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Azure Sentinel SIEM: Security Orchestration in Microsoft’s Cloud

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When we talk about the complete architecture of Azure Sentinel SIEM , it is a compilation of a two-fold structure. Microsoft has taken security information as the primary solution, and data sources as the second foremost element. While dealing with data sources, Microsoft has an inclined multitude of these sources, and in our experience, this […]

The most Informative Microsoft Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architecture

The Most Informative Microsoft Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architecture

When we talk about salesforce it takes Microsoft Azure is its public Cloud service provider. Hence, increasing productivity can be boosted by this new integration between service clouds and salesforce sales. Microsoft specifies an authentication method to be used in salesforce that creates a marketing cloud legacy. The Client’s secret is stored in Azure Key […]

Microsoft Access Cloud: More Than Just File Storage

Microsoft Access Cloud

Microsoft Access cloud includes the Microsoft Jet Database Engine, a relational database management system (DBMS), a graphical user interface, and software development tools. Furthermore, it is included with the professional and higher editions of Microsoft Office as part of their suite of products. Based on the Access Jet Database Engine, Access stores data in its […]