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How to Use and Implement Microsoft Teams for Training?

It cannot be denied that Microsoft Teams is among the powerful tools for collaboration and communication that business owners used today. The app makes the processes in the corporate world easier. Meanwhile, do you know that it can also be used for training and learning? If you’re not familiar with it, this article will explain […]

How to Collaborate Microsoft Teams & Power BI?

Every organization adopts digital transformation as the virtual world continues to strive. Workforce often depends on numerous applications to distribute the tasks in a more effective and efficient way.  Among the different schemes, maximizing the use of Microsoft Teams is highly in demand. This allows the team to work remotely and stay connected.  If your […]

How to Assign a Toll-free Number in Microsoft Teams?

Audio conferencing in Office 365 and Microsoft 365 allows your team to meetings in Microsoft Teams. It also allows your team to dial in those meetings with the use of their phones. A conference link provides you a set of phone numbers for your company. Each of these phone numbers can be utilized to join […]

How to Set Up Audio Conferencing for Microsoft Teams

In the new normal setup, video conferencing is one of the commonly used means in virtual meetings or training. In this so-called digital era, you have to upgrade yourself in order to meet the demands of time. Various applications are out there ready to serve you. One of these applications is Microsoft Teams which are […]