How to Set Up Audio Conferencing for Microsoft Teams

Posted by Sas Chatterjee on Mar, 29, 2021 01:03

In the new normal setup, video conferencing is one of the commonly used means in virtual meetings or training. In this so-called digital era, you have to upgrade yourself in order to meet the demands of time. Various applications are out there ready to serve you. One of these applications is Microsoft Teams which are being used all over the world. Microsoft teams’ training can be a good idea for a better understanding of its use.

Microsoft Teams application includes audio conferencing as its features. Other people prefer using a mobile phone and not using their PC. In this case, you just have to set up the audio conference to start joining in meetings. When you already know how to maximize its use, you can surely benefit from and enjoy using Microsoft Teams. However, there are challenges in using this. One of these challenges is how to set up audio conferencing for Microsoft teams. In doing this, try to study and follow the step below. 

This will surely guide you in joining the conference using Microsoft Teams.

Check first whether audio conferencing is accessible in your place. Look at other details such as phone system, toll, and toll-free contact numbers, calling plans, as well as communication credits.

You will need a certification for audio conferencing if you are the one who will organize the dial-in conferences. To know more about how to buy such a license, you can check online sources about this. You can check Microsoft Teams’ additional licensing. When you have already bought a license, you have to give the tasks to people within your organization. For users who will be leading the video conference, you better assign a dial-in phone for easier access.

For your conferencing bridges, get your service numbers. You are not allowed to utilize numbers for video conferencing. Therefore, you need to acquire and have a service number to be used in video conferencing. There are 3 suggested ways on how to get it. One is the use of the Microsoft Teams admin center. Another is to port your current service numbers, or you can try by using request forms to have new numbers

Admin Center Microsoft Teams

Now, it is time for you to assign a particular service number calls to the meeting bridge for you to continue setting-up. This number will now be used in the invitation for meetings.

Set the alternate languages and the default setting for your video conferencing. In utilizing the Microsoft Teams administration center, you need to begin from its dashboard. Next, go to conferences and then to the conferences bridges. Finally, select the meeting bridge phone call number, click the word “edit.” Then, you should click the default language to be utilized.

Conferencing Bridge in Microsoft Teams

Check the settings of your meeting bridge. After doing this, you need to verify the default setup. You can also change the PIN and notifications if you wish to change them.

For users who will lead the meetings, assign the dial-in numbers for them.

After doing the earlier steps, you are now ready to set up meetings or conferences. Invite people to attend your meeting. But this is optional. If you want to have a try, then you can start up leading the conference. Those people who intend to join the meeting need not have a license assigned to them.

For better setup, you may add legal links. Perhaps text messages can also be a good idea or a business icon if you like to have them. There are various modified meeting invitations that you can search in different online sources. You can also initiate training your teams in Microsoft teams in your organization if you have for better learning and usage.

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