft Power BI Embedded Consulting & Training Services.

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Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

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