Top 50 Cloud Computing Statistics And Trends For 2022

Posted by Sas Chatterjee on Jan, 13, 2022 09:01

While businesses gradually planned cloud computing migrations for the last ten years, cloud adoption was a hot topic in 2021 with the increase in remote work. 

We have collected critical cloud computing statistics to help you stay updated about its exponential growth and what trends you can expect.

Most Talked About Cloud Computing Statistics 

1. Over 30 Cloud-Based Services are Part of Average Employees’ Daily Routines

(Source: Skyhigh)

A Skyhigh report claimed that more than 30 cloud-based services are part of the daily routines of average employees. This statistic is no surprise because more than 200 services are available in the collaboration category alone. 

2. 80% of Businesses Believe that Cloud Computing Adoption Delivered Operation Improvements within the First Few Months

(Source: Multisoft)

Undoubtedly, cloud computing provides a positive impact on business operations. A Multisoft study revealed that after the first few months of adoption, 80% of companies noticed operation improvements. This research was conducted within startups to prove that the technology is not just for large companies. 

3. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Enjoy 40% More Cost-Efficiency from Third-Party Platforms Employment than In-House Systems 

(Source: Multisoft)

Public cloud hypergrowth is often due to affordability. According to Multisoft, small and medium-sized enterprises enjoy 40% more cost-efficiency from employing third-party cloud platforms compared to in-house systems employment.

4. 60% of Companies Plan to Employ Cloud Computing in the Next 18 Months 

(Source: Clouds 247)

Clouds 247 research revealed that 60% of companies plan to employ cloud computing in the following months. The percentage of businesses with cloud IT infrastructures reached the 45% mark at the time of the study.

5. Security Services and Management Tools Are Expected to Improve by 28.4%

(Source: Allied Market Research)

Cloud computing provides different services according to organizational needs. As global cloud services continuously grow, several cloud services are expected to show improvements. According to AMR, security services and management tools will become the fastest-growing segments.

6. Dropbox Owns 47.3% of the US Consumer Market

(Source: Cloudrail)

Many were surprised when Dropbox acquired the 47.3% US consumer market, making it the leading storage provider. Dropbox is followed by Google Drive with a 26.9% share of the market and MS OneDrive with 15.3%.

7. AWS Remains the Dominant Cloud Computing Providers in the Market with a 33% Share 

(Source: Statista)

When it comes to cloud computing market domination, AWS remains in the first place with a 33% share, followed by Microsoft Azure with 16%. Then, Google Cloud slowly catches up with a 7% share, which is already impressive because it was launched just a few years ago. 

Enterprise Cloud Network

8. Global Cloud Services Market Forecasted to Rake 17.5% Overall Industry Growth Rate 

(Source: Allied Market Research)

Allied Market Research forecasted global cloud services to rake a whopping $555 billion revenue in 2021. This revenue is equivalent to a 17.5% overall cloud computing industry growth rate from the previous year.

9. 94% of Companies Believe that Their Online Security Has Improved After Switching to Cloud Computing 

(Source: Salesforce)

Cloud computing is a reliable technology with regard to safety and security. A Salesforce study revealed that 94% of companies reported impressive online security improvements after moving data to the cloud.

10. 71% of Enterprises Trust the Cloud When It Comes to Speed Improvements 

(Source: IDG)

Companies have unique reasons for trusting the cloud, such as speed improvements, greater flexibility, and enhanced customer support. According to IDG, 57% of enterprises trust the cloud for enhanced customer support, 63% greater flexibility, and 71% speed improvements.

Cloud Computing Growth Statistics

11. Demand Enterprise Storage Solutions, Ethernet Switches, and Servers Show a 10.9% Growth Rate 

(Source: IDC)

IDC study showed a 10.9% growth rate in demand for enterprise storage solutions, ethernet switches, and servers. In return, public cloud vendors are expected to extend their influence and make more money. Plus, IT infrastructure expenses will soar at $55.7 billion by 2022. 

12. The Public Cloud Market Generated as High as $130 Billion 

(Source: Statista)

The Cloud industry is divided into three public, private, and hybrid models. According to a Statista report, the public cloud model alone generated a whopping $130 billion. This cloud model all virtual network environment advantages for a wider community to enjoy.

Return on Investment on using cloud computing

Cloud Computing Benefits

13. Manufacturing Industry Spend the Most on Cloud Computing Solutions in 2021

(Source: IDC)

As much as cloud adoption trends are concerned, industries dealing with the most data acquire the most active investors. An IDC report revealed three sectors that spend the most money on cloud computing, namely $16.7 billion, professional services ($18 billion), and manufacturing ($19 billion.) 

14. Cloud Computing Applications Have Tripled Since 2013 

(Source: Skyhigh)

When organizations continuously grow, sharing information and connecting employees using a secured network is an excellent go-to option. A rapid growth in cloud computing systems adoption across 600 global enterprise businesses was reported. Skyhigh research found that cloud computing applications have expanded from 545 to 1427 various services since 2013.

15. Businesses with Useful Overall Mission-Critical Company Information is Around 7%

(Source: RedLock)

Undoubtedly, a well-structured and secure cloud computing service is one of the top company priorities. So, it’s no surprise that enterprise cloud adoption continuously grows. Redlock survey showed that 7% of businesses believe that they own overall mission-critical company information.

16. Public Cloud Market Revenue is Expected to Grow to $331 Billion 

(Source: Gartner)

A Gartner study revealed that the public cloud sector is expected to soar to $331 billion by 2022. Considering the previous year-to-year growth and that statistic, this sector registered an impressive 21% growth.

17. Cloud Computing is Considered as Number 1 In-Demand Hard Skill 

(Source: LinkedIn)

According to LinkedIn, cloud computing is the most in-demand hard skill. This industry offers many opportunities where cloud tech proficiency, solution architects, customer success managers, and reliability are a great future professional development foundation.

18. Email Services is the Predominant Cloud Computing Uses in the EU with 66%

(Source: Eurostat)

According to a Eurostat study, file storage and email services are the leading uses for cloud computing. File storage has increased by 15%, while email management remained at 66%. Other recent uses include hosting company databases. 

19. 83% of the Company Workloads Will Be on Cloud Storage 

(Source: Forbes)

A Forbes study revealed that more than half of the company workloads would be on cloud storage in 2021 due to an increase in businesses moving to the public from the private cloud. While the public cloud model delivers less control, users can still enjoy the ease of access and optimum security.

20. Companies are More Likely to Invest More than 3.5 Million in Cloud Computing in 2021

(Source: IDG)

The IDG research showed that businesses were predicted to invest more than 3.5 million in cloud software in 2021 alone. 48% of the budget will go to the SaaS platforms, while 30% will be allocated for IaaS. Then, the remaining 21% will go to PaaS. 

As A Service Types In Cloud Computing

As A Service Types In Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Statistics as Per Industry (Healthcare, Technology, Construction, and Retail)

21. Global Cloud Technology Market in the Healthcare Industry is Forecasted to Grow by $25.54 Billion in 2020-2024.

(Source: Businesswire) 

There has been an increase in cloud technology adoption over the last few years. A recent Technavio study found that the global cloud market in the healthcare industry is forecasted to grow by $25.54 billion from 2020 to 2024. The ongoing pandemic reinforced that growth.

22. Healthcare Organizations Intend to Move Towards Value-Based Care Payment Methods through Cloud Computing 

(Source: Out Systems)

The collaboration between healthcare institutions, departments, and doctors is highly critical. So, healthcare organizations intend to use cloud technology to move towards value-based care payment methods. 

23. 23% of Worldwide Spending Growth in Healthcare is Seen in Public Cloud End-Users

(Source: Webmob Technologies)

Cloud computing is one of the significant digital advancements in the healthcare industry. Webmob Technologies have proven some facts and figures like 23% of global cloud computing spending upsurge is found in the public cloud end-users. 

24. The Continuous Growth of the SaaS Market will Result in a $623 Billion Total Value in 2023

(Source: Finances Online)

The current SaaS market size sector has reached 18% CAGR. According to Finances Online, SaaS statistics suggest that by 2023, the SaaS market will get a total value of $623 billion. That is because more and more businesses plan to switch to SaaS due to flexibility and accessibility.

25. 58% of Companies Plan to Invest in Private Cloud

(Source: TCS)

The hybrid cloud adoption rate is high, but many are still interested in the private cloud approach. According to TCS, 58% of enterprises believe that private cloud solutions are a great investment idea. So, it’s no surprise that the private cloud size reached $42 billion.

26. 30% of Business Workloads Will Be in the Private Cloud by 2025

(Source: LogicMonitor)

IT executives have different predictions when it comes to cloud computing growth in the tech industry. According to LogicMonitor, IT executives believe that 30% of business workloads will be in the private cloud. Then, 28% of workloads will go to the public cloud.

27. 85% of Construction Contractors Utilize or Plan to Use Various Cloud-based Solutions 

(Source: AGC)

Since 2020 digital transformation has continuously gained significant momentum in the construction industry. According to AGC, 85% of contractors are already using or planning to utilize cloud-based solutions. 

28. 75% of Companies in the Construction Industry Utilize Cloud Storage 

(Source: Dropbox)

Cloud technology enables construction companies to face the challenges brought by the pandemic while saving money and gaining profits. In adopting this technology is 75% of construction firms utilize cloud storage. 

29. Retail Cloud Market Was Expected to Show 16.3% of CAGR Because of Internet Penetration and Digitalization

(Source: Fortune Business Insights)

Product launches, mergers and acquisitions, and partnerships by companies worldwide influence the exponential growth of the global retail cloud market. Fortune Business Insights predicts that digitalization and internet penetration worldwide will result in a 16.3% CAGR in the retail cloud sector.

Private Cloud

30. Cloud Market in the Retail Industry Was Estimated to Reach $28.53 by 2021

(Source: Markets and Markets)

The retail cloud environment allows retailers and retail organizations to move their business infrastructure and apps to various cloud architectures. A recent report showed that the cloud market size in the retail industry was expected to reach $28.53 billion by 2021 from $11.06 billion in 2016.

Cloud Computing Growth in 2021 and Forecast for Growth in 2022

31. 61% of Organizations Planned to Optimize Their Cloud Budget in 2021

(Source: Flexera)

For five consecutive years, cloud cost optimization was the top priority of organizations. According to Flexera, 61% of businesses planned to optimize their cloud costs in 2021. Plus, 76% of organizations measure their cloud growth based on savings and cost-efficiency. 

32. Cloud Services Infrastructure Expenses Increased to $41.8 Billion in 2021 First Quarter 

(Source: Canalys)

In 2020, cloud services infrastructure expenses reached a 5% quarter-on-quarter rise and 35% year-on-year growth. Compared to the same period in 2021, there was an increase, reaching $41.8 billion on the global market. 

33. Cloud Data Centers Processed 94% of All Workloads in 2021

(Source: Cisco)

In 2021, cloud data centers dominated the business workload processes at 94%. Plus, SaaS processes accounted for 75% of the total workload. It indicates that non-cloud data centers will be superseded by cloud data centers later on.

34. The Video Gaming Market Are Expected to Grow Continuously 

(Source: Grand View Research)

Popular and favorite online videos were to be hosted on the cloud. The video streaming market is worth $59.14 billion as of 2021. This market is even predicted to grow up to $223.98 billion by 2028, with an average 21% compound annual growth rate.

35. AI Spending Will Increase in the Coming Years 

(Source: Markets and Markets

As of 2021, companies have spent $58.3 billion on AI. According to Markets and Markets, this spending will increase up to $309.6 billion by 2026. Nowadays, most cloud technologies are formed by machine learning, and many systems and organizations use it to automate different processes. 

36. Cloud Storage Market Will Reach 26.2 CAGR for the 2021-2028 Period 

(Source: Fortune Business Insights)

The global cloud storage market reached $30 billion in 2017 and grew to over $61 billion in 2020. According to Fortune Business Insights, the 2021-2028 period will make the global cloud storage market worth more than $390 billion.

37. Cloud Gaming Market Will Seize a Bright Future 

(Source: Grand View Research)

The same way with streaming services, cloud gaming is streamed to users’ displays. As of 2020, the cloud gaming market in the global scene was worth $470 million. According to Grand View Research, it will reach a whopping $7.24 billion revenue by 2027 with the predicted 48.2% CAGR.

38. 52% of Businesses Prefer Cloud Computing Solutions with Native Security Tools

(Source: Checkpoint)

Many businesses look for secure services, given the fact that cloud security is sought after. Checkpoint research revealed that more than half of businesses prefer cloud solutions with native security tools.

39. Remote Desktop Software Market Will Rise to Great Prominence 

(Source: Fortune Business Insights)

In 2020, remote work was predicted to rise, and it seems like it is here to stay. Many tools help remote workers keep everything easier than before, and remote desktop software is also expected to rise to great prominence in the next few years.

40. European Organizations See Cloud Migration as a Top Cloud Initiative 

(Source: Flexera)

Many European organizations consider migrating workloads to the cloud as the most critical cloud initiative with a 70% share. That statistic is followed by current cloud use optimization to cut costs with 59% share and cloud-first strategy advancement with 50%.

Cloud Computing Statistics Around Profit Gained by Organizations 

41. Cloud Revenue of Alibaba Rose by Nearly 60% 

(Source: CRN)

In 2020, many people noticed the growth of global cloud space. Alibaba gained a 2.2 billion revenue, a 59% growth in revenue. Retail, the internet, and finance were the major drivers for income.

42. AWS Gained $13.5 Billion Revenue in the 2021 First Quarter 

(Source: CNBC)

During the first quarter of 2021, AWS gained a massive $13.5 billion revenue. This figure exceeded the $13.1 billion predictions of analysts. It also surpassed the income of 2020, which is $3 billion in the same period.

43. Companies See Cloud Spending as Their Major Concern in Cloud Computing Adoption 

(Source: Statista)

Companies face different challenges, and the three most prevalent issues are governance (79%), cloud computing spending management (82%), and security (83%). Many business owners feel problematic that 30% of their cloud budget is wasted.

Governance Compliance and Risk

44. Cloud Computing Helps Businesses Gain Profits Up to $414 Billion 

(Source: PR Newswire)

According to the 2021 Cloud Radar survey, businesses in six regions can gain up to $414 billion in profits through cloud adoption. The study is participated by more than 2,500 respondents from enterprises across New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, the UK, and the US.

45. The Largest Cloud Computing Market Share is in North America 

(Source: Reportlinker)

In 2020, North America was considered the leading cloud computing market by region, with a 61% share. That statistic is 3x the size of the second-largest market, which is Western Europe, with 21%. Then, Africa is known as the smallest market region.

46. Cloud Services Market in China is Booming 

(Source: Canalys)

According to Canalys, China is the biggest cloud computing market in the Asia-Pacific region. The total infrastructure spending of the country was $11.5 billion in 2019. Then, it increased up to 66% in 2020, which is $19 billion.

47. Google Driver Is the Most Used Storage Service So Far

(Source: Goodfirms)

Google Drive is considered the most used cloud storage service with 94.44% share. Then, it is followed by Dropbox with 66.2% share, OneDrive with 39.35% share, iCloud with 38.89% share, and MEGA with 5.09% share.

48. Salesforce is US Largest SaaS Company 

(Source: Macrotrends)

Salesforce is one of the best CRMs, so it’s no surprise that it has a market cap of over $200 billion. It is even considered the largest SaaS company in the US. Meanwhile, Zoom is a company that became more profitable during the pandemic due to the video conferencing service.

49. 92% of Companies Have a Multi-Cloud Strategy 

(Source: Flexera) 

If one of the cloud computing services is not available, businesses can turn to a working backup dedicated to disaster recovery. For such reason, 92% of businesses already have a multi-cloud strategy.

50. 48% of Companies Prefer Storing Their Classified Data on the Cloud 

(Source: Panda Security)

Overall, businesses have a high trust level in cloud computing, where 48% of organizations prefer storing their most critical and classified data on the cloud. That data is both regular and encrypted.


Cloud computing utilizes computing services, including networks, software, storage, and databases over the internet. The cloud delivers more flexible resources and faster load speeds that companies can utilize to scale and grow faster. With cloud computing, organizations can lower their operations costs as they only pay for the cloud service they utilize. For real-time Cloud Support & Managed Services from EPC Group’s team, please visit our EPC Group’s Cloud Support & Managed Services.


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