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Comparison Between Microsoft Exchange Vs. Gmail For Business

Microsoft Exchange Vs. Gmail

The term Microsoft Server refers to a Microsoft-developed email service that is often used by business organizations and academic institutions at large. The email service is run through the Windows Server Operating Systems. The service synchronizes email between an Exchange server and the client email application, for instance, Outlook. The Microsoft Exchange is a highly […]

Move Your Email Operations To The Cloud With Exchange Online Migrations

Do you still use on-premise emails? It’s 2021, and it’s time for you to move your email operations to the cloud. Migrating users to a MS Exchange Online is straightforward. In fact, this industry-leading cloud solution is used by a lot of small to medium-sized commerce. It comes with a wide variety of features and […]

Unifying Data Loss Prevention in Office 365

Data Loss Prevention

All organizations, regardless of size and industry, have data that they consider sensitive. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is an important capability for protecting this information from getting into the wrong hands. We are always looking to enhance the DLP solution in Office 365 to help meet this organizational need. Today, we are pleased to announce […]