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Azure Modular Datacenter (MDC): Cloud Computing Capabilities In Remote Locations

Azure Modular Datacenter

Azure Modular Datacenter is a new Azure service based on shipping containers. This new solution makes it possible to set up an Azure datacenter in hybrid or difficult circumstances where cloud computing was previously unavailable.

Azure Modular Datacenter Features and Security

Explanation of Azure Modular Datacenter’s requirement in Organizations:

In locations where low connectivity, disturbed network availability, and restricted access to specialized infrastructure would have historically hindered taking advantage of cloud computing, there are major cloud computing and storage demands all around the world. The MDC addresses this issue by delivering Azure to these environments, bringing data center-scale computational resources closer to the point of need.

MDC allows Organizations to deploy a self-contained data center component that is field portable and gives near-immediate value. In a ruggedized, radio frequency (RF) protected device, the unit may function in a broad range of climatic conditions and extreme situations. It can be used as crucial infrastructure in areas where temperature, humidity, or even level surfaces are a problem.

MDC can help with onsite computing and storage augmentation, as well as controlling and administering high-performance applications in the field, IoT, and real-time analytics workloads that demand ultra-low latency and setting up cloud apps to help with key infrastructure restoration.

MDC By Azure

The need for Azure Modular Datacenter

There are considerable cloud computing and storage needs around the world, particularly in locations where poor connectivity, disturbed network availability, and restricted access to specialized infrastructure would have formerly precluded cloud computing from being used. Azure Modular Datacenter tackles this problem by delivering Azure to these settings and getting datacenter-scale computational resources closer to the point of need.

Here are some trending cloud computing statistics for foreseeable future.

With a field transportable unit, users may install a complete datacenter solution where it’s needed, as well as take on projects they never could before, safely operating mission-critical applications in places with little to no connectivity and delivering near-immediate value with quick deployment.

Key features of Azure Modular Datacenter

Designed to Travel

In an isolated datacenter environment, organizations can enable Azure computing and storage wherever needed.

Security and dependability

Organizations can ensure the security of their mission-critical apps by running them on a trusted Azure datacenter.

Powerful and useful

Organizations can manage and operate high-performance applications, analytics Internet of Things (IoT), and edge devices on location using Azure cloud capabilities in disconnected or intermittently connected situations.

Integration of hardware and software: Microsoft’s Approach

Microsoft has proved in the last few years that it has the vision to deliver a perfectly integrated blend of hardware and software. The company considers hardware to be a stage for software because it believes that the stage can more often than not influence the software’s efficiency, so there is a back and forth of both these components. Microsoft has also opened itself up internally, allowing designers from all over the firm to contribute to what it calls open design, in the hopes of resulting in a stronger blend of hardware and software that looks like it originated from the same organization and is also better for it.

Microsoft believes that by integrating hardware and software design, it would be able to do a superior job on the long-term Windows bets, speeding up the development and enhancing execution.

Connectivity options in Azure Modular Datacenter

Moreover, under network connections, Users can run the unit with full network access, intermittently connected, or completely disconnected, which is a big differentiation for MDC. This is a one-of-a-kind, remarkable capability that enables users to use the Azure cloud on their own terms.

Microsoft is collaborating with satellite providers to provide a stable and dependable connection solution for MDC units in the field.

This connectivity is provided via a network high availability module that monitors network status in real-time. The network high availability module will shift traffic from the afflicted network to a standby satellite connection in the case of a network outage. This robustness means that Azure can continue to supply critical hyper-scale services. When no other network is available, MDC could use satellite communications as the main connection.

Satellite Communication

Get in touch for more information on the high availability

The high availability module provides an on-demand approach to deploy more power stability capabilities in the same moveable and scalable physical factor as the Azure MDC. The high availability module offers an uninterruptible power supply that keeps the Azure MDC functioning in the case of electricity failures or fluctuations and enables a seamless transition to a generator or managed shutdown of the unit in the event of extended outages.

The module is self-contained, with integrated cooling and power transmission, and it may be equipped with satellite connectivity equipment similar to the network high availability module, transforming it into a power and communication endurance module. When used in conjunction with the Azure MDC for long-term deployment, the high availability module is designed to migrate with the Azure MDC if necessary.

MDC units are in early use with defense and private companies; contact a Microsoft representative for additional information about Azure MDC’s high availability.

Introduction of Azure Space & its connection with Azure Modular Datacenter

Azure Space was built to be the go-to platform as well as an ecosystem for the space community’s operational requirements. Its goal is to make connectivity and computation more accessible in sectors such as agriculture, energy, telecoms, and government.

Azure Space mixes Microsoft’s cloud computing skills with satellite broadband connectivity and Azure Orbital base station service.

Azure Orbital in MDC

The Azure MDC enables customers to deploy a fully working edge data center anywhere on the planet without the requirement for internet, and it is widely being used by defense and private sector enterprises. 

Security features in Azure MDC

The broadest compliance portfolio in the business is embedded into Azure Modular Datacenter’s complete security and adherence. 

  • Microsoft spends over a billion dollars a year on cybersecurity research and innovation.
  • Microsoft Azure has the most certifications of any cloud provider. For instance, CSA/CCM, ISO/IEC, and ITAR
  • Microsoft has over 3,500 security specialists committed to data privacy and security.

Who is best suited for Microsoft Azure Modular Datacenter?

The MDC was created by Microsoft for users who require cloud computing capabilities in hybrid or problematic contexts, such as remote locations. Azure Space’s capabilities and collaborations, which can extend satellite access everywhere in the world, round out this outstanding service. Mobile command centers, humanitarian aid, military operation requirements, mineral exploration, as well as other use cases needing high-intensity, secure computation on Azure are just some of the scenarios that are best suited for Modular Datacenter.

Users can use the MDC to migrate apps to Azure while keeping their workloads on-premises and connected to their own datacenter with limited connectivity. This serves as a stepping stone for migrating workloads to the Azure API, with the ability to run these applications on-premises, in public clouds, or in private clouds.


To Conclude, Microsoft Azure Modular Datacenter is an exceptional service that can do great wonders solely, and even when connected with Azure Space. When terrestrial connectivity is unavailable, the Azure MDC can be connected via satellite communications, which makes it perfect to be operated even in remote areas. There is a lot that you could do with the Azure MDC, get in touch with EPC Group, a Microsoft gold-certified partner to enjoy the perks of Azure MDC.

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