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Azure IoT Solution Accelerators: Custom IoT Solutions

Azure IoT Solution Accelerators

Solution Accelerators are pre-built business application components that aid in the development of custom IoT solutions. The components serve as a foundation for your software and help you solve common business problems. Common IoT scenarios, such as Industrial IoT (IIoT), device simulations, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance, necessitate a scalable and secure cloud platform, as well as the appropriate implementation approach, which Azure IoT solution accelerators can provide.

Microsoft provides Azure IoT solution accelerators, which makes the essential application code and Azure services available for quick and easy development and deployment.

Organizational Point of View: Usage, features and Pricing of IoT Solution Accelerators

Organizations are using Azure IoT solution accelerators to swiftly construct solutions that allow them to access and analyze previously unavailable data from sensors, devices, and apps.

Azure IoT Solution accelerators can be used as a starting point for developing your own IoT solution. Each solution accelerator is a complete, end-to-end implementation of a popular IoT situation.

These accelerators can be used to become familiar with the most popular patterns in the design and implementation of IoT solutions.

Pricing Structure of Azure IoT Solution accelerators

Users can use Azure IoT solution accelerators under their current Azure subscription. Using your Azure subscription, you can deploy Azure IoT solution accelerators to Microsoft Azure services, which implement popular Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios.

Key features of Azure IoT Solution accelerators

Time to Deploy: Accelerator apps are complete solutions. Organizations can implement their IoT solution in minutes rather than months, saving both time and money.

Customizing according to project requirements: The most appealing characteristic of IoT solution accelerators is that they allow enterprises to personalize them. They can do it whenever and however they see it suitable.

Insights: Organizations can acquire actionable insights and take action based on big data insights.

Benefits of IoT SolutionsPNG

Open-source: Take advantage of open-source with Azure IoT Solution accelerators and gain the benefits.

Remote monitoring and IIoT scenarios: How do Azure IoT solution accelerators help?

The Azure IoT solution accelerators aid in the collection of data from remote devices like smart home climate control sensors or industrial sensors on assembly lines, as well as the administration of those devices. Organizations can use the dashboard to track metrics from linked devices, create new edge points, and update device firmware.

  • Improved UI: With production-ready controls, operator experiences are much smoother, and improved code clarity allows any developer to customize with ease.
  • Operator scenarios that have been improved:
  • Azure Stream Analytics engine powers advanced rules and streaming.
  • Use the live maintenance mode to monitor the telemetry of your devices while performing maintenance.
  • A more in-depth demo experience right out of the box.
  • Simplified device connectivity: no need to alter the UI to see your device details light up in the platform.
  • Improved maps: Azure Maps, the latest technology for providing geospatial context to data, now powers our device tracking.
  • More integration options: Third-party integration, easier and better integration with services such as Power BIAzure Time Series InsightsAzure Data Lake.

Accelerator for Predictive Maintenance and Device Simulation

Predictive Maintenance: Machine learning techniques can be utilized to forecast and avoid remote device failures utilizing Azure IoT solution accelerators. This accelerator can be used by organizations to drive a variety of vital moving systems, such as airplane engines. The Predictive Maintenance using a predictive analytics dashboard shows insights based on the data collected by the prediction system.

Predictive Analytics Benefits

Accelerator for Device Simulation: This accelerator does a fantastic job of simulating devices by producing realistic telemetry. It’s a fantastic service for reducing real-world risks by monitoring and modifying the behavior of other accelerators, as well as unique IoT solutions.

Design principles of Azure IoT Solution accelerators:

  • Organizations must take care that, in order for their IoT solution to be broadly adopted, they must delve deeply into consumers’ needs to determine where an issue actually worth solving exists and what the solution’s true end-user value is. Users should also be aware of any potential impediments to embracing new technology in general, and their solution in particular. 
  • Multiple devices with varying capacities and both physical and digital touchpoints are common in IoT solutions. The solution could potentially be offered in collaboration with a variety of service providers. It is not enough to build one of the touchpoints correctly; instead, users must consider the entire systemand the role of each device and service.  In order to produce a meaningful experience, IoT solution accelerators work in unison as an entire system.
  • Azure IoT solution accelerators have safety concerns that entail recognizing and attempting to avoid possible error circumstances relating to the context of use, the network, and user interactions. Second, if the error situations persist, it necessitates properly alerting the user about them and assisting them in their recovery. Second, it involves making data security and privacy a priority in your design.It is critical for users to believe that their personal information is secure, that their homes, workplaces, and ordinary products cannot be hacked. Consequently, quality assurance is extremely crucial.
  • IoT solutions easily generate a large amount of data. However, the goal is to discover the data points that are required to make the solution functional and valuable, not to collect as much data as possible. Still, because the amount of data may be enormous, the designer must be familiar with data science’s capabilities and how to make logical sense of it.
Microsoft IoT Suite

Azure IoT solution accelerators for Connected Factory

The Connected Factory solution accelerator shows businesses how to get started with their digital transformation for Industry 4.0. It combines essential Azure IoT services to provide the following capabilities: Azure Time Series Insights, OPC UA data ingestion, OPC UA server management, rules and actions, and OPC UA data ingestion

Using the OPC Unified Architecture interface as well as an informative dashboard, gather and manage remote readings from industrial assets. Assembly stations and testing sections on a manufacturing production line are examples of assets.

EPC Group as Azure Consulting Partner: Azure IoT Solutions Implementation.

The EPC Group has been one of the market’s leading Microsoft Azure implementation and consulting partners. They have a lot of experience and can ensure that the user firms get a smooth and painless installation. Additionally, as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, their Azure IoT consultants assist businesses in establishing a linked ecosystem around their IoT assets and developing analytics solutions.


In today’s highly competitive tech sector, it’s more critical than ever to develop creative software solutions that set your company apart from the competition and get that software to market first. Solution accelerators help you go to market as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the products by tackling common business obstacles, providing fully tested solutions, and lowering risk. If you’re seeking ready-to-use enterprise-grade IoT solutions that also help you respond to common IoT scenarios, Azure IoT solution accelerators are your go-to Azure IoT service.

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Errin OConnor

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